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7DS: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay #22 – Upgrading from SSR to UR

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Today we will continue our mobile gameplay of [The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross]. In our last post, we went to the dungeons to obtain the materials needed to evolve Ban from SR to SSR. We also learned how to enhance Ultimate Moves.

I think it’s just fair for our other characters to also get the evolution that they need to become more powerful. Right now, Meliodas is at SR Grade and Level 40. So let’s press <Evolve Hero> here.

We still lack the 2* Grimoire so we need to get those from the dungeons.

The material is called Grimoire of Speed.

After a few battles in the dungeon, I think we got what we need.

We also cleared the dungeon 10 times which is an achievement. 😀

Now that our player level is Rank 10, we can now add associated heroes to our team.

Setting an associate hero increases the bonus stats of the heroes in our team. Heroes associated with another hero can grant special associate effects or combined attacks that can be used in battle. This is getting more interesting, what combo attacks can we use?

In the Team setup, let’s press on the + icon at the character icon.

It will show the list of characters that we own. Tap the Associate Slot at the bottom of the hero slot to view information regarding associated heroes. Let’s select Meliodas.

The bonus is as follows:

Increase the Associated hero’s basic stats by 5%. (Increase basic stats by 1% per Ultimate Move level).

So if our associated hero (Meliodas) has better stats, the associate effect will also be higher.

Apparently, if the hero you are trying to associate is already in the team, you cannot add the hero. This means we need to have 6 heroes with good stats for the main team.

We selected King as the associated hero of Gowther. King’s icon is now shown in the Associate Slot of Gowther.

And then we added another version of Ban as associated hero for Meliodas and Elaine as associated hero for Ban.

For our Sub team, we set up Elizabeth with Diane as the associated hero.

I think we are good now.

Going back to Meliodas, let’s now evolve him further.

We already have the needed materials.

Here is the animation. Protect her?

He wanted to protect someone. Who is it?

But he was not able to protect her. I think this person was revealed at the end of Season 1 of the anime.

And that was his sin.

Now I think he’s pertaining to Elizabeth below.

He will no longer allow those close to him to get hurt. Awww.

There we go.

Meliodas is now in SSR Grade, but we must enhance him again because if we don’t, his stats will be lower than when he was in SR Grade as you can see below. The good thing is he can now reach Level 50.

So we fed him with enhancement potions.

There we go. He’s now at Level 50 with 2,418 Attack and 32,849 Max HP.

We also upgraded his Ultimate Move to the max level. The new stats of Evil Spirit are as follows:

Inflicts Sever damage equal to 840% of Attacks on one enemy. *Sever: 2x Critical Chance Increase.

We can also change the outfit of our characters. By going to the Closet, we can put on various outfits, weapons, and cosmetic items. Let’s try this outfit.

Alright, we now have a new look for Meliodas. Wearing this outfit makes us look a lot stronger. It is also a good way to stand out from others. Our stats also increase if we put on costumes. If you noticed, the stats that increased are Defense, Critical Resistance, and Resistance.

Let’s check out weapons and cosmetic items by pressing on the icon here.

We can see the weapons available below. But I prefer the dragon sword so we will not change it for now. We can also see the increase in stats for Attack, Critical Chance, Pierce Rate, and Critical Damage.

Let’s press here for the cosmetic items.

Right now we equipped Meliodas head without the helmet which looks a lot better.

Now let’s farm more evolution materials. Then let’s go to Gowther. We already have the needed materials to upgrade Gowther from SSR to UR. Let’s do this!

The animation started. The protagonist..

…appears in a moment of crisis… Is he talking about himself?

…like a…

…magnificent hero.

My true identity is…

The Goat Sin of Lust of [The Seven Deadly Sins]. I am Gowther! Yeah, he’s definitely talking about himself. I think that animation just fits his personality. I don’t think he understands human emotions based on the anime.

That’s cool though.

He’s our first SSR and UR Grade hero. I’m proud of you Gowther!

Let’s enhance him to Level 60.

At Level 60, his Attack is now above 3k while Max HP is above 4K! That’s awesome!

Now let’s upgrade Meliodas from SSR to UR!

The animation is the same, but it’s still cool.

Now we can also enhance him up to Level 60.

He lost that knight costume though, but it’s fine. The new outfit also looks great!

