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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay #15 – Ruin’s Annoying Debuff Skill

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In our last mobile gameplay, Elizabeth walked through the swarm of insects to save the shepherd kid. The kid then transformed into Holy Knight Ruin. Is this another illusion or is this really Holy Knight Ruin’s disguise?

Chapter 3 – [Weird Fangs] – Ruin

Finally, let’s beat Holy Knight Ruin. 😀

We’ll use Gowther, Meliodas, and the new version of Elizabeth. Hopefully, we can see Elizabeth’s Ultimate Move again.

This is going to be fun!

We still see Holy Knight Ruin in front of Elizabeth.

She’s wounded by the swarm of insects with razor-sharp wings. She then asked if the kid is the one who controls the illusion spell that made Meliodas and Diane fight each other.

It seems like the kid is Holy Knight Ruin after all. 😐

Elizabeth then asked Holy Knight Ruin to bring them back to normal. As if he’s going to do that Elizabeth? 😆

Then Holy Knight Ruin grabbed her neck and throw her forward. Ouch.

Out of anger, Hawk rushed toward Holy Knight Ruin to attack him. 😡

Holy Knight Ruin hit the ground with the base of his staff leaving a shock wave that broke the ground and hit Hawk. Holy Knight Ruin assumed that Meliodas and Diane have already killed each other because of the illusion.

Elizabeth asked Holy Knight Ruin again to get them back to normal. Why does she keep asking when it’s obvious that it’s useless to talk to this guy? 😕 Maybe because she’s a princess and grew up commanding the people around her?

She was hit again on her face. That must have hurt. I actually feel bad for her. At this point in the story, she has not discovered her powers yet.

Freesia told Holy Knight Ruin that it’s not a good idea to kill the princess. They were instructed to bring her alive for some secret purpose.

Holy Knight Ruin was impressed by Elizabeth’s courage that he revealed the source of the illusion which is the bell. But before he could finish his sentence, he realized that the bell is missing. 😎

It’s gone. 😛

Elizabeth took it. So all of those nonsense lines from Elizabeth have a purpose after all and that is to get a chance to steal the bell from the enemy! That’s clever. 😀

Holy Knight Ruin loses his patience and he’s gone mad.

Then Meliodas who was freed from the illusion appeared in front of him. Holy Knight Ruin is going to be ruined now. 😆

Meliodas comforted Elizabeth and told her that he acknowledges her resolve. 😥

Holy Knight Ruin was ignored by Meliodas because checking on Elizabeth is more important. Also, he can easily defeat the enemy now if he wants to.

The enemy then made the first attack. He tried to hit Meliodas and Elizabeth with the staff that caused shock waves but he missed.

He’ll definitely lose if he can’t keep up with Meliodas’ speed. 😀

Hey, we entered in a battle!

We’ll attack first. Ready?

Turn 1: Let’s use two Punishing Strikes and one Healing Grace.

The first Punishing Strike dealt 1,676 damage. Based on the decrease of the enemy’s HP, his Max HP could be more than 20k.

The second Punishing Strike dealt 1,676 too.

I know we haven’t received any damage yet, but it’s fun to see Elizabeth’s skills. The Healing Grace skill has high numbers for heals. 😀

Turn 2: Holy Knight Ruin used a debuff skill that decreases our attack.

His second skill hit Meliodas twice.

That’s a total of 3,217. The enemy has Green affinity so he has leverage over Meliodas and Gowther who have Blue affinity.

Looking at the enemy’s stats, his Max HP is only at 19.5k. It’s close enough to my estimate. 😆 He is Level 20 which is good for us to have a bit of a challenge.

This is actually the first time we encountered his skills. His first skill is the Attack Type that Meliodas received earlier. It has the following description:

Death Blade 1*: Inflicts damage equal to 220% of Attack on one enemy.

The second skill is the attack decrease debuff which will last for 3 turns. It has the following description:

Nightmare Illusion 1*: Decreases Attack of all enemies by 30% for 3 turn(s).

I think this is a very decent support skill.

His Ultimate Move has a lot of effects. It has the following description:

Ultimate Move: Cancels Buff and Stances on one enemy, inflicts damage equal to 490% of Attack, then Stuns for 1 turn(s). *Stun: Prohibit all actions.

Turn 3: It’s our turn now. Let’s use Punishing Strike, Pain Edition, and Triple Attack.

We can really feel the debuff from the enemy. The damage of Punishing Strike is down to 1,058 from 1,676. That’s not just 30%, that’s 37.87% decrease to be exact.

Pain Edition dealt 931 only. I’m impressed by the enemy’s debuff.

Triple Attack at only 1,049 is also very low.

Turn 4: The enemy used Death Blade on Elizabeth. The first strike is 855 and the second is 920. The total is 1,775.

He also used Death Blade on Gowther. The first strike is 971 and the second is 1,000. The total is 1,971. (That’s easy to add, I have to use a calculator on the previous attack.) 😆

Turn 5: It’s our turn now. Let’s use Healing Grace, Punishing Strike, and Pain Edition.

Healing Grace healed everyone to full HP and removes all debuffs too. Obviously, we are going to win because we can heal more than Ruin’s damage. It will just take a little bit more time than usual. But we will defeat you Ruin! 👿

Punishing Strike dealt 1,598. The debuff is already gone. This is the normal damage of Punishing Strike.

Pain Edition dealt 935 despite the removed debuff. There’s a 474 decrease because of the affinity leverage.

Turn 6: Ruin will be using his Ultimate Move. 😀 Let’s see what it can do.

