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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay #4 – Tutorial Walkthrough

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In our last post about The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross gameplay, we set up our team for battle. We included Meliodas, Elizabeth & Hawk, and Holy Knight Gowther in our main team. We also added Captain Slater in our Sub slot.

Today, we will continue our tutorial walkthrough. I hope you are ready for our next adventure.

On our way to Vanya, we encountered three Dusk Bison (Yellow).

By clicking on the enemy, we can see their stats. We can also see that it has a Green Attribute Leverage which means that it has the advantage (30% damage increased and 20% damage decreased) over Meliodas and Holy Knight Gowther. We can also check the skills and the Ultimate Move of the enemy.

We are supposed to select two skills, but before that we want to combine to similar 1-star skills to create a two-star skill.

After merging Hawk Illusion, it seems like we cannot assign a skill in the first skill slot anymore.

We then assigned “Triple Attack” skill and “Full Counter” skill from Meliodas.

It is also amazing to learn that the game follows the concept of the anime when it comes to “Full Counter” skill. As you can see below, only “Triple Attack” activated during our turn.

In the anime, “Full Counter” is a skill by Meliodas where he can reflect attacks aimed at him. The reflect damage is double the damage that the enemy is trying to inflict. Note that he can reflect magical damage and not physical damage.

During the enemies’ turn, one of the Dusk Bison tried to attack him. The “Full Counter” skill activated and he dealt damage to the enemy instead of receiving damage. Come to think of it, although his skill was initially delayed, when it activated now, the enemy lost a chance to deal damage to him.

It also seems like we cannot use “Full Counter” anymore in our next turn. Is this random or is it a limitation? We will also combine two similar 1-star skills of Hawk & Elizabeth.

Now we can confirm that when you try to move skills, you also lose a chance to assign a skill to one skill slot as shown below.

Now we will try to use the 2-star skill that was merged from the previous turn and another “Triple Attack” skill.

The animation is awesome as always.

The enemies were already defeated in this turn. We were not able to use Holy Knight Gowther’s skill anymore. Perhaps next time.

We are almost there. Vanya, here we come! 😀

I also started watching the anime because of this game. Clearly, this anime is only for adults based on what I’ve seen so far. What I like about the game is that it follows the story in the anime.

Back to the game, we will be staying in Vanya for a while to gather information on the whereabouts of the other members of the Seven Deadly Sins. We will also be purchasing Vanya ale which is one of the best ale in the region.

While walking to Vanya, Meliodas, Elizabeth, and Hawk noticed that the river was all dried up and the vegetation near the river has withered as well. Something definitely happened here.

Now that we are in Vanya, the game allows us to move around which is a nice feeling while playing.

Our heroes found a group of people gathering around the plaza and they thought it was a festival.

But it’s not a festival at all. People gathered because they are trying to pull a Holy Knight’s sword from the ground. According to the Mayor, the people angered a Holy Knight so he drove his magic-imbued sword into the ground to block the water coming from underground.

It seems like the sword is too powerful to be pulled by an ordinary person. Without any source of water, the town won’t be able to produce any Vanya ale.

This kid named Mead appeared and told everyone that he is friends with the Seven Deadly Sins who can pull the sword out. Also, he is the one who got the town in this situation because he is the one who actually angered the Holy Knight by putting a bug on the latter’s glass of ale.

Episode 3 – The Boy Who Lied

In the anime, the people of the town blamed Mead for what is happened. So our heroes took him to the Tavern to know his side of the story and to ask if he is really friends with the Seven Deadly Sins.

In exchange for food from the Tavern, Mead will answer the questions of Meliodas.

In this game, some of the quests are not battle-related which is kind of fun. For this quest, we need to gather the some cooking ingredients.

  • Collect High-quality Chicken (0/1)
  • Collect Milk (0/1)

To be able to finish this quest, we can walk around the tavern and find the ingredients. You can click on a magnifying glass icon as shown below to check the items around the tavern.

