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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay #19 – King was Cursed!

September 16, 20202:54 pm By

We are back with another [The Seven Deadly Sins] mobile gameplay. I’m really enjoying the game and the story so far. 😀 In our last post, Sennet was happily reunited with her father who miraculously survived his fatal wound.

We also have Ban as our new chef in the Tavern and he can cook a lot better than Meliodias which is not a surprise considering Meliodas’ cooking skills. 😆

Episode 19 – Old Legends

Elizabeth is now awake after she got hurt from the last battle.

She’s looking for Ban and Sennet. Diane told her that they are back in the village and everyone else is fine. 🙂

She cried tears of joy after that.

Diane told Elizabeth that Meliodas is waiting for her so she can meet Ban. 😀

Our task today is simple. We need to introduce Ban to Elizabeth and share a meal with Dr. Dana and her daughter, Sennet.

The Tavern looks beautiful at night. (Loading Screen)

It looks like we’re on the rooftop of Dr. Dana’s house in Dalmally. Meliodas then introduced Elizabeth to Ban, The Fox Sin of Greed.

Ban greeted Elizabeth. He also, greeted Diane whom he had not seen in a long time.

Diane actually didn’t mind if she did not see Ban for a hundred years. 😆 That made me chuckle.

Elizabeth then introduced herself and apologized for her appearance. That evening gown is not that bad. Or maybe she said that because she still has a lot of bruises?

Ban insisted that there is no need to be formal and that the four of them can be friends. Four… So, that’s him, Meliodas, Elizabeth, and Diane. He’s missing Hawk in his count. Haha.

Hawk is not happy at all… But apparently, Ban thought Meliodas was the one who just spoke.

Ban is confused. He seems surprised.

Then Hawk went in front of him and talked.

Ban was shocked to hear Hawk talked. All this time, he did not notice that. 😆

Hawk was mad that Ban took long to recognize him as a pig who can talk.

Apparently, it’s also not normal in their world for pigs to speak. So we’ll give him that. And it’s funny because Ban asked Meliodas why he needs the company of a talking pig.

And then… he thought that the pig might be King, one of [The Seven Deadly Sins].

We can see King’s wanted poster below. Ban thought that King might have been cursed and turned into a pig!

But Haw is no ordinary pig.

Because he’s the captain of the Knighthood of Scraps Disposal!

Ban actually believed Hawk about the captain of scraps and found it amazing. He’s really gullible. 😆

Suddenly, Sennet called the attention of his father about the sky. ❓ ❓ ❓

They all looked at the sky and saw meteor showers. Dr. Dana said it reminded him of a passage from an old Britannian poem.

According to this old legend, upon Britannia, a great threat shall fall when the whole sky is lit by a blazing cross. It is a portent of trials that have been foretold, an omen that a holy war between the Guilding Hand of Light and the Bloodline of Darkness is nigh.

Still, that’s a beautiful meteor shower and Diane enjoyed it. 🙂

We got a reward! 😛

Episode 20 – Rebuilding the Village 1

If the episode name is what I think it is, I don’t remember it being part of the anime. So this will be fun. 😀

Meliodas is talking to Elizabeth and he’s planning to leave the village already.

But Elizabeth is thinking of something. ❓ ❓ ❓

She thinks it’s not okay to leave when the village is in shambles.

Hawk insisted that they already helped get rid of The Weird Teeth (he means The Weird Fangs) so he thinks they can leave the clean up to the townfolks. 😈

But Elizabeth felt it’s not right.

Meliodas agreed and he thought that it will make the clean up faster if they help the village. And also because its Diane’s power that caused all the large pillars of rock.

Hawk ended up being the self-centered person. Haha.

Meliodas joked that he’s not a person but a self-centered pig. 😆

Alright, we’re going to help restore the village. Our task now is to find Dana. Probably to get instructions.

We can now walk around the village. I can see Dana from here.

There he is.

Awww. Dana will miss us when we leave.

Yes, we are leaving but we’ll help clean up the mess in the village first.

Alright, let’s start with the stone pillars summoned by Diane.

Diane said she’ll handle it since she’s the one who caused it. She said she can do it alone and it’s just a piece of cake.

Episode 20-1 – Pulverizing Pillars

Our task is to remove the pillars and then talk to Dana.

There are three pillars and we found one. Let’s punch it.

Alright, we got one. Let’s find another one. I think it’s on the left side based on the guide icon.

We found the second one just near the gate of the town.

That’s two! This is really just a piece of cake.

We found the third one just left of the fountain.

That’s three! We’re done so let’s go back to Dana.

We’re done Dana, what’s next?

Looks like there will be more tasks. I love this!

Sennet just came and according to her, we’ll have to ask the people in town who need help.

Episode 20-2 – SOS

These tasks will increase our Friendship level with Dalmally and will allow us to buy items that can enhance our characters in the game. We need to help 3 villagers and then return to Sennet. Let’s go!

I don’t think this one needs help. Let’s find a real villager. 😆

Alright, we found one because of the Blue exclamation point.

According to the villager, the structures need to be fixed because it was weakened by the insect’s poison. We need to bring the tools that they need for repairs. We can find these tools in various tool boxes throughout the village.

Alright, let’s search those boxes around the village.

I can see one right there.

We found one!

I think that’s it because the villager has the blue question mark again.

Let’s hand the tools to him. Hello again villager!

We got 200 friendship points for that!

Here’s another villager in need. What can we do for you madam?

I think she’s a nurse, she might need more medicines.

Nope, she doesn’t need more medicine. Looks like there’s a problem with insect carcasses around.

The carcasses are all over the city and they are still poisonous so I guess we have to get rid of them.

After that, we need to return to her.

We found one carcass! Don’t you love gathering carcasses?

Looks like there are more because the lady still doesn’t have the blue question mark.

We found the second insect carcass!

And then we went left and found the third one!

We can now see the blue question mark so that means we found all of it.

Alright! That’s 400 points for friendship level.

Here’s a tutorial from Hawk. Helping the villagers will increase the friendship level. We can use various functions in the village if our friendship level increases.

We can find the village function when we click the Go Now button.

Here are the village functions in Dalmally. We were able to unlock the Materials Shop here. 😀

This is the materials shop which is cool.

Right now, we can buy Level 1 materials. We need to increase the friendship level to unlock other levels in the material shop and purchase rare items.

Let’s help this last villager.

She’s talking about throwing a coin in the fountain. Is that even a task? I can do that!

Actually, she’s asking for a coin so she can throw it. According to the task, there’s a certain coin in the village that can be thrown in the fountain for good luck. We need to find that coin!

The game pointed us to the fountain, are we going to steal a coin here? 😆

Alright, it seems like Meliodas threw a coin in the fountain and we found a coin. It’s confusing but that was very easy.

Yes, my child, I feel lucky just looking at it.

I can’t believe that odd request gave us 400 points for friendship level.

Alright, we now have Level 2 friendship with Dalmally! 😛

Now let’s go back to Sennet to complete our task of helping 3 villagers.

We barely helped but Sennet thinks it’s more than enough. Thank you Sennet!

Dana is surprised that we are still in the village.

Well, people needed our help.

Episode 20-3 – Friends in Need

The villagers are touched by our effort to help rebuild their village. I’m not sure what this new task is about.

The village looks nice and clean now!

Elizabeth, what’s wrong?

According to her, it looks like the bugs are not completely gone.

So Elizabeth sensed that the villagers still needs more help. You’re too nice Elizabeth.

That’s it for now! We’ll continue this new task in our next post! I hope you enjoyed this episode of our mobile gameplay!

If you like this episode, please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you. 🙂

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough. 

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