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7DS: Grand Cross Gameplay #21 – How To Evolve Characters and Ultimates

September 30, 20205:30 pm By

We are back with another 7DS Grand Cross mobile gameplay today. Season 1 of the anime is already available on Netflix btw. So I highly recommend that you watch this anime because it’s one of the best out there. 😉

In our last post, we helped the village of Dalmally with one last task, and learned where to get dungeon rewards.

Episode 21 – Looking for King

I really want to start looking for King, but I feel like I need to enhance my characters first. What do you think? 🙂

We are really progressing with the story because we are now in Chapter 3 – Memories of the Dead.

Alright, let’s head out of Dalmally first.

Back to the World Map, we will go to a spot outside Dalmally.

I think there’s a battle ahead.

That’s a bit of sad music playing. Let’s use this team.

We encountered two soldiers with swords.

Let’s use Pain Edition and Triple Attack for the instant kill. 😀

Pain Edition will eliminate them.

I guess not, both survived and Triple Attack started.

Eliminate Spirit will end the other soldier. Whew! We need to start enhancing!

We won and we finally reached Rank 8! 😀

Back to the World Map, we can see another spot where we need to go.

Let’s use the same team.

We encountered two soldiers again with spears. Let’s kill them fast.

We’ll use the same set of skills. But we’ll try Ban and Meliodas first because Pain Edition can’t eliminate them in one kill.

Too bad, they are really getting stronger! 🙁

Triple Attack seems effective. It killed the soldier with Full HP.

Pain Edition killed the last one.

It seems like Ban is still weak and needs more enhancement. 😐

Back to the World Map, our next stop is Post Town Tala. What do you think is in there?

Before we continue, we need to enhance Undead Ban.

We have a lot of Enhancement Potions so we can finally max his level.

Let’s use 1 6* and see what will happen.

That’s a really cool animation. 😀

That potion brought him to Level 40. That’s the max level for an SR character.

Now we can see an option to evolve the hero to increase their grade. Let’s try it!

It seems that I lack the needed requirements. We need to get those red books.

After pressing on the book, the game showed the description of this item and where to find it. The item is called Grimoire of Strength. Right now, we need 10 pieces of 2* and 2 pieces of 3* Grimoire of Strength. Once we have it, we can upgrade our hero from SR to SSR. Let’s click on Location.

There are two locations where we can find the Grimoire of Strength. One is SP Dungeon (Fort Solgres) which is the dungeon that the game introduced in our last post. Another location is Boss Battle (Mono). Let’s go to the dungeon by pressing <Go Now>.

The World Map appeared and we are automatically transported to the dungeon’s location.

We can now see the options inside the dungeon. Where should we go? Let’s press <Events>.

We can see more options under Events. I don’t know if this location is only temporary but I think we can get the Grimoire of Strength in Fort Entrance Astoras.

After pressing Fort Entrance Astoras, it showed the First Floor where we can go.

By pressing on the Reward icon next to it, we can see all the possible rewards that we can get on the first floor.

Let’s scroll down. There it is! The 2* and 3* Grimoire of Strength! Let’s press <OK>.

Let’s do this! Press on the 1st Floor.

Let’s use the same team.

This is a very dark place.

There’s a bit of conversation here before we can proceed. The Evolution Pendant must not be taken by the Holy Knights. They can use it as material to evolve themselves after increasing their combat class. So our goal is to take the Evolution Pendant from the enemies. Along with it are the other materials needed for evolution.

Looks like we have some strong enemies here.

They must be random characters because I don’t remember them from Season 1 of the anime.

Let’s check one of the enemies. He’s a Barbarian Chieftain with very low attack and Max HP. This will be very easy.

Let’s use Pain Edition, Triple Attack, and Eliminate Spirit.

That killed two enemies. The wolf survived though.

Triple Attack skill killed the wolf.

That’s the first half because a more powerful enemy appeared.

She’s an elite mage.

She also has powerful-looking friends.

The mage doesn’t seem to be more powerful than us. We still have higher attack and Max HP. Let’s take a look at her skills.

Her first skill has the following description:

Skill 1*: Destroy – Inflicts damage equal to 80% of attack on one enemy. Ignites for 2 turn(s). *Ignite: Damage taken by target(s) +10% (Can be stacked.)

Her second skill has the following description:

Skill 1*: Recovery: Heals HP of all allies equal to 100% of Attack.

Her Ultimate Move has the following description:

Ultimate Move: Recover – Heals HP of all allies equal to 300% of Attack and removes Debuffs.

Let’s use Pain Edition, Eliminate Spirit, and Triple Attack.

