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7DS: Grand Cross Gameplay #20 – Where To Get Dungeon Rewards!

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Today, we will continue our mobile gameplay of [The Seven Deadly Sins]. It’s a really cool mobile game so you have to try it too.

In our last post, we helped rebuild the village of Dalmally. We also learned how to increase our friendship with a village and discovered the benefits of higher friendship levels.

Chapter 20-3 – Friends In Need

Alright, what do you think is our next task? Seems like we need to help someone.

Apparently, this chapter is a very short one. It’s just a discussion where Elizabeth wants to help more.

Let’s check who still needs help.

Chapter 20-4 – First Steps Are The Hardest

Our next task is to help another villager.

The game informed us that an Event Dungeon is now available in SP Dungeon (Fort Solgres).

From the World Map, let’s press the SP Dungeon where we can get rare items.

In the SP Dungeon, you can see a few options. Let’s got to <Events>.

There are three options here. We can select from Enhance Materials, Gold, or Evolution Materials. What do you think is the most important? Entering this dungeon requires an Event Dungeon Key.

You can click on the treasure box icon at the right side of each option to check the rewards that you can get in that option.

The Enhance Materials option contains rewards like Evolution Pendant and Hero Enhance Potions at different levels.

Let’s enter the Enhance Materials option.

After pressing, you can see that the first floor is available.

To exit, you can press the Back icon.

As you can see, there are other options in the dungeon aside from Events. There are also Enhance and Evolve options. Enhancement and Evolution dungeons can be attempted for each attribute.

Right now the game displays the Green attribute, but you can press the right arrow to select the other Color/attribute specific rewards. Entering this dungeon also requires Attribute Dungeon Keys but you can also consume Stamina instead.

You can also see the Gold option. You can acquire a large amount of gold in the Gold Dungeon. Entering this Dungeon requires a Gold Dungeon Key.

These are the currencies that you can consume to enter the dungeons. These currencies can be recharged over time after you consumed it. Don’t purchase these from the Shop, we are not going to purchase anything because we are free-to-play players. 😀

Alright, we received a diamond for that tutorial.

Let’s go back to our task in Dalmally. You can see a blue exclamation mark on the left side. That is where we are going.

We found the guy that needs help.

The guy is a researcher and his name is Nick. He traveled the kingdom studying various insects. Word of the bugs brought him to the village. He discovered something odd though. Even the largest colonies of insects don’t inhabit areas systematically unlike the insects in Dalmally. It caused him to take a closer look around and he found something suspicious north of the village.

The movement and general behavior of the insects there are off. The size of the colony is significant as well. It’s almost as if someone’s cultivating insects there. And he wants us to see if that’s the case.

Our next task is pest extermination. We have to clear the Poisonous Insect Habitat quest stage The Insect Keepers and then return to Nick in Dalmally.

Let’s run to this circle to exit Dalmally.

There’s a spot just outside Dalmally before the forest where we will move the Tavern.

Should we use Gowther, Meliodas, and Elizabeth?

Let’s replace Elizabeth with Undead Ban instead.

We encountered a group of insects. Let’s defeat them.

Let’s use Ban’s skills and Pain Edition.

Ban used Eliminate Spirit and dealt 1,416 damage.

Then he used Undead Physical.

Gowther’s Pain Edition then killed all the insects.

We won!

There is another stop here near Poisonous Insect Habitat and we’ll the same team.

It’s another group of insects so we’ll use Pain Edition for the instant kill.

They all died with one hit. That was cool!

We won again!

Finally, let’s move the Tavern in the Poisonous Insect Habitat.

In the Poisonous Insect Habitat, there are more than one quests but we’ll select the main quest. We’ll also use the same team.

We found a swarm! There are so many bugs in here. Some bugs went inside Hawk’s mouth.

Meliodas thought Hawk intended to eat them. But Hawk did not eat it on purpose. And then Elizabeth noticed that the number of insects are increasing.

They are really increasing… Meliodas asked Hawk to eat the bugs because they are full of nutrients. 😆

But Hawk declined because he finds it disgusting.

Let’s end this fast using Pain Edition and Ban’s skills.

Pain Edition depleted almost all the HP of all swarms.

Ban used Eliminate Spirit on one swarm and killed it.

Two swarms are still alive.

A new swarm with full health replaced the dead swarm. One swarm attacked Meliodas.

