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7DS: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay #30 – The Necromancer

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Welcome back to our 7DS: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay. I hope you are enjoying our gameplay so far. Also, episode one of Attack on Titan’s Final Season is already out today. Sadly, we will have to wait every week for each new episode.

In our last post, we found Boris, the headless knight in the Village of Vengeful Spirits. He has a lover, Melia, who was killed by nobles in Boris’ place. And Boris needs our help because he can’t leave the place where he died.

Quest 3 – Empty Vessel

Let’s find out why Boris can’t leave the place of his death.

We’ll use our best team.

We were suddenly surrounded by Dead Men. It looks like anything buried in the ground crawled out. Boris also reappeared. Elizabeth tried to call him out but it’s useless. He’s back from being just a soulless shell.

Our enemies are zombie skeletons of dead soldiers.

One hit of “Lightning Beast Chase” skill defeated all the enemies.

Ban’s “Critical Pierce” finished the middle one.

We also used Ban’s “Critical Pierce” on the left enemy.

One more zombie appeared.

The zombie at the right side attacked Gilthunder…

…and Meliodas. He has a good combo for a zombie.

But he died at the end of his turn because of Gilthunder’s lightning after effects.

Ban’s “Toxic Bottle” skill defeated the other skeleton zombie.

Boris appeared in battle with two other zombies.

Ban’s Toxic Bottle skill dealt 8,018 damage to Boris, he was almost defeated.

Meliodas’ Triple Attack finished him.

The enemy on the left was killed in one hit.

There’s one zombie left and he attacked with little damage.

Ban’s Critical Pierce finished him.

We won! We also received some new items!

Quest 4 – Rest in Peace

I guess after this quest, Boris can finally rest in peace.

We’ll still use the same team.

So there’s a person responsible for this. Someone who has the power to reanimate the dead. A Necromancer.

The Necromancer suddenly appeared. His face is a skull! That’s because he used forbidden magic. It’s cursed him, turned him into that atrocity.

So Boris is just one of the Necromancer’s dolls. And he is not happy that we defeated his puppets. But he already passed the age to be playing with dolls.

The Necromancer finds Meliodas’ hair color breathtaking. And he wants to make Meliodas into one of his dolls so he can admire him more. Meliodas then refused as he finds it a bit perverted. This guy is the weirdest enemy we encountered so far.

We entered another battle against the reanimated soldiers.

The lightning of Gilthunder did not completely killed them.

Meliodas defeated the enemy at the right side.

Ban defeated the enemy at the left side.

The enemy in the middle is still alive but will surely die from Gilthunder’s lightning effect at the end of the enemy’s turn. Another dead soldier appeared at the left side.

The middle dead soldier attacked Ban dealing very little damage only. And then he died from lightning effect.

Ban used Critical Pierce and defeated the enemy on the left.

The boss enemy is coming from the sky.

We have the Boss Dark Skull Knight in the middle and two more dead soldiers.

Gilthunder defeated the Boss Dark Skull Knight in one hit. The other two are barely alive.

Ban defeated the enemy on the left.

And using Toxic Bottle, he defeated the last enemy on the right.

We won! I think those are some rare items that we received.

The corpses finally disappeared because the Necromancer controlling the corpses is gone. All the corpses being controlled probably returned to their proper places.

Elizabeth wondered what happened to Boris. Is he already back to Melia’s side?

Meliodas thinks Boris is already free. We already did all we could to help. Everything else is up to Boris now. Meliodas told Elizabeth that they will be leaving already because they’ve put off their journey long enough. Elizabeth asked for a short moment to tell the souls to rest in peace. And then the team left the village. Rest in peace Boris…

From the Village of Vengeful Spirits, we moved the Tavern back to Post Town Tala.

We can now move again around the town, we followed the blue question mark and it led as to Ellen. Let’s talk to Ellen.

Ellen thanked us for what we did for Melia and Boris. Apparently, they know each other and she was worried about Melia. Meliodas asked if it was already settled. Ellen thinks so because she has not seen Melia around. She’s a bit lonely now that Melia is already gone but that’s okay with her because she knows that Melia finally went to Boris.

We received 1,600 friendship level points for helping Melia and that’s high.

We also need to talk to Ban after we followed the automated path.

Ban told Meliodas that there is a problem. What did Ban do this time? But he’s not the one causing the trouble because if he was, he wouldn’t be telling Meliodas.

Ban explained that Hawk was sure that we’d have a ton of customers after setting up shop here, and Hawk told him to stock up on ingredients. The business has been lacking though, so we need to throw them all out. Meliodas though that’s a bit of a problem so he’ll bring it up with Hawk.

We run around and found Hawk. Let’s talk to him.

Meliodas explained to Hawk what happened. There are no customers so we have to throw all the ingredients. And that we overstocked because of Hawk’s instructions to Ban. Hawk finds it weird that business is bad enough for food to go to waste.

Meliodas agreed. And he previously thought that there’d be more people trying to get to the Capital of the Dead. So, Meliodas advised that we’ll only bring in the bare minimum of ingredients for the time being. And we just have to toss what we have now.

But Hawk insisted that he’ll eat them instead if we are going to toss them. Why do I get the feeling that he planned this all along?

Meliodas asked if that was Hawk’s plan from the beginning.

We got 500 friendship points with the town, some gold, and a treasure chest for helping out Ban.

Looks like we need to talk to Hawk again.

He has given this a lot of thought. He’s going to tell us something. He thinks we’re not getting enough customers because of the spooky forest east of the village.

Meliodas didn’t know about this forest. Hawk suggested that there must be a bustling village on the other side of that forest. If there is really a village, the people have to go through the forest to get to Post Town Tala and that’s the problem according to Hawk. Looks like we are going to the forest.

On the path to the forest, there is a spot where we need to enter in a battle.

They are just bats, but two survived Gilthunder’s lightning.

Toxic Bottle skill killed the bat in the middle.

Meliodas defeated the bat on the left side.

We won! But the enemies are getting stronger already.

There’s another spot before the forest. Let’s enter into battle.

Gilthunder’s lightning hit with critical damage so the enemies were deafeated instantly.

We won!

Now let’s go in the Forest of Illusions.

In our next post, let’s find out what’s in the Forest of Illusions. Are there new powerful enemies? I hope so.

Do you also love this game? Just leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.  🙂

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough.

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