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7DS: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay #35 – The Unexpected Event

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In our last post, we witnessed how Meliodas defeated Ban with some kind of hidden power. We also enhanced Diane and we defeated Howzer. Howzer, in my opinion, is a really strong character because of his stance skill. I would like to add him in my team in the future.

Episode 37 – A Chance Opponent

One last step until the finals. Cain is our next opponent after knocking up King out of the ring with a single attack. Our next task is to meet Cain in PVP (Vaizel Fight Festival).

We found Cain. It seems like he recognized Meliodas. Or maybe not. He thought Meliodas has a striking resemblance to someone he knew.

He thought the person in front of him is Meliodas’ son. But Meliodas corrected Cain and admitted that he is actually Meliodas.

Cain thought that was nonsense because he sees a child before him. And if Meliodas was alive, he’d be a strapping young thirty-year-old by now. The real Meliodas would recognize him.

Meliodas apologized for not recognizing him. There’s no surprise there because Meliodas can’t even recognize Diane after she shrunk into human size. But according to Cain, if Meliodas is really the Meliodas that he knew, there’s no forgiving what he has done in the past.

We are now back to Love Helm and he is preparing for the introduction of the next fight.

Episode 37-1 Meliodaf vs Cain

The semi-final match between Meliodaf and Cain begins! Our next task is to defeat the raging Cain in PVP (Vaizel Fight Festival).

Let’s enter the battle.

Meliodas is the required hero and there’s a huge power gap between them.

Before the battle started, Cain asked Meliodas why he destroyed the Kingdom and why he killed all those people. And why Meliodas killed Liz, the person that Meliodas loved the most. Did Meliodas really betray everyone back then?

Meliodas told Cain that he tried to protect everyone and everything but he failed. And that is his sin. That’s the reason why he can’t fail this time. No matter what.

The battle finally started and we used Triple Attack. It dealt 11,732 damage.

Another Triple attack dealt 4,743 damage to Cain. More than half of his Max HP was depleted.

It’s Cain’s turn and he used his flames but it dealt very little damage to us.

He used it again but it seems like this will be finished in the next round.

It’s our turn now. Our Ultimate Move is ready so we used it.

Cain will not survive this.

It dealt 37,204 damage!

We won and we completed the quest!

Not even Cain’s flames can harm Meliodas.

Back to the animation, Meliodas finally recognized Cain. His full name is Cain Barzard. Back when Cain was still a Holy Knight, he was known as Barzard the Flame. He always wore armor too.

Cain asked Meliodas if he can really believe him. That he didn’t betray Danafor or its people.

Meliodas answered. He could never betray his Kingdom.

Cain was very happy, he hugged him. He has been waiting to hear Meliodas say those words for so long. Back then, when Cain returned from his mission, everything was completely gone. He heard dreadful rumors that Meliodas destroyed the Kingdom. But deep down, he didn’t want to believe them.

Diane and King were both confused about what’s happening. Meliodas and Cain are supposed to be fighting but they see them hugging.

Cain was so glad that he had the chance to meet a fellow comrade-in-arms from his past.

Cain then forfeited. The winner of this semi-final match is Meliodaf! Meliodas asked if Cain is sure about his decision. Cain is very sure of course. He thinks Meliodas is still just as soft and naive as ever and that Meliodas could’ve reflected his attacks.

Meliodas was intentionally soft on him during the battle earlier because he’s worried that the old man might die and he would’ve felt bad.

Cain told Meliodas that he’s not that very old yet. And it’s time for him to sit back and enjoy the finals.

We cleared the quest! We also received good rewards.

Now it’s Meliodas versus Diane, but they’ve pretty much got the Sacred Treasure in the bag.

Diane agreed. Meliodas already KO’d her heart after all.

A beautiful girl suddenly flirted with Meliodas.

Not just one, but three girls flirted with him.

Ban only bribed those girls and it’s going according to his plans. He wants to add a little hype to the climax to make it fun.

And his plan is to make Diane angry from jealousy. Looks like the fight between Diane and Meliodas is on the table again.

Episode 38 – Final Match

The finals between Diane and Meliodas begins! Whoever wins gets the Gideon. Our next task is to get ready for a competition of pure skill in PVP (Vaizel Fight Festival).

Here we found Diane. Let’s enter the battle.

Ban really got what he wanted.

Meliodas is still the required hero so this will be easy.

Our first skill is Full Counter.

Then we used Triple Attack which dealt 9,555 damage to Diane.

It’s Diane’s turn and she activated something that increased her defense.

Her body also became black.

She then attacked Meliodas after that but there’s very little damage.

Full Counter then activated.

Diane received the Full Counter skill which dealt 7,594 damage.

Let’s look at Diane’s stats. She’s at Level 44 with 2,000 Attack and 43,377 Max HP. Her defense was increased by 2,486 which must be from the skill she used earlier.

Her first skill is an attack type and has the following description.

Skill 1*: Break Muscle – Inflicts Rupture damage equal to 180% of Attack on one enemy. *Rupture: 2x Damage against Buffed enemies.

Her second skill is a Buff skill. It has the following description.

Skill 1*: Heavy Metal – Increase Defense by 200% for 3 turn(s).

Her Ultimate Move has the following description.

Ultimate Move: Dragon Kick – Inflicts Pierce damage equal to 560% of Attack on one enemy. * Pierce: 3x Pierce Rate Increase.

We used Full Counter again. We might end this fight without seeing her ultimate though.

Then we used Triple Attack which dealt 7,522 damage.

It’s Diane’s turn and she used Break Muscle skill.

Full Counter activated.

It dealt 15,522 damage to Diane because it has critical damage.

She used Break Muscle again.

It activated Full Counter which dealt 12,440 damage and ended the battle.

We won!

In the anime, they really did fight.

It started getting weird when both of them stopped moving.

Even Howzer was puzzled.

Then Cain was confused as well.

The audience is more confused than Cain and Howzer.

Even Hawk. Did those two strain a muscle or something?

Ban and King went closer to Meliodas and Diane. All four of them are looking at something

Then Meliodas declared that his true identity is the captain of [The Seven Deadly Sins]. The Dragon Sin of Wrath, Meliodas! He also announced that they are taking over Vaizel.

Hawk got more confused. What the hell is he revealing his identity for? What is he doing?

Meliodas gave everyone one minute to get out of Vaizel. Otherwise, they will massacre every last one of them.

The people of the town were doubting them for a second because they don’t even look like [The Seven Deadly Sins] in the poster. But the power that they showed earlier was seen by the people.

One last time, Meliodas told everyone to get the hell out.

Suddenly, balls of flames came down from the sky.

Did it hit the town and its people?

A big ball of flame is going to hit the arena.

But something or maybe someone blocked it.

It exploded before it hits the arena.

It was Meliodas who blocked the attack.

Well, the enemy is already here. That explains the real reason why they want the people to leave. Meliodas bets that the enemies are even stronger than they were at the Capital of the Dead. And this time, they are up against three of them.

Then Meliodas ordered them to split up for now.

Fun is over. This is going to be a serious fight.

We finally cleared the episode! We also got some awesome rewards!

Meliodas instructed the others to evacuate the people first then they will deal with the Holy Knights in a secure location. Hawk said he’ll keep Elizabeth safe.

In our next post, it will be awesome!

Thank you for your support! Do you also love this game? Just leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.  🙂

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough.

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