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7DS: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay #27 – King’s True Power

November 18, 20203:55 pm By

We are back with another [The Seven Deadly Sins] mobile gameplay. In our last post, we encountered Guila and she’s about to use her Ultimate Move. King was finally forgiven by Elaine and he is helping us to defeat Guila.

Episode 24-4 – Fairy King Harlequin (cont.)

We are still in the middle of the battle with Guila. She has little HP left and will not survive the next turn. She finally uses her Ultimate Move.

Balls of fire started forming around her. This skill looks really cool.

I think she said something like “Extreme Explosion”.

The fireballs started flying toward our team. Also, her sword is gone and she has a new weapon.

Is it going to hit King or everyone in our team?

The fireballs slowed down and surrounded King. Guila seems like she will snap her fingers.

She did snap her fingers. It also has some flame effect on it.

I think everyone in our team was hit.

Everyone got hit. That’s amazing!

Then she used her normal Explosion skill.

It’s pretty strong. It dealt 7,588 damage to King.

We used only one skill during our turn and dealt no damage to Guila.

She used her mines on Gilthunder twice and only very little damage was received.

We used King’s fossilization skill.

It dealt a total of 6,449 damage and Guila was defeated.

We cleared the episode!

Guila is really strong in the anime.

Back to the game animation, Elaine is still talking to King. She knows that King will fulfill her wish, which is to protect Ban for her. And she knows that the power King possessed is beyond reckoning.

In another scene where King is already fighting Guila, Guila used a more powerful skill called “Brilliant Detonation”. She raised her sword while on top of a green rock like she was planning to destroy everything down below.

That flame ball is huge. Is she dropping an atomic bomb or something?

Meanwhile, King remained calm. And we can hear a voice from Elaine. According to her, the Human kingdom made a peace treaty with the Fairy King’s forest early on.

It was a symbol of mutual friendship, an agreement to stay out of each other’s way.

The large fireball then turned into smaller ones but in more numbers than usual.

Then the smaller fireballs flew really fast, they are going to hit King.

King then used Spirit Chastiefol, Fifth Form: “Increase”.

His spear then started spinning like it’s going to do something epic.

It then transformed into smaller and shorter knives

Then the knives flew and hit each fireball of Guila. We can hear Elaine again in the background. According to her, what the Humans feared the most and what prevented them from attempting an invasion, was the Fairy King’s power.

The fireballs exploded as the knives hit it, neutralizing Guila’s attack.

But that’s not all, Guila was then surrounded by the knives from King and they are ready to hit her. Guila was startled.

She may seem calm but she’s not. Who would still be calm if they are surrounded by these knives?

The knives rained down on Guila, but we cannot see what happened because of the dust and smoke. Is she dead?

We can still hear Elaine’s voice in the background. According to her, King… His true name is… Fairy King Harlequin.

King seems really strong.

Guila then suddenly appeared behind King. King was caught off guard. Guila survived and tried to get near him. Even King’s Spirit Spear won’t be able to block her attacks at that close of a range according to Guila.

Guila swings her sword. It’s going to hit King.

But Meliodas suddenly intervened and blocked Guila’s attack on King. According to Meliodas, it’s Guila who should be careful.

Because Meliodas used Full Counter and her attack was reflected and amplified to hit her instead.

The explosion that is supposed to hit King dealt a blow to Guila.

Guila’s presence suddenly disappeared. Diane can’t sense her anymore.

Elaine then appeared to Ban. According to her, the shock from what just occurred probably sent her back to the real world.

Suddenly, everyone is turning into light. They could be returning to the real world as well.

Then the kid and his younger sister appeared to explain what was happening. The Capital of the Dead is starting to reject those who should not be there.

Alright, so it’s now confirmed that the two kids were actually dead people from the start. And they are glad that Ban was able to see the person he is looking for.

Ban was puzzled. He asked why the kids are in the Capital of the Dead.

The kids did not answer directly. Instead, they thanked Ban because they really enjoyed the food that he cooked for them. I think these kids are like gatekeepers. They give clues as to how to enter the Capital to those who showed them kindness.

For Elaine, it’s time to say goodbye for now. She was glad to see Ban. And Ban said to her that he will see her later. What did Ban mean about seeing her later?

Elaine then thanked King for protecting Ban. King looks really sad.

He definitely wants to see Elaine longer.

And suddenly, King was back in the town. In the real world.

And everyone as well.

We finally cleared the main episode. We also received King as our new character.

Boss Battle was also unlocked.

Now that they are back in the real world, Meliodas wants to go back to the Tavern for now. Elizabeth noticed that everyone sustained injuries. Those injuries need to be treated as soon as they get back. Hawk, on the other hand, is hungry and wants to eat first.

Episode 26 – Welcome, Grizzly Sin of Sloth

Our task is to return to the Tavern for now and listen to Hawk’s complaints. He do love to complain.

Now that we have King, we were also able to unlock “Exchange Materials”.

Back inside the Tavern, King is sitting right next to the window. Let’s go talk to him.

Let’s press on this exclamation point.

So King can exchange materials needed for evolving, enhancing, and awakening. For example, he can take a low or high rank material and exchange it for another with a preferred rank. He can also exchange it for different types of material. This will make things easier for us.

Let’s go to Hawk because he has something to say.

So Hawk thinks a fairy should be more adorable because King is not.

Back to the game animation, they are just outside the Tavern.

King was curious about Meliodas’ relationship with Elizabeth.

Meliodas introduced Elizabeth as the princess of the kingdom.

King was shocked to know that Elizabeth is a princess.

He is panicking. He wants to dress more formally in front of her.

King then transformed to his old looks.

He then introduced himself as The Grizzly Sin of Sloth and one of [The Seven Deadly Sins].

Elizabeth also greeted him.

King then apologized because he didn’t know that she’s a princess. She asked for her forgiveness for his rudeness in the Capital of the Dead.

Elizabeth told him not to be nervous and she would like him to be comfortable around her.

Elizabeth was also a bit shocked with King’s new form.

Then King transformed back to his current self. That previous transformation put a strain on his shoulders because he’s not used to transforming like that anymore.

We finally cleared our task and we received 5,000 gold and a new item.

Back inside the Tavern, Hawk is complaining that he’s already hungry and he wants to know when they are going to eat. Elizabeth feels Hawk and she also said it’s already past mealtime. They don’t have fancy ingredients right now so they will just have a simple meal.

In our next post, we will cook something for everyone!

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I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough.

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