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7DS: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay #34 – Ban vs Meliodas; Diane vs Howzer

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Welcome back to our 7DS Grand Cross mobile gameplay. In our last post, we saw King’s amazing Ultimate Move, the Sunflower, and Cain’s Fire Tornado. They are both amazing.

Today, we will continue with the battle between Ban and Meliodas. What do you think will happen?

Episode 35 – Meliodaf vs Vaan

Our next task is to defeat Vaan in PVP (Vaizel Fight Festival) and advance to the semi-finals.

Let’s enter the battle to fight Ban.

Meliodas is the required hero which is good because we have him at UR level. You can see the huge power gap between them.

The battle started and we used Triple Attack. It dealt 5,197 damage to Ban.

And then we used the Full Counter stance skill.

It’s Ban’s turn and he tried to use Critical Pierce which activated Full Counter.

The Full Counter skill dealt 12,078 damage and Ban’s HP is already less than 1/3 of his Max HP.

Ban also used Toxic Bottle and dealt very little damage to Meliodas.

However, Full Counter activated again.

It dealt 8,841 damage to Ban and ended the battle.

We won!

Ban’s skill in the anime is quite amazing because he can steal energy.

Back at the animation, we can see Meliodas lying on the ground. After a ferocious offensive, it seems like Meliodas is out of strength.

Ban walks toward Meliodas and plans to put this fun little battle to an end. Can he really defeat Meliodas?

Outside the ring, we heard Diane shouting. She said she’ll never forgive Ban if he did another move against the captain and that she swears that their friendship will be over.

Ban told the audience to pipe down because he’s winning the fight.

Meliodas heard what Ban said and we can see him laughing. He thinks Ban is dreaming because he will be the one who will win the fight.

And we can also see Ban’s delightful reaction because he is having fun fighting Meliodas. He thinks that him and Meliodas really do work well together.

Now, Ban is planning to deal the final blow.

Ban wants Meliodas to tell him how it feels after he dealt his final blow. He wants to know what a punch loaded with their combined power is like. What he means is that his final blow is a combination of his power and Meliodas’ power because he stole Meliodas’ strength and added it to his own power.

Elizabeth, still hiding between Diane’s breast, got really worried for Meliodas.

Ban hit the ground and there’s dust everywhere we can’t see anything.

Elizabeth shouted Meliodas’ name really loud out of worry. I mean, really loud.

As the dust settled, we can see Meliodas standing and he is perfectly fine. Meliodas told Elizabeth not to shout and that he’s okay.

As the arena’s view became clear, everyone was shocked to see only Meliodas in the ring. Where did Ban go?

It seems like Ban was blown away.

Did Meliodas used Full Counter?

Since Ban is out of the ring, Meliodas won the battle.

For some reason, King thought he saw something strange for a second. Diane agreed because she saw it too.

Recollecting what they both saw, Ban hit the Captain with everything he had.

At the same time, the captain grabbed Ban’s wrist… Ban looked really surprised.

And in an instant…

Ban was blown away like a ragdoll.

Diane only saw the captain like that once before and it makes her feel really uneasy.

We cleared the quest and we received awesome rewards!

The quarterfinal is about to begin. The first quarterfinal is between Matrona, the one remaining female fighter, versus Howzer, the fighter who sent Taizoo flying! The one who wins this fight will move on to the final round. Who will emerge victorious?

Episode 36 – Matrona vs Howzer

Our next task is to defeat Howzer in PVP (Vaizel Fight Festival) and advance to the finals.

Let’s enter the battle against Howzer.

Our required hero is Diane, but the problem is we did not enhance Diane yet. Are we going to lose this battle?

It’s Howzer’s turn first because he has higher stats.

He’s fast and he’s suddenly in front of Dianne.

He created powerful winds and we were hit multiple times.

The damage to Diane was too much and Howzer is ready for his Ultimate Move after our turn.

We used Ground Strike skill, but it dealt little damage to Howzer.

It activated Howzer’s stance skill. Maybe that’s why we only saw one attack skill during Howzer’s turn earlier.

It’s like Full Counter but with wind attack. Diane’s HP is down to 50% of her Max HP.

We used another Ground Strike which dealt 1,935 damage.

But it activated Howzer’s stance skill again and it hit Diane.

It’s the enemy’s turn and he used his Ultimate Move.

Powerful rotating winds are forming in front of him.

It’s now concentrating on his fist.

He is ready to attack.

He charged forward with an amazing speed.

And he created a cyclone.

The cyclone started expanding.

And with his left fist, he created another one.

He’s not done yet. He’s concentrating a lot of energy again in his right fist.

A third cyclone formed.

His force is too strong.

I think we just lost.

Diane has very little HP left.

Howzer used a second skill.

We got defeated.

We failed. We need to enhance Diane and fight Howzer again.

Let’s go to Diane’s hero screen. She surely needs a lot of enhancement. She’s currently at Level 18 only.

We’ll use these enhancement potions.

It’s not much, but it will increase her level.

Alright, she’s now at Level 27.

She currently has no equipment so let’s equip her.

Alright, that increased her Attack from 1,530 to 2,595.

We’ll also increase her Affinity Level.

That’s a good boost.

Now let’s fight Howzer again.

We now have slightly higher stats than Howzer.

Let’s check Howzer’s stats. He’s at Level 36 with the same affinity as Diane. His Attack is 1,190 and Max HP is 25,987.

His first skill is an attack type and has the following description.

Skill 1*: Whirl Shock – Inflicts damage equal to 240% of Attack on one enemy.

His second skill is a stance skill and has the following description.

Skill 1*: Wind Shoot – Assumes a Stance for 1 turn(s) which inflicts damage equal to 160% of Attack via counter when an Ally is attacked.

His Ultimate Move has the following description.

Ultimate Move: Triple Upper – Inflicts damage equal to 540% of Attack on one enemy. Disables Recovery Skills for 2 turns.

Let’s continue with the battle. We’ll use Sand Whirl. It disables the enemy from using Attack skills for 2 turns. Since we were able to use this early, Howzer will be at a great disadvantage.

Then we used Ground Strike which dealt 8,784 damage. It’s almost 4 times our original damage.

It’s Howzer’s turn and he can only use his stance skill.

We used another Sand Whirl to keep him from using attack skills.

And then we used Ground Strike that dealt 7,145 damage. He’s now below 50% HP.

It activated Howzer’s stance skill.

But now, he’s counter attack did very little damage to Diane.

It’s now his turn and he can only use his stance skill again.

It’s our turn now and we can use our Ultimate Move.

It’s payback time.

Diane charges forward to Howzer.

With her fist.

Howzer was blown away.

Diane then landed a powerful kick while he’s in the air.

Howzer took a direct hit and was sent flying

The hill was crushed after Howzer collided with it.

It dealt 23,357 damage and it ended the battle.

We won! Fighting Diane one on one is difficult for the enemy if she uses her Sand Whirl first.

Howzer was badly defeated even in the anime.

Back to the animation. Diane held Howzer up and asked if he is okay.

Diane apologized because she was caught up in the moment and took the fight seriously.

But for Howzer, it was an honor that a member of [The Seven Deadly Sins] took him seriously.

But then Diane denied that she’s a member and that she’s just a local girl passing through.

King is now very jealous. So he accidentally called Diane with her real name.

Howzer now confirmed that Matrona is Diane.

So Diane left him and said sorry again.

Even Taizoo was impressed.

Old man Cain also has his suspicions and want to confirm it once and for all.

We finally cleared the quest!

In our next post, it’s Cain vs Meliodas.

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I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough.

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