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7DS: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay #24 – I Did Something Bad in the Game

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We are back with another 7DS mobile gameplay. If you have not yet started playing, you can read my gameplay and have a feel of how the game is played. It’s really fun and I think you will enjoy it. The game file is also huge because it has great graphics. Currently, it may consume up to 4GB of your smartphone’s storage.

So in our last post, we finally found King, one of the members of [The Seven Deadly Sins]. He’s the king of the fairies and he has a weapon that moves very fast and has many forms.

However, the team is still looking for the entrance to the Capital of the Dead. Who are they hoping to find there?

Episode 24 – Memories of the Dead

According to Hawk, even if the Capital of the Dead really exists, we can’t go there if it exists in the afterlife. If that is the case, do we need to die first? Elizabeth wants to see her mother because she passed away when Elizabeth was still a kid. But she has no memories of her mother and we need cherished memories of the dead to get there.

We went to a spot just outside Post Town Tala.

We’ll still use Meliodas, Ban, and Gilthunder. They are our new favorite characters now because their skills are really cool. I do want to get King Arthur in the future as part of the team.

We encountered soldiers with swords and new costumes. Let’s defeat them fast.

Let’s use Gilthunder’s lightning skill, Toxic Bottle, and Triple Attack.

The lightning skill is enough to wipe them out completely.

Another soldier appeared.

Toxic Bottle killed him with one hit.

We are moving fast here, aren’t we?

Let’s go to this next stop. We’ll use the same team again.

There’s another group of soldiers.

Lightning Beasts Chase wiped them out again.

We used Triple Attack on the new boss soldier that appeared and it also killed him instantly.

We won!

There’s a third stop before our destination which I think is the Forest of Nightmares. Let’s use the same team.

They have many soldiers along our path.

This lightning skill is really convenient.

Let’s use Critical Pierce on the boss soldier for a change.

We won again!

Apparently, we are teleported by the game to the Fairy King’s Forest after the third stop.

Quest 24-1 – Path to the Fairy King’s Forest

Looks like we will be playing the backstory of Ban first. We’ll also know more about what happened back then with Elaine. I think this is the first time that the story is giving us the Books as rewards.

Unfortunately, we can only use Ban and it’s not the Ban character that we enhanced.

Alright, so Ban went to the Fairy Forest back then and it has a big cherry blossom-looking tree in the middle. His outfit back then is also cool. He’s looking for something in the forest.

The forest looks beautiful.

We encountered three mushrooms along the way.

Ban’s skills are also different back then. Let’s try it.

The first skill has the following description. It’s a debuff attack skill.

Skill 1*: Stretch Chain Stick – Inflicts damage equal to 180% of Attack on one enemy. Decreases Defense-related stats by 20% for 1 turn.

It’s like he has some kind of aura that stretches from his hand. It defeated one mushroom.

The second skill is an attack type skill with the following description:

Skill 2*: Rage Attack – Cancels Stances on one enemy and inflicts damage equal to 300% of Attack.

It’s a barrage of hits using his weapon. I think the weapon is called 3-section nunchaku. It was a weapon popularized by Bruce Lee.

Poor mushroom. That’s one hit.

Two and three.

A few more hits that are very fast and two kicks at the end.

The remaining mushroom jumped and attacked him with its head.

We used the stretching skill on the last mushroom.

The boss mushroom arrived.

So the mushrooms are called Chicken Matango. I wonder why.

Ban’s Ultimate Move is ready. Lets see what he can do.

The Ultimate Move has the following description:

Ultimate Move: Fox Hunt – Inflicts damage equal to 300% of Attack on one enemy. Extorts 50% of Attack and Defense for 2 turns. *Extort: Decreases the target’s stats and increases own stats by the same amount.

Ban started spinning his nunchaku.

What is he planning to do?

He must be gathering his energy.

I can see his aura now.

Which is getting more intense.

Did he just threw his aura?

He just shot his aura to the enemy.

The mushroom boss looks so worried.

What is he doing now?

It’s like he’s pulling back.

It more looks like a whip now.

And a powerful one.

So his whip aura pierced the boss mushroom and pulled something out.

Whatever it is, it’s now on his hand.

And then he crushed it.

Then we can see a grin on his face.

There’s little HP left on the enemy.

He uses his second skill which is Rage Attack. We can now see it from a different angle. He hit the mushroom using his nunchaku moving upward.

Then a downward hit.

A sideway hit.

Another downward hit.

An upward hit again.

And then a kick. There’s only one kick at the end. That’s a total of six hits. Th boss mushroom was finally defeated.

The remaining smaller mushroom attacked Ban.

We used stretched attack but it’s tougher than it looks.

We used Rage Attack.

The Rage Attack skill defeated the last mushroom.

We finally cleared the quest!

I guess Ban will be eating the big mushroom. I wonder if it tastes like chicken.

Quest 24-2 – Center of the Fairy King’s Forest

We unlocked a new quest. I think we will meet more fairies.

We still cannot use another character but it’s alright.

We encountered a fairy along the way and he is enraged. He wants us to leave the forest because humans are not allowed here.

Ban insisted that the forest doesn’t belong to anyone. But the fairy also insisted that it belongs to their race and no one can enter without Harlequin’s say-so. Who is Harlequin? Ban doesn’t give a crap.

