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7DS: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay #23 – Is This Considered Stealing?

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We are back with another 7DS mobile gameplay! In our last post, we enhanced our main characters from SSR to UR. It was fun and it made our team a lot stronger. Today we will try to find the Capital of the Dead.

Episode 21 – Looking for King

Let’s continue looking for King. We need to go to the entrance of the Capital of the Dead in Post Town Tala. Post Town Tala is a new place to explore. What do you think it looks like?

Alright, we’re here. Let’s park our Tavern in this town for now.

It’s beautiful but it looks kind of gloomy.

We finally arrived! 😀

Diane can’t believe that this is where we can find the entrance to the Capital of the Dead.

It’s not a city, just a very small and humble village and it looks like there’s no one here.

Well, let’s hope we can find the entrance. And hopefully, there will be no need for a sacrifice.

The captain’s plan is also to park the Tavern and collect info on King and the Capital of the Dead. We also have to earn money for food but that would be hard if there are no customers.

Diane will be the mascot girl who is in charge of bringing in any customers. She’s happy to help.

Let’s prepare the Tavern!

Ban will be the one cooking the dishes, thankfully.

Elizabeth also wants to help because she’s all better now. But Meliodas advised her not to overwork herself.

Looks like Ban ran off.

Ban started walking around the town, looking for clues.

We can now navigate the town using Ban. 😀

Let’s go to the question mark.

Ban thought that Meliodas’ plan of setting up the tavern for customers is not a good idea because the town is shabby and a desolate place.

We found a little girl…

Ban thought it was Elaine but he realized it was not her. Elaine!!!

Episode 20-1 – Post Town Tala

A girl collapsed without warning upon reaching Post Town Tala. We need to check if she’s alright. Poor kid.

Let’s go to this question mark here.

Ban is trying to wake her up.

I think she just fainted. She must be hungry and tired.

Another kid appeared. He wants Ban to stay away from Ellen, the name of the little girl.

Ban assumed that the other kid is Ellen’s brother.

He asked if they are getting enough food to eat. But the big brother insisted that he stay away.

He then attacked Ban.

Ban was pierced for sure. But he heals fast anyway. The little girl told her big brother to stop. She explained that Ban is only looking after her.

The big brother suddenly realized he made a mistake.

He was sorry and wants to do anything to atone for what he did to Ban.

But Ban doesn’t mind it at all. He can heal so no damage was done.

Well, there are true sins that can’t be atoned for.

Ban was suddenly pierced by a spear. It went through his heart.

A boy appeared who seems to have a grudge on him.

And the boy knows his name as well.

We got a reward by helping the little girl.

The boy called this a touching reunion. We found King! Looks like they are not on good terms.

But Ban did not recognize him.

Episode 22 – An Unexpected Battle

A mysterious boy suddenly appeared out of nowhere and attacked Ban. We need to fight him and find out who he is. The reward for this task is 300 points for Friendship Level with this town.

Let’s fight this boy by pressing <Enter Battle>.

Let’s use Meliodas, Ban, and Gilthunder for the main team. All of them are in UR Grade, thanks to the enhancement knowledge from our previous posts.

I think we are a lot more powerful now.

Our team is ready!!!

King is ready too.

King is also called [The Grisly Sin of Sloth].

Let’s check his stats and skills.

King has more than 41K Max HP. That is very high. He also has over 1.6K attack which is the highest we encountered so far in the story.

His first skill has the following description. It’s an Attack Type skill.

Skill 1*: Spirit Spear Chastiefol, First Form: “Chastiefol” – Inflicts Spike damage equal to 160% of Attack on one enemy. *Spike: 2x Crit Damage Increase.

His second skill has the following description. It’s also an Attack Type skill.

Skill 1*: Poisonous Garden – Inflicts Ruin damage equal to 160% of Attack on one enemy. *Ruin: Increase damage dealt by 30% per Debuff on the target and removed Debuffs.

His Ultimate Move has the following description:

Ultimate Move: Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Fourth Form: “Sunflower” – Inflicts Shatter damage equal to 420% of Attack on all enemies. *Shatter: Ignores Resistance.

Let’s use Ban’s and Gilthunder’s skills.

Toxic Bottle skill dealt 8,834 damage! It also lowered the attack of King.

Gilthunder’s Lightning Beasts Chase dealt more than 6K damage! Lightning Beasts Chase inflicts damage equal to 60% Attack on all enemies. It also Shocks for 4 turns. The Shock Damage is equal to 30% of damage dealt at the end of the enemy’s turn.

