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7DS: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay #26 – Forgiveness

November 11, 20203:48 pm By

Welcome to [The Seven Deadly Sins] mobile gameplay. I hope you also have this game on your smartphone so you can join the fun. In our last post, we fought a new Holy Knight. Her name is Guila and she’s really strong. Now let’s continue with the game animation.

We can see Holy Knight Guila attacking Meliodas. Meliodas, on the other hand, is having a hard time because Guila knows the weakness of Meliodas’ Full Counter. Guila also recognizes Meliodas strength but she’s always calm while she’s fighting.

Dealing with Meliodas and Diane at the same time means she’s really talented. Or perhaps, her powers were buffed at some point.

She thrust her sword toward Meliodas.

Meliodas used his Full Counter and Guila’s attack exploded on her.

But it appears Guila is unharmed. Full Counter reflects and greatly amplifies all attacks. So, did Guila hold back on her own magic because she already knew about Full Counter?

She taunted Diane and Meliodas to come at her. They will need to work harder to satisfy Guila.

Guila in the anime seems to hide her emotions behind her fake smile.

Episode 25-2 – Love and Apologies

In this sub-episode, we might fight with King again or probably use King as part of our team. Let’s find out.

We will use Meliodas, Ban, and Gilthunder. Ban is a required hero.

Here we go.

In another place in the Capital of the Dead, Ban was trapped in King’s magic. Ban thought King wants to kill him to exact revenge. But Ban is immortal, so how will King defeat him?

King then used Spirit Chastiefol: Third Form: “Fossilization”.

Ban’s chest that was pieced by the spear started turning into rock. This is not looking good for Ban.

King was hoping that Elaine’s spirit is watching while he turns Ban into stone.

The fossilization skill is spreading and will eventually turn Ban into a fossil.

At this moment, Ban remembers his memories when a powerful demon attacked the Forest. The forest is burning and Elaine is trying to wake him up.

Ban asked Elaine what happened.

Then he saw the demon. According to Elaine, the only thing that can burn down the Fairy King’s forest is “Purgatory Flame”. And the goddesses defeated and sealed the Demons during the ancient war. So why is this demon here in the forest?

Ban asked what happened to the Fountain of Youth. Well, Elaine managed to get the cup with the fountain’s water in it so it’s fine for now. Ban then told her to take it and run. But Elaine wants Ban to come with her.

But Ban wanted to defeat the demon. This is his chance to get rid of it with a single blow.

He plans to take the demon’s heart while it is busy burning down the forest.

Back to the present, King asked him if he has any last words of repentance because this is the end for him. But it will not make King forgive him. Ban just smiled.

Without saying another word, Ban finally turned into stone.

King gave him his last goodbye to Ban. Is this the end for him?

We entered in a battle with King.

It’s our turn first. We’ll use Ban and Meliodas’ skills.

Ban’s Toxic Battle dealt 8,458 damage.

His Critical Pierce dealt 11,086 damage. King’s HP is nearing its half.

Meliodas’ Triple Attack dealt 13,476 damage and King already lost 75% of his Max HP.

King used his spear and it attacked everyone in our team. Only Ban is taking damage and it’s only 22 and 27.

King used the skill again and it dealt damage around 400 to 500 to all our heroes.

It’s our turn again and we used Gilthunder’s lightning. It dealt 4,967 damage.

Ban’s Critical Pierce dealt 11,212 damage. It ended the Battle with King.

We won and we cleared the episode.

Poor Ban. But he’s not dead of course, just turned into stone.

Particles of light suddenly formed in front of his fossilized body.

It’s Elaine’s spirit and she kissed him.

His fossilized body returned to normal. That didn’t take long.

King was shocked that the fossilization was undone. But he can also see the particles of light.

Ban finally found Elaine’s spirit. This is the only thing that he wants in this life. To see her face again.

King realized that Ban was talking to Elaine so he called out Elaine and asked her if she still knows him.

Unfortunately for King, he can only see Elaine as particles of light. Unlike Ban who could actually see her in her real form. Is Elaine still angry with King that’s why he could not see her?

It appears though that King left Elaine in the forest and disappeared. She was so lonely until she met Ban.

Ban and Elaine suddenly felt Guila’s tremendous power from afar.

Before Ban tried to leave, Elaine asked him what he’s doing in the Capital of the Dead.

“I wanted to tell you something”, Ban replied. “Someday, I’ll take what’s mine. I’ll promise you that.” What is it that he wants to take?

