How is LG G5? – Phenomenal, Innovative, and Unique LG Smartphone


With the new LG G5, the latest flagship smartphone of LG, they once again proved that they are at the forefront of the mobile industry. How is LG G5 and what were the responses when it was launched at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 with over 100,000 attendees?

The MWC is like the “Oscars” of the mobile industry. In this event held last February 22-25 2016, many were impressed and LG received 33 awards making LG the most honored company at the event.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the awesome new features of LG G5 and its accessories to see why it put LG in the spotlight in the MWC 2016.


Device Type: Smartphone
Display: 5.3 inches (1440 x 2560 pixels)
Camera: 16MP (2160p)
Hardware: Snapdragon 820, Quad-core 2.1 GHz, 4GB RAM
Battery: 2800 mAh
Price: $600

New Cool Features

The LG G5 made significant improvements from the LG G4 in terms of material used for the body, design, camera specs, and display. These improvements will provide the user with a unique and playful smartphone experience.

Completely New Design

The most unique feature of the LG G5 is the “Modular Type” innovation. Looking at the image below, the LG G5 has a slide-out battery or “removable chin”. It’s not just a simple removable battery feature. It can do something more. LG made two accessories that you can use to replace the “removable chin” of the LG G5.

LG G5 removable chin

The first accessory is the LG CAM Plus as shown in the image below.  This accessory is a camera grip with its own button  for shutter release, digital zoom, and flash switch.  What’s more is that it provides additional battery capacity of 1200 mAh, increasing the total battery capacity of the LG G5 to 4000 mAh!

lg cam plus

The second currently available accessory is the Portable Hi-Fi Plus. This accessory is a 32-bit Digital Audio Converter (DAC) that increases the audio quality of the LG G5 when used with earphones, loudspeakers or loudspeaker amplifiers. It was developed by Bang & Olufsen for LG.

LG Portable Hi-Fi

With the “Modular Type” feature, it is highly probable that more awesome accessories will come in the future.

Another amazing improvement of the LG G5 is the “All-Metal Design”. There are no more traces of plastic material that can be found in the LG G4. The aluminum body with a display that is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 4 will significantly increase the durability of the LG G5. This proves that LG is catching up with Apple and Samsung which already used metal frames for their flagship phones last year.

The overall shape of the phone also became more rounded at the corners and sides which adds to the stylish look and provides a more comfortable grip.

Also, like the latest flagship smartphones of other brands, LG G5 now has a fingerprint scanner which can be found at the back of the device.

finger print
Fingerprint Scanner

The LG G5 is also now capable of using a microSD card slot up to 2TB (or 2,000 GB), if that kind of storage size becomes available in the future. The LG G4 is only capable of up to 128GB.

When it comes to connectors, the LG G5 now uses a USB Type-C connector which is a new USB standard and probably the USB standard that will be used in the future by all devices. Apple’s 2015 MacBook already uses this USB standard.

Another new feature of the LG G5 that will make your head turn when you see this device is the “Always-on Display”. It will show the time, date, and some icons even during standby. This is also a similar feature that can be found in the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S7.

But unlike the Galaxy S7 which consumes 1% battery per hour, this feature will consume only 0.8% battery per hour in LG G5.

LG always on

The LG G5 has Three (3) Cameras!

There are two (2) rear cameras and one (1) front camera. One of the rear cameras has a 16MP (f/1.8) resolution that can capture quality pictures at a standard 75-degree angle. The front camera has an 8MP (f/2.0) resolution. These camera features are the same with the LG G4.

135 degreesThe other rear camera has an 8MP (f/2.4) resolution that is unique to the LG G5 because it can capture images in a 135-degree Ultra Wide Angle. That’s 80% more image angle captured in the same position.

The wide angle camera is perfect for capturing pictures during events or travels where there are huge groups of people, sceneries of beaches, or beautiful landscapes.

New Awesome LG Gadgets for LG G5 (also known as LG Friends)

The “LG Friends” as LG calls it, also caught so much attention during the MWC 2016 event. These accessories are definitely cool so let’s take a look at what they can do.

LG Rolling Bot

The LG Rolling Bot is the newest concept for me. Although I have seen a mobile device-controlled Starwars BB-8 toy that can roll and roam around an area, the LG Rolling Bot can do much more than that.

You can control its movement using the LG G5 and it has an 8MP camera that mirrors what it sees to your LG G5 display.  A good use of this device is the monitoring of your home which you can even do remotely through an IP camera connectable via Wi-Fi. Amazing, right?

lg rolling bot

LG 360 degrees CAM

Like what its name says, it can capture videos and images in a 360 degrees angle.

The LG 360 degrees CAM has a dual camera with 13MP resolution, 4GB internal storage, and 1200 mAh battery capacity. Each of the two cameras can capture a 200-degree picture and merges them to create a 360-degree effect. The device can also use a microSD card.

It can capture 2K videos in 360 degrees. You can view the captured images and videos using your phone or with an LG 360 VR (see next section). It is lightweight and very portable so it is perfect to be carried during travels.

LG 360 degrees cam

LG 360 VR

The Virtual Reality (VR) experience using a mobile device is not a new concept, but LG 360 VR is one of the few available latest gadgets that will let you experience virtual reality.

Samsung also has their own version called the Samsung Gear VR, which I am using for a few weeks now. The difference between the two is that unlike the Samsung Gear VR, the LG 360 VR has its own screen so you don’t have to put the phone inside the gear. The LG 360 VR connects to the LG G5 using a USB cable.

The advantage of this is lesser weight (180 grams) for your head because it is only one-third the weight of the Samsung Gear VR.

According to LG, it is like a “130-inch TV viewed from 2 meters” and it has a pixel density of 639 ppi. According to those who have tried this gadget, it is not as good as the Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift in terms of immersion to virtual reality. Also, the small profile allows light to come in from the top and bottom of the device.

With this, we expect that this gadget to have more improvements soon, or if released immediately, it may have a price that is lower than the Samsung Gear VR.


LG Tone Platinum

The LG Tone Platinum is a Bluetooth headset with exceptionally superior sound quality. Although the design is not the usual design of many headsets, it is actually lightweight and very popular with consumers. According to LG, it is the “world’s first Bluetooth headset equipped with aptX™ HDcodec” which is said to improve wireless sound quality.

LG One Platinum

Other Awesome Features

There are other features that you should know about LG G5. According to LG, the display can adjust its brightness when under the sun for a clearer display view. At 159g, it is almost as light as the LG G4.

The display size is only at 5.3 inches which is slightly smaller than the 5.5-inch LG G4 display, but the pixel density increased to 554 ppi which makes it sharper than the LG G4 display.

It uses Snapdragon 820 which is also the chipset being used by Samsung Galaxy S7. It also runs on the latest Android OS, v6.0.1 (Marshmallow).

It has a 32GB internal memory, FM radio, faster battery charging, and comes in Titan, Gold, and Pink color variants.


LG G5 is really an awesome phone that can compete with the flagship phones of Apple and Samsung. They are making their own outstanding concepts and they definitely deserve awards for their innovation.

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