Latest ASUS Smartphone – ASUS Zenfone Max ZC550KL


ASUS is reviving the ASUS Zenfone Max with a 2016 version. The ASUS Zenfone Max ZC550KL (2016) is the latest ASUS smartphone in 2016 that packs decent and awesome features that you will like.

For a mid-range smartphone, this is one of the best you can find. So, what are the new features of the 2016 version? And what are the cool features that are similar to the 2015 version? Let’s find out.

Zenfone Max

Device Type: Smartphone
Display: 5.5 inches (720 x 1280 pixels)
Camera: 13MP
Hardware: Snapdragon 615, Quad-core 1.5 GHz + quad-core 1.0 GHz, 3 GB RAM
Battery: 5000 mAh
Price: US$ 194.99

What’s New with the 2016 Version?

The 2016 version comes with a more powerful chipset. It has Snapdragon 615 with an octa-core running at 1.0 to 1.5 GHz. On the other hand, the 2015 version only comes with Snapdragon 410 with a quad-core running at 1.2 GHz.

With a change in chipset comes a new and better graphics processor, the Adreno 405.


With this chipset, you will clearly see an improvement because it will run apps and games faster and smoother. Other smartphones that have this chipset are Sony Xperia M4 Aqua, Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro, Huawei P8 Lite, and LG G4 Beat.

These smartphones are some of the top smartphones under US$ 250.

The internal memory increased to 32 GB from the original 8 GB and 16 GB variants. RAM size of 3 GB is also now available for smoother multitasking or switching between apps and games.

Another upgrade can be found in the OS. The 2016 version now have the latest Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow). The 2015 version only comes with Android 5.0 (Lollipop). There are several advantages that are featured the latest OS.

Some of these that you will really like include the Doze built-in app that hugely contributes to saving battery life and Android Pay, the Android version of Apple Pay.

The other new thing that you will appreciate is that the 2016 version also comes in Blue and Orange color, aside from the traditional Black and White.

Zenfone Max

Cool Features that are Similar to the 2015 Version

The 2015 version comes with decent specs which were loved by many who have experienced using it. Let’s take a look at these features.

Most Awesome Battery Life

Let’s discuss the battery life ahead of the other features because this is where the ASUS Zenfone Max shines the most.

The battery capacity of this smartphone is 5000 mAh. It is almost twice the battery capacity of the iPhone 6s Plus which only has 2750 mAh. It is even larger than the battery capacity of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which boasts a 25% improvement compared to the battery life of the Galaxy S6 series.


Imagine what you can do with your ASUS Zenfone Max. It is an excellent travel companion because you don’t have to charge your phone for days. It has a stand-by time of up to 38 days and talk time in 3G of up to 38 hours.

If you like to watch videos, it can last up to 15 hours of continuous playback. If listening to music is your favorite past time, it can last even up to 4 days. When browsing the internet or using facebook, it can last up to 20.5 hours. That’s a lot!

Moreover, you can use it as a powerbank and charge other devices!

Stylish Design and Display

Capture3The design is pretty much the same with the 2015 version and what I like about it is the gold accent at the sides which makes it more elegant and stylish.

The soft-touch plastic of the rear has this leather-like texture that is better than the plain and simple texture of other smartphones.

It weighs 202 g which is 25% heavier than other 5.5-inch smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It is 10.6 mm thick, which is not a very thin profile.

Thin smartphones normally have a 7 to 8 mm thickness.

The additional weight and slight thickness are due to the increase in battery capacity, but I would rather choose this smartphone which I can use during emergencies and halfway more during travels compared to the sleek ones. It won’t really let you down.

It also has an IPS display with an HD resolution having 267 pixels per inch.

Similar top smartphones under US$200 like Lenovo A7000 comes with the same resolution and pixel density. Compared to the Retina display of iPhones with 326 pixels per inch, the Retina display is only 22% sharper.

Also, the glass display is twice more durable than other glass designs because it is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

High-Resolution Camera

The ASUS Zenfone Max (2016) has a 13 MP rear camera with f/2.0 aperture size. It can record Full HD videos at 30 frames per second and has features like HDR for better quality, face detection, and panorama. The 13 MP resolution is the best you get from the top smartphones with prices under US$ 200.

This resolution is already the same camera resolution that you can find in flagship smartphones of Samsung and Apple. But of course, pixel size and sensor size should also be considered.


It also comes with a 5 MP front camera with the same aperture size. This is also the usual selfie resolution within the same price range, with the exception of HTC Desire Eye which has a 13 MP selfie camera.

Other Cool Features

The ASUS Zenfone Max (2016) is LTE-capable with a speed of up to LTE Cat4 150 Mbps. This is good for downloading huge files from the internet at top speed. Browsing the social media will also be a lot faster compared to a 3G only smartphone.

You can use a microSD card up to 64 GB to expand the existing 32 GB internal memory. It also has Wi-Fi connectivity, hotspot, FM radio, acceleration sensor, proximity sensor, compass, and Bluetooth for your wireless accessories such as headsets and speakers.


It can connect to US, Russian, and Chinese satellites for a more accurate global positioning and location technology. This is a really good feature if you use google maps when driving and when you are finding a location.

A Smartphone Worth Every Value

ASUS Zenfone Max ZC550KL (2016) is the latest smartphone of ASUS. It has an upgraded chipset that comes with a faster CPU and graphics processor for smoother running of apps and games. It now has a 32 GB internal storage and the latest Android OS.

The battery life is still very outstanding and is one of the rare smartphones with the longest battery around. It has an excellent camera resolution, beautiful design, and contains the latest decent features that you will need. For a US$200 budget, this smartphone is definitely worth its value.

What do you think of this new smartphone from ASUS? I would love to hear from you.

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