Pain Edition did not kill them instantly.

Eliminate Spirit is still not powerful enough to kill the mage.

Triple Attack also did not deal much damage. 🙁 🙁 🙁

It’s the enemy’s turn and one attacked Gowther.

Another attacked Meliodas.

These guys are barely scratching us though. 😛

We put the target on the mage because she has the lowest remaining HP.

Pain Edition finally killed her.

Triple Attack killed the Bear monster.

Unfortunately, Blackout is useless right now. But we’ll win anyway.

It’s the enemy’s turn but he can only use one skill.

Let’s use Rewrite Light to finish him.

We won! 😀

I hope we got the materials needed for the evolution of our characters.

We got 1 piece 3* Grimoire of Strength, 5 pieces of 2* Grimoire of Strength, and 5 pieces of 2* Grimoire of ??… I’m not sure what the green grimoire is called yet. We didn’t get a pendant though, but I think we still have enough of that.

The second try gave us what we finally need to evolve Ban! 😈

Let’s go back to the character and evolve him. The 50,000 gold needed is actually cheap. 🙂

Evolving the character also shows an animation unique to that character. For Ban, it’s all about Elaine. 😥

Just a bit of spoiler. Elaine was his girlfriend who died when a powerful demon attacked the forest of the fairies where she was guarding the water of life.

It’s a sad story because Elaine gave her life to save Ban. 😥

Elaine after receiving a fatal wound forced Ban, who is also dying, to drink the water of life from the cup to save him so Ban can defeat the demon.

I’m not sure here what he means by “I’ll take what’s mine”. I’m guessing he’s pertaining to Elaine and his attempt to revive her whatever the cost.

It’s a sad story. 😥

Back to the character stats, Ban is now at SSR Grade. But he’s back at Level 1 so we need to enhance him again.

The next Grade level after SSR is UR. And in order to evolve him further, he needs to reach Level 50 (max). And then we will need 9 more pieces of 3* Grimoire of Strength and one more piece of 4* Grimoire of Strength. Once we have the materials, it will consume 200,000 gold to execute the evolution to UR grade.

Let’s start the enhancement. We still have a lot of enhancement potions left which is great.

We consumed a lot of enhancement potions, but that’s fine. It’s going to be worth it. 😈 😈 😈

We now have him at Level 50! The Attack is now at 2,029 and Max HP is now at 32,970!

We also want to enhance his Ultimate Move. There’s an exclamation point below which indicates that an enhancement for the Ultimate Move is available.

Ultimate Moves are already strong by default but we can make it even stronger through enhancements. Ultimate Moves can be used in combat when the Ultimate Move gauge is completely filled. Its power makes up for the fact that you can’t use it often.

Right now, Ban’s Ultimate Move is at Level 1. It can inflict damage equal to 700% of Attack on one enemy. At Level 2, the 700% multiplier will become 770%. We can enhance all Ultimate Moves up to Level 6. Imagine how high the multiplier can be at Level 6. 😀

In order to enhance the Ultimate Move, we need to use Hero coins of the character. For Ban, we need 1 SR Ban coin to enhance the Ultimate Move from Level 1 to 2. It’s a good thing we have 4 SR Ban coins.

Let’s do this!

Enhancing the Ultimate Move will show animations.

This time, it looks like a yellow gem.

The yellow gem was then covered by the blue fragments and became blue.

Then that blue gem became part of the Ultimate Move icon.

We can enhance more actually because we still have Hero coins left. From 770%, the multiplier will now be 840% at Level 3.

Alright! Now the gem is gold. We can still enhance further to Level 4. The multiplier of 840% will be 910% at Level 4.

The gem became a darker shade of gold. Let’s enhance further to Level 5 where the multiplier will become 980%!

The gem became red. And that’s the last of our hero coin for Ban. In order to get the last coin, it can be purchased in the shop or can be obtained randomly using draw tickets from daily logins.

The only problem for the other characters is that not all of them are in the shop. Some can only be obtained through draw tickets that can be purchase with real money and that’s where the Play-To-Win factor comes in.

But like we said in our first ever walkthrough, we are not here to obtain rare characters but to enjoy the story. And this game is not as greedy as the other games because there are feedbacks from other players that powerful characters are available for Free-To-Play players like us.

With that said, I’m already very happy to be able to enhance Ban which is one of my favorite characters in the anime. 😀 😀 😀

In our next gameplay, we will try to evolve the rest of our team members and favorite characters and then continue with our search for King. 😀

Did you learn something from our mobile gameplay today, please leave a comment if you like it. I would love to hear from you.  🙂

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough.

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