Now we have fairies to defeat.

We used Rage Attack on one of the fairies.

I think this skill is too powerful. It instantly killed the fairy.

The stretch skill also defeated the other fairy in one hit.

The third fairy did not use any skill during his turn so it’s our turn again and we defeated him with the stretch skill.

Here comes the boss fairy.

He has a nice pair of wings and he’s called the Fairy Captain.

Ban’s Ultimate Move is now ready.

Let’s defeat the Fairy Captain.

Here we go.

His background looks cool.

I’m really not sure what Ban is pulling out. It doesn’t look like the heart. It’s more like the soul or something.

He holds it.

And crushes it. Well, upon searching more about his ability, it seems like he can “Snatch” physical abilities of others, weakening them and then he gains more strength and speed. So it’s safe to assume that what he pulled out a moment ago is not the heart of the enemy.

The Fairy Captain is now down. Let’s defeat the last fairy.

I feel bad for the last fairy because he’s so small and cute.

We finally cleared the quest!

Ban feels like the fairies are guarding something important out there based on the number of enemies he encountered. It must be the tree over there.

Quest 24-3 – Guardian Saint of the Fountain of Youth

We will finally meet Elaine. Let’s do this.

We still can only use this version of Ban.

Boy Meets Girl.

Ban was able to climb the tree and he finally saw what the fairies are protecting.

It’s the fountain of youth! 😀

And whoever takes a drink from this fountain gets to live forever.

The stories seems greatly exaggerated because there is no Guardian Saint around.

Suddenly, a little girl appeared before Ban.

Ban thought the girl was just lost.

But apparently, she is the guardian of the fountain. She’s such a cute guard. 😀

She protects the fountain especially from bandits like Ban.

The little girl raised her arm and released some kind of wind energy.

Ban was shocked with her force.

He was then pushed out by the wind away from the top of the tree.

The top of the tree with the fountain in it really lookds beautiful.

We now entered into a battle with Elaine. I guess we have to defeat her.

I feel like I don’t want to fight her. She’s so cute.

Let’s use Ban’s Stretch Chain Stick skill.

Wow, Elaine is tougher than she looks.

Let’s use Rage Attack. It really has high damage but it’s a bit brutal.

It’s Elaine’s turn now. I think wind is her specialty.

She gathered wind energy and started flying toward Ban.

She’s ready to hit him.

That’s one slap for 4,012!

And another for 3,858. That’s some serious damage she got there.

Then she flew back to her place.

She repeated her skill but it has less damage this time.

The first skill might have hit with critical damage and this one has none.

It’s our turn again and we will use the stretch skill.

Then Rage Attack which never failed to deal high damage.

Elaine then used her Ultimate Move.

She started speaking in Japanese. I would love to see this.

She is glowing and prepring to fly again.

It seems like fairy royalties don’t need wings to fly.

That’s beautiful. Better than Elizabeth’s animation.

And a bit scary.

She’s flying around.

Where is she going?

Oh, there she is. The ambience became dark though.

Now she’s flying like a missile.

She is very serious about this.

She’s really cute even if she’s mad.

She flew behind Ban.

Her eyes are closed now.

This is it.

I’ll be surprised if fire came out from her hand instead. 😀

There’s too much light. How are we supposed to see?

Ban was hit, but there’s too much light, we can only see him after. The damage is not so bad.

Then she used her slap skill again.

We are currently incapacitated which could be the effect of her Ultimate Move.

So it’s Elaine’s turn again and she finally used her other skill.

It’s a barrage of wind force from different directions.

She used it again. We might die soon.

I’m not sure if it’s the effect of Elaine’s skill but we lost one Ultimate Move orb.

So let’s use stretch skill instead.

And Rage Attack.

If we can survive this turn then we can win.

I think we’ll make it.

Finally, let’s use our Ultimate Move.

Here we go!

It’s weird that I feel bad to use this on her but we can’t go on with the story if we don’t defeat her.

Let’s pull her attack power.

I really feel bad.

Taking something from Elaine.

That defeated her.

But I’m relieved that we won!

Back to the story, Ban luckily did not die and was caught in a tree branch.

And he’s back on top again.

Elaine pushed him out again.

And he’s back for the second time.

Elaine is surprised that Ban is still alive after being thrown off from that height multiple times.

Ban explained how lucky he was for being caught up in a branch.

Elaine can’t believe it. The forest seems to be protecting Ban.

But Ban doesn’t care.

Ban then use his skill.

His aura was able to steal the cup of life.

He’s almost going to drink it.

But Elaine can also control the branches and stopped Ban.

She took away the cup of life from Ban. Without the Fountain of Youth, the entire forest will shrivel up and die. So she insisted that Ban leave the place.

And Ban simply agreed to leave.

Elaine thought he was lying that he will leave but Elaine has the ability to read people’s minds. She found out that he really means it.

She let Ban go. She was surprised by his personality.

She asked his name and he answered. He is Bandit Ban.

So Elaine is not a kid although she looks like a kid. I think she’s hundreds of years old.

In our next post, we will continue with more quests in this episode. It was really interesting so far. 😀

This one is a bit long but I hope you enjoyed it. Do you also love this game? Just leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.  🙂

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough.

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