Another swarm attacked him again.

Let’s eliminate them with Pain Edition and two Triple Attacks.

Two swarms died. One swarm left.

Meliodas killed the last one.

Looks like more insects are coming. It’s the Boss Insect! The Boss Insect have over 5K Max HP which is higher than the usual insects that are only at 3K.

Let’s use Pain Edition, Triple Attack, and Full Counter since they love to attack Meliodas.

We used Pain Edition but they are tougher than usual. We need to enhance our characters soon.

Meliodas defeated the swarm at the right.

He’s now in Full Counter stance.

Just as I thought, the bugs love him.

Full Counter killed one swarm.

The boss insect is still alive so we’ll use Pain Edition and Ban’s skills.

We dealt good damage with Pain Edition.

Ban failed to completely eliminate this boss.

The boss insect attacked Gowther.

Let’s use Rewrite Light for a big ending.

Alright, he just need one more punch, but his getting the Ultimate Move.

Rewrite Light!

The lights hit it.

And dealt 9,326 damage!

After the battle, there are dead bugs everywhere and Meliodas wants to make a recipe out of them. An insect pie? or a bug soup? It’s not like you can see the individual ingredients once they are cooked. Elizabeth then recognized that these are the insects that attacked Dalmally which means they are poisonous.

The Insect Keepers is the final quest that we need to clear so we can go back to Nick. Let’s use the same team again.

Hawk realized that the bugs actually came from this forest. It’s dark and humid in the forest so it’s the perfect habitat for the bugs.

Elizabeth thought that the insects are too many so Meliodas suggested that someone must be keeping them as pets.

The Watchmen came and Meliodas was right. Someone is taking care of the insects. Let’s battle the bug keeper.

Let’s clear this swarm first.

Pain Edition killed two swarms.

Eliminate Spirit killed the last one.

One more swarm appeared so let’s use Pain Edition and Triple Attack.

This one has higher Max HP.

Triple Attack killed it.

The Watchman appeared but he won’t last long with his 5K Max HP.

Let’s use Meliodas’ Ultimate Move, Evil Spirit.






And he’s dead.

Two swarms remained after receiving Pain Edition.

Two Pain Editions and one Triple Attack should finish it.

I guess we don’t need Triple Attack to kill them.

We won!

We finally finished the quest. Let’s go back to Nick.

According to the Watchmen, they just did what Holy Knight Freesia asked them to do which is to raise the bugs. Freesia would kill them if they did not follow her orders.

The Watchmen didn’t know that the bugs they raised were used by Freesia to attack Dalmally. They were shocked and worried because their family lives there. I guess they are not bad people after all.

Meliodas told them to stop raising the insects because they don’t want to see their family harmed by these pests.

Let’s now move the Tavern back to Dalmally.

Nick, where are you?

Let’s follow the blue question mark.

Here’s Nick. Let’s press on it.

Nick noticed that he was right based on the look on Meliodas’ face. He has good intuition. And he knows that we already got rid of the insects in the woods.

Alright, Meliodas didn’t even need to speak. Nick already knows everything just like that. We got 600 friendship points. But getting to Level 3 friendship level will require 3,900 more points. Whew!

We also received more quest rewards. That task is really worth it!

Back in the Tavern, Meliodas thought that they did all that they can for now. The Insect Queen, Freesia, is gone so the village won’t be plagued by the poisonous bugs for some time.

Elizabeth looks very happy as well. It’s a good feeling to help the village, right?

Now, our next destination is the Capital of the Dead. That’s where we’ll search for King, another member of [The Seven Deadly Sins]. Gilthunder said that King is already dead. And Meliodas mentioned it to Ban so Ban is now confused.

Since it’s the only clue, they might as well go. So does this mean when Gilthunder said that King is dead, he means that King is just in the Capital of the Dead, but still alive? Hmmm.

Do you know what kind of place is the Capital of the Dead? Meliodas is also not sure because he only heard about it.

Do you also think there are ghosts in there? Elizabeth got scared for a moment. But something about ghosts bothers Ban.

Our next task is Looking for King. But I also think that we need to enhance our characters so we can easily kill the enemies with a few skills. They are getting more powerful now. 😀

Thank you for reading this mobile gameplay until the end, please leave a comment if you like it. I would love to hear from you. 🙂

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough.

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