He’s going to strike one of our team members.

He hit Gowther! The staff when through his head! 😆

He really hit him on the face. 😆

And there’s an after shock.

I like this skill. It’s brutal. 😆

It dealt 5,580 damage which is like 20% of Gowther’s Max HP. He’s still alive, whew!

He used his debuff skill again.

We can’t use Gowther for this turn because of the stun from the enemy. But Elizabeth’s ready for here Ultimate Move.

Turn 7: Let’s use Life Authority, Punishing Strike, and Full Counter.

Life Authority does not deal any damage to the enemy. It heals all allies and it fills their Ultimate Move orb by 2.

Mellow music started playing.

Flowers and grass grew around them.

We can see that the heal was significantly low compared to when we used it last time. It used to be above 3k. Now it’s around half.

The debuff from the enemy has an effect in reducing it because the heal of Life Authority is based on Elizabeth’s attack.

Punishing Strike dealt 357 only? We did not expect that to be too low.

Meliodas used is in a stance position.

Turn 8: The enemy used Death Blade on Elizabeth for a total of 1,785.

He used another debuff to reduce our attack. I wonder if the effect stacks.

Turn 9: We’ll use Gowther’s Ultimate Move which is Rewrite Light and two Full Counters.

I wonder how much damage this one will deal.

He’s going to break his back if he uses this often.

The lights hit Ruin from all directions.

It only dealt 1,836. 😕 I’m starting to like Holy Knight Ruin’s skills. We’ll use him in the future although I don’t know if I have him already. 😆

Two Full Counters are ready.

Turn 10: The enemy used Death Blade on Gowther for a total of 1,932 damage.

And he used another debuff. If our next attack has lower damage than last time, the debuff stacks.

Turn 11: Let’s use Meliodas’ Ultimate Move which is Evil Spirit and two Pain Editions.

He has to show his dragoon tatoo btw. It’s part of the process for this skill.

One strike.





The damage is only 1,934. 😕

The debuff could be stacking, I’m not sure! I’m sorry. 😥 I mean look at Pain Edition’s damage. It’s only 449.

The second Pain Edition dealt 445 only.

Turn 12: It’s the enemy’s turn and he used the debuff again.

He used Death Blade on Gowther for a total damage of 2,933.

Turn 13: Let’s use Punishing Strike, Full Counter, and Triple Attack. I don’t want to use Gowther’s other skills. I think it prevents the use of debuff skills. I still want to see how low our attacks will become with Ruin’s debuff.

Punishing Strike is really becoming useless at this point. The damage is only 193. I think at this point we can confirm that the debuff stacks.

Meliodas use Full Counter stance and then Triple Attack dealt 381. The enemy’s debuff is definitely stacking. Our attacks are ridiculously low. 😥

Turn 14: The enemy is going to use his Ultimate Move.

I think he really hates Gowther.

It dealt 5,580. That’s a lot.

He also used Death Blade on Gowther for a total damage of 1,991.

Turn 15: We need to heal Gowther or he’s going to die. Let’s use Healing Grace and Punishing Strike. Unfortunately, we can only use two skills because the rest of the skills in the selection are Gowther’s skills and he’s stunned.

Healing Grace healed us a lot and removed the debuff.

Punishing Strike is back to normal thanks to Healing Grace. It dealt 1,693.

Turn 16: The enemy used Death Blade on Meliodas. The damage total is 3,202.

He used another debuff.

Turn 17: Let’s use Life Authority, Rewrite Light, and Healing Grace. Let’s see how much damage we can do now.

Life Authority is as low as before.

He just loves this position so let’s leave him alone.

The damage of 1,836 is the same when we last used it.

Elizabeth used Healing Grace. It heals and removes debuffs.

Turn 18: The enemy used Death Blade on Meliodas for a total damage of 2,150.

Turn 19 (END): Ruin is going to die this time. We’ll use Meliodas Ultimate Move.

You see that tattoo Ruin?

One strike.





It deal 8,900! I guess we learned something useful in this battle and that is to have a team member that can remove debuffs. This member is a must-have.

No matter how powerful our attacks are, if we can’t remove debuffs like Ruin’s skill, we will lose our battles in the future.

We finally cleared the chapter! 😀

Back to the animation. Ruin is losing in a battle with Meliodas. Diane is also back and Freesia is in a state of panic.

She really looks like an insect in front of Diane. 😛

I think Diane stepped on her like a bug. 😈

Diane saw Elizabeth’s injuries and suggested to bring her back to the doctor in Dalmally.

Elizabeth insisted to come despite her condition.

Diane rejected her requests because it will be too much for her. They are heading to Baste Prison where there are more enemies so Elizabeth won’t be able to help in her current state.

Elizabeth acknowledged her lack of power.

But she wants to come because she made a promise. Well, she has 5 scratches on her body and she was hit twice on the face. Let her come. 😆

Diane saw that Elizabeth is not crying anymore. Maybe her face is numb right now.

Diane decided to let he come. She will be resting in Diane’s purse. She warned Elizabeth that her injuries might get worse because it will be a little shaky in there.

She still wants to come. They should have bought pain killers before they went for Baste Prison.

The other guy who used to be with the kid is actually a soldier and knows where the doctor’s daughter is being held. Diane threatened him so he would help. Poor Freesia. 😈

Back to the World Map, we can now move to another spot. Looks like we’ll meet Ban very soon. 😀

We experienced a more powerful debuff and learned the importance of remove debuff skills today. Did you like what we learned? I would like to hear from you.

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough. 

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