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7DS: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay #29 – The Headless Knight

December 4, 20207:42 pm By

Welcome back to our 7DS: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay. It’s the last month of the year and I hope you are also excited about the holidays. Now before we continue finding the sacred treasures of our characters, let’s finish helping the town with some of their problems.

Episode 28-1 – Gathering Info (cont.)

Let’s talk to Ban, I think he’s the one who needs help. He’s wondering if dead people still have a sense of taste. That’s also my question because King gave Ellen apples in our last post and she’s already dead.

Ban also noticed that Ellen was enjoying the food that he cooked for her before they entered the Capital of the Dead. Meliodas doesn’t know what the answer is but he’s guessing Ban’s cooking is so good that it can revive dead people’s taste buds. Is that even possible?

Ban thought that’s not possible and maybe a little bit too far from reality. He still can’t stop thinking about it and dying to find out the truth is not really an option. So Meliodas suggested Ban to ask Ellen directly which is the best and most practical option. Now our next task is to go to Ellen and ask.

We run around town and we found Ellen.

So can dead people taste things?

Ellen doesn’t know if she can give a definitive answer. She doesn’t even know if her taste buds still work. But according to her, they do retain memories of food they tasted while they were alive. And then they remember that taste when they eat. So if she’s eating Ban’s cooking, she’s not really tasting the actual food but only the memory of a similar food that she ate when she was still alive.

So Meliodas also come up with the conclusion that dead people are really not tasting anything.

According to Ellen, when she eats something tasty, it recalls memories of what she ate when she was alive. But what is mysterious is that she felt that the food that she ate when she was at the Boar Hat was tastier than anything she ever ate. That’s fascinating. I don’t think Meliodas understood the concept but he promised that he will pass the compliments to Ban the chef.

We completed the task and received 500 friendship level points with Post Town Tala and some gold and experience potions.

Let’s go back to this guy who was selling the fake potion from our last post.

We were done smashing all 3 boxes that contain sleep medicine around the town. I don’t think he’s happy. He’s still concern about what it cost him. But Meliodas told him to live an honest life from now on. If he doesn’t, he may end up in the Capital of the Dead sooner than he expects. I think that’s a scary threat from the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins. The merchant promised that “honesty” will now be his middle name. Do you think people can change easily? Sometimes we just need some faith.

But despite his promise, the merchant asked Meliodas if he’s interested in panacea by any chance. It’s a cure-all with the power to bring even the dead back to life… Now Meliodas is not sure anymore if the merchant learned a thing. But maybe people can change, it just takes time.

We finally completed the task. We received 500 friendship level points, some gold, and a treasure chest.

Now let’s go back to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth also needs our help. She’s not hearing any voices anymore since we left the Capital of the Dead. What does she mean? According to Meliodas, Elizabeth kept hearing a woman’s voice while in the Capital of the Dead. Elizabeth constantly heard whispers in her ear asking her to save Boris from the Village of the Vengeful Spirits. Who’s Boris? Even Elizabeth doesn’t even know Boris. So maybe it’s a trap? But Elizabeth doesn’t think so. The woman was so desperate she was pleading with her.

So now let’s head to the Village of Vengeful Spirit and find out if it’s a trap or not.

Let’s go to the world map and on the path to our destination, there’s a stop that we need to clear first.

Let’s use our favorite team. We will be changing our team soon because we became too strong already for the game.

Let’s defeat these creepy spiders fast.

That’s one hit from Gilthunder’s lightning.

There’s another stop before the village. We’ll use the same team for now.

It’s another group of creepy spiders that we defeated with one hit.

We finally arrived in the Village of Vengeful Spirits.

Quest 1 – The Wandering Dead

I’m not really sure what we’ll encounter here.

Let’s use the same team.

The place looks beautiful but something is off. We can’t see any people here.

Diane found someone. Let’s talk to that person. However, Meliodas thought that it’s not a good idea. Because that’s not a person.

It looks like a zombie. It’s called a Dead Man, a soulless corpse that wanders around. This could actually be a village of the Dead Men. Why aren’t there any normal towns with humans in them?

What is waiting for us here.

We entered in a battle. But why are we fighting dog-like creatures?

Let’s use Gilthunder’s lightning. The middle monster survived.

Another monster appeared. The middle monster attacked Ban. But it died from Gilthunder’s lightning damage at the end of their turn.

Ban’s Toxic Bottle killed the last one.

Three new enemies appeared that look like Dead Men.

The middle one is the Dead Man Boss.

Gilthunder defeated all of them with one hit.

We won the fight.

So this village is filled with wandering Dead Men. It’s definitely no ordinary town. Elizabeth remembered something. She said she might have heard stories about this place. There used to be an amethyst mine here. What’s an amethyst? Amethyst is the world’s most popular gemstone, a violet variety of quartz. The villagers used to mine amethyst and craft things to sell, resulting in a small but wealthy town,

According to Elizabeth, there were plenty of people looking to swipe the amethyst, but a Knight guarding the village was able to fend them off. Later a greedy noble who wanted the mine began to make the villagers suffer. The guardian Knight resisted against this person as well. In the end, the Knight was beheaded for resisting a noble and the villagers were massacred. I did not expect this kind of story. And the guardian Knight’s name is Boris. This could be the village where everyone was massacred. So let’s take a look around the village for now.

Quest 2 – Headless Knight

Let’s find out why Boris needs our help.

We’ll use the same team for this task.

Suddenly, Elizabeth remembered something. Boris had a lover named Melia. Melia and Borris were to be married, but the day before their marriage, she was struck by the noble’s sword in Boris’ place. She died. This story is getting darker and darker. The voice she was hearing could be Melia because it was filled with worry for a loved one. Now we need to find Boris. Since he was executed in the public square, Specters like him normally can’t leave the location of their death.

We found Boris! Elizabeth asked if he was Boris and he confirmed it. But Boris thought we were nobles. And he cannot forgive the nobles. Despite Elizabeth’s plead to him to listen, it seems like he can’t hear anyone. He’s trapped in his resentment.

We entered in a battle and we will be fighting Boris and his clones.

Gilthunder defeated the enemies in one hit.

Another Boris appeared.

Toxic Bottle defeated him.

Three more Boris dropped down from the sky.

They were also defeated in one hit.

We won and we received some new items.

Boris is fixed on the thought of getting rid of all the nobles. But Elizabeth mentioned that Melia was heartbroken and Boris seems to still recognize her name. Elizabeth told Boris that Melia wants him to relieve all his grudge and that she’s waiting for him. But Boris said that he can’t go and he needs help. He then vanished. How anticlimactic. So what could be the reason why Boris can’t go to the Capital of the Dead?

In our next post, we’ll find out what happened to Boris and why he can’t just go to the afterlife.

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I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough.

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