Elaine just smiled as if she understood what he meant. She thanked him after.

King was watching the whole time. He still cannot see Elaine and wonder why Ban sees her and not him. All that King knows is that Ban killed Elaine and took everything from her. But King didn’t know the truth.

Ban left to help fight Holy Knight Guila.

Elaine finally talked to King. When King left, Elaine had to endure 700 years of loneliness. But Ban was able to erase that loneliness in just seven days. Elaine then asked King to protect Ban.

Then finally, King was able to see Elaine.

And the sister and brother reunited.

Episode 25-3 – Ban Enters the Fray

Since Meliodas and Diane are having a hard time fighting Guila, Ban is coming to help them.

We will still use the same team.

Let’s do this!

Ban and Diane can’t keep up with Guila. Is Guila more powerful than both of them?

Guila’s special skill is called “Explosion” and not even Full Counter can stop it.

Then Ban arrived and he used his Snatch skill which stopped Guila’s sword for a moment.

Guila then asked Ban to take his hands off his rapier. But Ban of course is not touching anything with his hands. His using his aura.

Ban increased his grip on Guila’s sword and Guila has to pull it back.

Since she can’t remove Ban’s Snatch by pulling, she started attacking instead.

Let’s defeat Guila in battle.

We’ll use Ban’s and Gilthunder’s skills.

Ban’s Toxic Bottle dealt 10,597 damage.

His Critical Pierce dealt 12,526 damage which is awesome. Guila’s HP is now below 50%.

Gilthunder’s Lightning dealt 3,702. Guila has an affinity advantage over him.

It’s Guila’s turn now and she used her mines to attack Gilthunder. It dealt 2,317 damage.

She used her explosion skill on Meliodas but she only dealt 390 damage.

It’s our turn again and we used Gilthunder’s lightning. It dealt critical damage.

We used 2* triple attack and it dealt 24,716 damage!

Guila was defeated!

And we finally cleared the episode.

Back to the game animation, it seems like even Ban couldn’t defeat Guila.

Guila gave three members of [The Seven Deadly Sins] a hard time. Despite taking a lot of damage from Guila, Ban was able to heal himself.

Ban still has a lot of confidence that Guila can’t defeat an immortal like him. But being immortal doesn’t make one invincible. Guila can think of many ways to defeat Ban.

Episode 24-4 – Fairy King Harlequin

Looks like King is the one who can defeat Guila.

Let’s see how King will fight against her.

Guila was disappointed with Meliodas, Ban, and Diane. She can’t believe that they are the legendary knighthood.

Ban tried to get close to her.

But before he can do that, Guila already used explosion.

Even Meliodas was hopeless.

Guila is very flexible too.

She even got the end of her sword on Ban’s neck before he can attack again.

Suddenly, something hit her.

It’s some kind of force that is not coming from Ban.

Guila was pushed far away and dropped on the ground very hard.

It’s King’s spear that pierced through Ban and hit Guila. King is finally here to help them. He’s helping primarily because of Meliodas and Diane and her sister who still has Ban in her heart.

This excited Guila and she told the four of them to come at her.

But King told her it’s going to be one-on-one and that he’s enough to defeat her. Meliodas and Ban then cheered for him.

I guess this is the last fight against her.

Let’s use King and Ban’s skills. King is still at Level 10 so I don’t expect much damage.

He used his removed debuff skill and his fossilization skill dealt 6,853. That’s very high damage for his level.

Toxic Bottle dealt 9,623 damage.

Guila’s explosion skill dealt 1,929 damage on Gilthunder.

Her mines attacked Gilthunder again and dealt 2,785 damage.

It’s our turn again and fossilization dealt 5,863 damage to Guila. Her HP is now down to 50%.

Toxic bottle dealt 9,449 damage.

And Critical Pierce dealt 11,980. She won’t survive the next round unless we don’t attack. I would like to see her ultimate move so let’s not deal any more damage for now.

Guila then used explosion on King and dealt 2,106 damage.

Her mines dealt 3,535 damage to Gilthunder.

We used Gilthunder’s shield and King’s remove debuff skill so we did not deal any damage to her in this round.

Guila then used her Ultimate Move.

In our next post, let’s see how creative and powerful her Ultimate Move is. And we’ll also see how King will defeat her in the game animation.

Do you also love this game? Just leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.  🙂

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough.

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