Gilthunder activated his stance skill. It’s called Lightning King’s Heave Armor. He assumes a stance that taunts enemies and decreases damage taken by 30% when attacked for 1 turn. Taunt directs all attacks to the user of the skill. So basically, in the next turn, the enemy can only attack Gilthunder and the enemy’s damage will be reduced by 30%.

It’s King’s turn now and he’s concentrating his energy on his spear.

The spear went to the ground and big roots attacked Gilthunder.

He used his second skill where his energy is concentrated again on his spear.

The spear is so fast we can’t even see it. It attacked Gilthunder.

Then the spear dealt a second blow.

King received 1,860 lightning damage at the end of his turn.

King barely scratched Gilthunder. He seems like he’s still in full health. Did we enhance him too much?

Let’s use Gilthunder’s Lightning.

It dealt a total of 4,425 damage.

Triple Attack dealt 9,929 damage.

Gilthunder activated his defensive shield. King will be defeated soon. Our attacks are too powerful.

King used his spear again which moves with his will.

We are not receiving any damage though.

Then he used the spear and roots attacked Gilthunder.

King received another 1,860 lightning damage at the end of his turn.

King’s Ultimate Move is ready but he’s dying soon.

We used a 2* Triple Attack.

He was defeated!

We cleared the quest!

You can see that King is no ordinary person. He can also fly.

Meliodas and the rest of our team were able to catch up.

But Ban doesn’t want Meliodas to get in the way of his battle with King.

Meliodas wants him to go back and cook in the Tavern.

Still, at this point, Ban is confused why the boy is attacking him.

Diane intervened because the guys are making so much noise.

Then both Diane and Meliodas recognized King.

Again, Ban is the last one who will realize this.

Ban is still not convinced because they boy does not look like the King he knew.

This was King’s old appearance so maybe he lost a little weight.

Ban won’t still believe that the boy is King.

But Diane was glad to see King again. 😀

King did not speak a single word. It seems like he’s leaving. That was weird.

Alright! We received our quest reward!

Our friendship level with Post Town Tala also increased!

Ban mentioned to Meliodas that there were kids from before who collapsed because they may haven’t had much to eat.

Kids need to eat a lot while they’re growing, otherwise, they’ll end up like Meliodas.

Meliodas did not like the height shaming from Ban. 😀

Episode 23 – Starving Siblings

Our next task is to cook something for Ellen and Luigi who haven’t eaten in days. Let’s ask Ban what he needs to cook the dishes.

Let’s walk to Ban and press his question mark.

We need to look around to find the ingredients for Honey Salad.

Meliodas, who has no talent in cooking, suggested his own recipe.

But Ban wants people to eat real food, not some half-baked bin meal.

Ban decided that he will do the cooking and Meliodas will find the ingredients.

Episode 23-1 – Cooking Ingredients

We will need to gather [Organic Fruits and Vegetables], [Honey], and [Fairy’s Sprout]. We can search these ingredients in Post Town Tala or purchase it from the Materials Shop.

Let’s just find the materials around. I’m cheap. 😀

I think we found the Fairy Sprout.

Alright, that’s one ingredient.

We found a box.

It’s not one of the ingredients.

We found the organic fruits and vegetables in a basket. That’s very convenient. Haha.

We found honey!

Let’s go back to Ban so he can start cooking.

Ban likes the ingredients that we stole around the town.

Episode 23-2 Mealtime

The task now is to cook and serve the Honey Salad to the two siblings in the Tavern.

Let’s go to Ban near the counter and press on his cook icon.

Let’s then select the three ingredients that we previously collected.

Ban started to cook but I don’t know why there is a steak on his pan.

Finally, that went well.

Let’s go to Luigi and press on his question mark.

Ban then served the food to the siblings.

The kids are very thankful for their meal.

Ellen was definitely happy with the taste.

Ban then asked them were to find the Capital of the Dead in exchange for the food.

Looks like someone else asked Luigi the same question.

It seems like King is also looking for that place.

Luigi told them that King is looking for that place for a while now. According to Luigi, that place is actually just around here. The entrance is in this village. “Cherished memories shared with the deceased will lead you to the city.” That’s what the old man next door used to say.

Ban told the kids that that’s enough information and they can already continue eating.

We got the reward for finishing this quest!

In our next mobile gameplay walkthrough, we will go to the Capital of the Dead. They will definitely figure out a way. But who are they looking for if they already found King?

Did you also start enhancing your characters? I would love to hear from you.  🙂

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough.

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