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LG Stylo 2

Latest Mobile Phone from LG – LG Stylo 2 VS. Other Smartphones within the Same Price Range

The LG Stylo 2 is the latest mobile phone from LG. It was already in Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile in April 2016 and will be released in AT&T's Cricket brand this month. It can also be purchased as a ...
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LG G5 SE – A Special Edition of LG G5 | What’s new?

The LG G5 SE was recently announced in LG's Russia and Latin America website. With only a little and slight internal downgrade, you can expect a lower price while having almost all of the LG G5's features. If you think this ...
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LG X Series

Newest LG Phones – X cam, X screen, and LG K5

LG also recently announced two smartphones from its X series. These are mid-range smartphones that specialize on a certain feature instead of having the whole flagship package. These newest LG Phones are the X cam and X screen. Are you one ...
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LG K10

Newest LG Phones – LG Stylus 2, K10, K8, K7, and K4

Aside from the stunning flagship phone of LG, the LG G5, they also announced another five of the newest LG phones in 2016. The new models are LG Stylus, K10, K8, K7, and K4. Although the prices are not yet ...
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How is LG G5? – Phenomenal, Innovative, and Unique LG Smartphone

With the new LG G5, the latest flagship smartphone of LG, they once again proved that they are at the forefront of the mobile industry. How is LG G5 and what were the responses when it was launched at the ...
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