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7DS: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay #28 – The Sacred Treasures

November 23, 20202:49 pm By

We are back with another [The Seven Deadly Sins] mobile gameplay. In our last post, we defeated Guila and King is now part of our team. King also met Elizabeth. But everyone, especially Hawk, is really hungry at the moment.

Episode 27 – A Quick Meal

It’s well past mealtime. Even a barebones meal is better than none. Our task is to discuss the dinner menu with Elizabeth in the Tavern.

Let’s go to Elizabeth. She’s near the counter.

Elizabeth suggested [Raisins with Sugar]. But we don’t have the ingredients though.

Episode 27-1 – Cooking Ingredients

Our next task is to gather [Organic Fruits and Vegetables], [Sugar], and [Assorted Grapes] and return to Elizabeth in the Tavern. We can search for the ingredients in Post Town Tala or purchase them from the Materials Shop.

Let’s move the Tavern on the map to Post Town Tala.

Let’s follow the magnifying glass icon.

Alright! We found Sugar Cane.

And now we have Sugar.

We also found fruits hanging around. This is called stealing.

Now we have Assorted Grapes.

We also found a basket.

We found Organic Fruits and Vegetables. Now let’s return to Elizabeth.

Back at the Tavern…

Let’s talk again to Elizabeth. I hope she finds the ingredients satisfying.

Elizabeth appreciates the loot. She doesn’t know we stole it from the poor town.

Episode 27-2 – Time to Eat!

Our next task is to make [Raisins with Sugar] with the ingredients obtained. And then we need to take the dish to Hawk in the tavern.

Back to Hawk, he’s not happy that it took so long to make such as simple dish. He almost starved to death.

But he liked the dish so he’s not mad anymore.

I thought everyone will be eating.

Back to the game animation, Elizabeth is talking to King. She’s impressed with him and his powers. He was really quite powerful because he was able to fight Guila alone while the others had trouble defeating her.

King is formidable in his own right, but the rest of the team would’ve been able to defeat Guila if they fought using their true skills.

King then asked the other three where their Sacred Treasures are. This is the first time that we heard about Sacred Treasures.

Diane admitted that she lost her Sacred Treasure. Meliodas sold his. Ban’s was stolen.

King then accidentally transformed to his old form out of disappointment.

This is King when he becomes angry.

King also explained that there is an uproar in the capital of Liones right now due to the appearance of the New Generation.

What is this New Generation? Even Meliodas have never heard of it before. According to King, something happened recently where a bunch of Apprentice Holy Knights suddenly became just as powerful as Holy Knights. It all happened overnight.

Take Guila, for example. She was an apprentice until very recently. It’s unbelievable, right? Also, Meliodas sold his Sacred Treasure which the King gave him when he formed [The Seven Deadly Sins]. Why would Meliodas do that at a time like this?

Meliodas told King that he needed funds for the tavern. Well, he better start searching for that Sacred Treasure if he wants to save the kingdom.

Meliodas agreed. He’ll start collecting information on the other Sacred Treasures too.

Elizabeth asked if we can make preparations to leave as we’re collecting info. This would mean another adventure for us. Meliodas said we sure can. But before we leave, let’s help some folks in Post Town Tala.

Episode 28 – The Bustle of Post Town Tala

Our next task is to take care of the minor issues in Post Town Tala before leaving, then go find Elizabeth. We need to clear 3 Post Town Tala village requests.

In Post Town Tala, we found this little girl. It’s actually the little girl that we met in our last few posts. Apparently, she’s already dead. Let’s talk to her.

According to her, she and her brother lives in the Capital of the Dead. And she’s been secretly watching us while we were in the Capital. So she must have seen us getting creamed by Guila. That’s embarrassing.

She also saw a tall man meet with a fairy and she’s glad that the tall man got to meet who he was looking for. But she thinks King wanted to see the fairy too. So there’s something she wants to tell King. And she wants us to pass on her message. We need to tell King that the fairy doesn’t hate him.

Luigi, her brother, makes her so mad at times, but she doesn’t hate him because she’s her brother. Awww. Alright, we’ll let King know.

We found King, so let’s talk to him.

King asked what Ellen wants to tell him. Meliodas told King that there’s a girl who might be angry at him but she doesn’t hate him. King was puzzled. He doesn’t know what the message means. Then Meliodas also added that Ellen sometimes gets mad at her brother and she can’t stand to even look at him. King was still puzzled. Then Meliodas went direct to the point and told him that Elaine may be angry at him but she doesn’t hate him. Because he is her brother.

King felt much better after hearing the message from Ellen. He wants to repay her somehow but he doesn’t know what to giver her. Meliodas suggested to give King’s pillow to Ellen.

But the pillow is a part of King’s character so that’s not an option. King noticed that the apples on the trees in the village are big and ripe. He requested that we get him some [Sweet Apples].

We found the apple tree.

We got a Sweet Apple. I was not aware that you can do Farmville in this game.

Apparently, it took us long enough to get the apples and King thought that maybe we were eating the apples. We can eat the apples right now if that is what King wants. 😀 I think we completed the second request.

Now King wants us to give the sweet apples to Ellen. Why us? Shouldn’t King deliver it himself? But according to King, every time he sees Ellen, he can’t help but be reminded of Elaine. It makes him uncomfortable. That’s sad. So, we agreed that we should be the one giving the apples to Ellen.

Let’s talk to Ellen. Yes, that’s right, these apples are for you. It’s from King because he was comforted by what you told him. Apparently, Ellen loves apples and ghosts can still eat.

After completing 3 requests, we finally increased our friendship level with Post Town Tala. Now let’s go find Elizabeth.

There she is.

Elizabeth appreciates our hard work.

So now, it’s time to leave. But to where? But Meliodas doesn’t know where to go next. So he suggested that we stay a little bit longer to open the tavern and gather more info.

Episode 28-1 – Gathering Info

Our next task is to help the villagers of Post Town Tala with their problems while gathering information.

Let’s talk to this guy.

He didn’t expect to see a tavern in a place as poor as Post Town Tala. But he’ll visit us and maybe grab a drink. Meliodas is getting the place ready so the tavern will be available in a few minutes. According to the guy, he’s got a potion to get into the Capital of the Dead. Hmmm. He told Meliodas that a Merchant just outside was selling it for a million Gold. It’s a bit expensive, isn’t it?

Let’s go find this merchant who sells this suspicious potion.

We found him.

So he’s the one selling. Upon checking, Meliodas noticed that it’s just a sleep medication. But the Merchant is denying it. He insisted that it’s a potion that will take you to the Capital of the Dead. But if he’s going to keep lying, Meliodas said he is going to make him regret it. Then the Merchant finally admitted that it’s fake.

He said he’ll never do it again. He promised. Meliodas asked for all the sleep medication he has. The Merchant willingly gave the medicines. And according to him, there are more boxes around town that contain this medicine. Let’s find those boxes.

Here, we found one.

We found the Medicine Merchant’s Sleep Medication in the box.

We found another box while running around. It also contains the medicine.

This is the last box. It also contains the medicine.

In our next game play, we’ll finish the rest of the task in the town and continue with our search for the Sacred Treasures.

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I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough.

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