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7DS: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay #25 – Inside the Capital of The Dead

October 31, 20202:08 pm By

In our last post, we saw how Elaine and Ban first met each other. Today, we will go inside the Capital of the Dead and look for Elaine. And also, there’s a new enemy who followed us there.

Episode 24 – Memories of the Dead (Cont.)

Let’s continue with the story.

We are back in the present. Ban felt sad remembering his first memories with Elaine.

Here is another memory of Elaine asking him what he wants with the Fountain of Youth.

Ban is actually not sure what he wanted. He just wants to live long enough and come across something nice one day.

What if he earned eternal life but there was nothing good about it?

If you can have eternal life like Ban, do you think you will be happy? I think I will be both happy and lonely because I can meet a lot of wonderful people but also end up watching them grow old and die. But at least I get to see the future where maybe people can already live on Mars and casually fly in space, for fun.

Back again in the present. Flowers suddenly appeared around Ban and Diane was amazed by it.

Diane was fascinated by the view.

Elizabeth also finds it wonderful. But she’s not familiar with these flowers. Because these flowers are not from this world at all.

Hawk doesn’t care about these flowers because he can’t eat them.

Something weird is happening. Petals were suddenly flying like a portal is opening.

King is watching from the top of the Hill. The portal is definitely opening and he’s been looking for this opening for a long time.

It’s really opening now. Let’s go.

Looks like we’re inside the Capital of the Dead. There’s a lot of green crystals around and a yellowish atmosphere.

So the flowers are the sign that the portal is opening.

Looks like we’re finally done with this episode. We received gold and an SR pendant.

Elizabeth thought it was her memories that opened the portal. But it was actually Ban and her memories with Elaine.

Hawk thought it was caused by his obsession with scraps. He’s always thinking about eating.

Diane and Meliodas definitely did not open the portal.

Episode 25 – Capital of the Dead

Our next task is to clear the Capital of the Dead main stage “Fairy King Harlequin”.

We need to fight King again and we’ll use our favorite team below.

We unlocked a new chapter called “King’s Wrath”.

Ban is running fast. He’s definitely looking for Elaine.

King suddenly appeared in his path.

Ban still thinks that this is the fake King because he’s not fat.

Ban just went running again but King followed him. King still finds him the same person. The type who don’t care about anyone else as long as he’s taken care of.

Ban is starting to realize that he’s the real King and has no qualms about beating him. Now let’s beat King with out team.

Can we finish this fast? Are we too powerful already?

We’ll use these skills.

The lightning dealt 2,920 damage.

The bottle skill dealt 6,523 damage.

Ban’s second skill dealt 8,149 damage!

King used some kind of skill but it doesn’t seem to be a healing skill. He used it twice.

Let’s take a look at his skills to understand more. His first skill is an attack skill. It has the following description:

Skill 1*: Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Third Form: “Fossilization”: Inflicts damage equal to 200% of Attack on one enemy.

The second skill which he used twice earlier has the following description:

Skill 1*: Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Eight Form: “Pollen Garden” – Removes Debuffs from all allies.

I personally think that his second skill is a bit weaker than Elizabeth. Elizabeth has both heal and remove debuff for all allies in one skill.

His Ultimate Move has the following description:

Ultimate Move: Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Fourth Form: “Sunflower” – Inflicts Shatter damage equal to 420% of Attack on all enemies. *Shatter: Ignores Resistance

The Ultimate Move move seems very powerful though. Also, it can deal damage to all enemies. His Max HP is also very high.

It’s our turn now, the bottle skill dealt 6,690 damage.

We’ll also use lightning armor.

Triple Attack dealt 17,177 damage! There’s very little HP left for King.

It’s King’s turn and he used Fossilization. It dealt 229 damage only.

It also dealt two 205 damage.

He used it again, but now he attacked Ban. We can see that Gilthunder is already fossilized, thus, his shield was removed.

It’s our turn again and Gilthunder is incapacitated.