That was pretty easy. So now that we found the ingredients that we need, we can finally cook the food.

In the anime, one of the main qualities of Meliodas is his terrible cooking skills, but he did put his heart and soul in it.

Let’s start cooking some fried chicken, shall we?

When trying to cook, you can walk toward the kitchen and click on the spoon and fork icon as shown below.

And then you can choose from several ingredients that you will use to cook. We need to select the High quality chicken.

And then, we will select Milk.

After selecting the needed ingredients, we will click <Cook A Dish>.

Meliodas started cooking and the animation is fun to watch.

The next sub-quest is to give the fried chicken to Mead and talk to him.

In the anime, Mead also ate the food cooked by Meliodas and it tasted terrible as well.

Time to ask the question if he’s really friends with the Seven Deadly Sins.

So Mead admitted, that he is not exactly friends with the Seven Deadly Sins and started talking about how he angered the Holy Knight.

We can see below that it’s actually Gilthunder who visited the town and as you can see, he insulted the people by saying that Vanya ale tastes like horse piss. Does this mean that he tasted horse piss before? 😀

In the anime, Gilthunder uses lighting abilities. He’s pretty impressive.

Mead put the bug in his drink because he got mad. Vanya ale is the town’s pride and he did not want it to be insulted even by a Holy Knight.

So Gilthunder, did what he did.

Just like in the anime, Mead’s parents died from the plague while they are traveling in Vanya. From then on, the people of the town took care of him. He cares for the town that’s why he also did what he did. But he never meant for things to end up like this.

And then they heard a noise coming from the village.

Episode 4 – Hidden Truths

Back to the plaza, two knights are threatening the village to pull the sword, or else, they will pay 10x the taxes. It will be the punishment for the people for disrespecting a Holy Knight and being friends with the Seven Deadly Sins.

Because he felt bad, Mead tried to pull the sword out.

The mayor then told the people of the town to not blame Mead for what happened and his actions just echo what everyone in the village was thinking.

After that, everyone tried to help Mead so they all tried to pull the sword from the ground. But even after combing all their strength, they failed.

Episode 5 – Miracle

Since the people can’t pull the sword, it’s time for Meliodas to step in.

But before that, let’s defeat Gilthunder’s underlings. There are times when the skills are laid out as shown below, some similar skills are already next to each other and automatically combine into a 2-star skill. Since we did not move any skill at all, the three skill slots are still available.

We tried to move “Full Counter” next to each other so we lost the first skill slot assignment.

And then we assigned the 2-star Full Counter and 1-star Triple Attack in our remaining skill slots.

Only Triple Attack skill activated this turn.

Full Counter activated during the enemy’s turn when they tried to attack Meliodas.

We combined the two skills of Hawk & Elizabeth and assigned Melioda’s Tripple skill in our next turn.

There is only one more knight remaining, I hope he survives so we can try more skills.

But he died after receiving Triple Skill.

We finally ranked up after the battle. Our Stamina stat and Max Friend count also increased.

Back to the story, Meliodas pulled the sword from the ground without any effort.

The villagers were shocked of course. Meliodas looks like a kid, but he is older than he looks. In the anime, he looks the same from 10 years ago when the incident happened in Liones when they were accused of trying to overthrow the kingdom. Does this mean that he doesn’t age at all?

The villagers then asked for Mead’s forgiveness.

It’s also interesting that there is a Friendship Level with a certain town. In this case, our Friendship Level increased by one heart with Vanya. We were also able to unlock the Materials Shop.

Now that the water is flowing again in Vanya, the villagers can already make ale. They also would like to go to the Tavern to celebrate with our heroes.

If the game continues to follow the anime, we will be heading toward a forest next time where we can find one of the Seven Deadly Sins. I’m excited.

That’s it for now. Did you also enjoy our walkthrough? I would like to hear from you.

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Tutorial Walkthrough. ?

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