Unfortunately, we ran out of enhancement potions. We have him at Level 58 now with more than 3k Attack and more than 4k Max HP.

Also, we can now unlock his unique ability.

The Unique ability is called Master of Alacrity. It has the following description:

Increases Crit Chance by 30% at the start of the next turn if the hero doesn’t take damage. (Resets upon taking damage)

Let’s press <Attempt>. It looks like we need to defeat Gilthunder to unlock this ability.

Apparently, half of the Holy Knights want to see [The Seven Deadly Sins] brought to justice. And the rest want to prove their strength against these legendary former knights. Gilthunder falls under these two categories. But more than that, his father was once the most powerful Holy Knight in the land, and he wants to avenge his death from the hands of [The Seven Deadly Sins]. But are these accusations even true? Hmmm.

The battle will happen in the Forest of White Dreams.

It’s a one-on-one battle between Meliodas and Gilthunder.

Is this going to be difficult?

We have higher combat points so it’s our turn first. But Gilthunder is also just around 16K combat points.

Let’s use 3* and 2* Triple Attack.

The 3* skill barely scratched him. I have a bad feeling about this.

The 2* skill even dealt less damage.

Gilthunder activated his defensive skill and his defense stats increased. He used it twice.

Let’s use Evil Spirit Ultimate Move and Full Counter. I wonder how much damage our ultimate can do.

Here we go!

Let’s use this broken sword.

I hope this will work.

It dealt 17,346 damage but it did not even bring down Gilthunder’s remaining HP to 50%.

Full Counter stance is now activated.

Gilthunder used his defensive skill again.

He used an attack skill which activated Full Counter. It dealt 2K damage only.

Let’s use Triple Attack and Full Counter again.

Again, our damage is low.

Gilthunder used his Ultimate Move.

It looks like he’s summoning lightning from the sky.

This looks powerful.

The lightning was then concentrated on his sword.

The limitation of Full Counter is that it cannot counter Ultimate Moves.

I think he’s ready to shoot us.

He said something in Japanese, must be the skill name.

He really did shoot us with lightning.

Awesome skill.

That’s a lot of ligthning energy.

It’s not going to run out of power soon.

Our remaining HP is down to almost 50%. This is bad.

Gilthunder used an attack skill and Full Counter activated.

It dealt huge amount of damage but he still has more HP.

I think this is the first time we learned that Full Counter doesn’t block damage from the enemy. We can see that Meliodas HP was reduced as well.

If we receive Gilthunder’s second Ultimate, we are dead. And this is the first time that we’ll lose in a battle.

We’re not dealing enough damage. It seems like Level 58 Meliodas is not enough. Looks like we need to reach Level 60.

We also received his lightning effect at the end of our turn which further reduced our HP. That 4K damage is huge!

At this point, I don’t think we’ll win. Our Ultimate Move is ready but it can’t even consume 50% of Gilthunder’s Max HP. Our remaining HP is around 30%.

Gilthunder used an Attack Skill.

Full Counter activated.

We dealt critical damage, so I’m not sure what the outcome will be.

We definitely received damage even during Full Counter.

Gilthunder used his Defensive skill.

This is our last change for an Ultimate Move. And then a Full Counter skill.

What do you think the damage will be?

We dealt 26K! But he still have around 20% remaining HP.

Full Counter activated. The problem is will there be another 4K damage at the end of our turn from his lightning?

Yes, there it is. We are dying.

We just need to survive his attacks during his turn. Can we survive?

He used a defensive skill.

Then an Attack skills that activated Full Counter. It dealt 4K damage to Gilthunder.

And we both have very low HP left. If I can’t kill him this round, we will lose.

Let’s use 2 2* Triple Attack.

His increased defenses is really saving him.

The second 2* didn’t kill him. I guess we lost.

His lightning damage at the end of our turn is even more powerful than our 2* Triple Attack.

Now, we are receiving his Ultimate Move.

It really has a cool animation.

This is the finishing blow and we are at the receiving end of it.

It was a great battle. 😀

Meliodas, you will be remembered.

We lost. But we will rise again!

It was not that bad. We definitely put up a good fight.

We can unlock it next time. I’m having fun upgrading! And with the story, we will soon find King. We’ll get to that.

Did you learn something from our mobile gameplay today? Let me know what phone you are using to play this game. Please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.  🙂

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough.

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