The bottle attack finally finished him, dealing 6,690 damage.

We won! Ban is our MVP!

We also cleared the episode!

King is a tough one, isn’t he?

Back in the animation, they are still fighting. And King seems to have the upper hand.

It’s still unclear why King is angry at Ban.

But here’s why. When King was driven out from the capital under suspicion of treason ten years ago, he went back home because he has nowhere else to go. His return was greeted with a home he once knew, now razed to the ground.

Looks like he’s blaming Ban for it. Back to the present, Ban was captured by a huge stuffed toy which seems to be King’s pillow. When King was with Ban ten years ago as members of [The Seven Deadly Sins], there was one thing he never gave much thought. He never questioned why a Human like Ban could be immortal. But King is guessing that Ban killed the Guardian Saint (Elaine) and drank from the fountain.

Ban was surprised that King knew the Guardian Saint.

King then revealed that Elaine was his sister. But he got it wrong, Ban did not kill Elaine.

Ban was speechless.

And he’s stunned as well.

The Sins in Danger

It seems like we will fight a new Holy Knight.

Let’s use the same team.

However, Diane is also required.

So let’s put Diane in the Sub slot.

This is going to be a tough fight.

Our team is still looking for Ban and King inside the Capital of the Dead.

Someone suddenly appeared in front of them.

And she happens to know about Diane and Meliodas.

Her name is Holy Knight Guila. But how did she get to the Capital of the Dead?

Guila said that she died to get here. Hawk thinks that Guila is dangerous. Meliodas agreed.

She raised her sword and Hawk and Elizabeth were blown away from the pressure. She seems really strong so Meliodas instructed Hawk to take Elizabeth as far as he can.

We entered a battle with Guila. Let’s check her stats. Her attack is high just like King but her Max HP is not that high. Her first skill is a Debuff Attack type. It has the following description.

Skill 1*: Shot Bombs – Inflicts damage equal to 180% of Attack on one enemy. Ignites for 3 turn(s). Ignite*: Damage taken by target(s) +10% (Can be stacked).

Her second skill is an Attack Type and it has the following description.

Skill 1*: Killer Mines – Inflicts damage equal to 220% of Attack on one enemy.

Her Ultimate Move has the following description:

Ultimate Move: Brilliant Detonation – Removes Stance(s) from all enemies and inflicts damage equal to 280% of Attack. Ignites for 4 turn(s). *Ignite: Damage taken by target(s) +10% (Can be stacked).

It’s our turn first and the bottle skill dealt 6,965 damage.

The lightning dealt 3,053 damage. And then Gilthunder used the lightning shield.

Guila then used her skill that seems like Shot Bombs.

She used another one which seems to be the mines. But it seems like she’s not dealing any damage to Gilthunder. She did receive 916 damage at the end of her turn from lightning.

It’s our turn again. The 3* lightning dealt 6,903 damage.

The bottle skill dealt 6,851 damage.

Another lightning skill dealt 4,293 damage.

Guila used her Shot Bombs.

It dealt 3,318 damage to Meliodas.

The second Shot Bomb dealt only 990 to Ban.

It’s our turn now. Let’s use Gilthunder’s Ultimate Move. If you noticed, it will be a combined attack because we added our own Guila as support to Gilthunder.

Lightning started to form.

The lightning is hitting the trees around.

Gilthunder captured the lightning on his hand.

It’s a pretty sight.

He moved so fast.

We can see that he’s attacking now.

There’s a lot of lightning in his sword.

Guila was hit by a huge amount of lightning.

The force formed a lightning hurricane.

We can see our own Guila is also beginning to attack.

She threw her bombs to the hurricane.

The fire and ligthning are combinging now.

It became a lightning fire hurricane.

It dealt 31,999 damage!

We won! We also cleared the episode!

Guila is definitely a tough opponent even in the anime.

In our next post, let’s finally defeat Guila. We’ll also look for Elaine in the Capital of the Dead.

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I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough.

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