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LG Volt is a very slippery phone, so getting a protective phone case is a must. If you still don’t have an LG Volt phone case, you don’t have to worry because there are a lot of excellent and low-cost phone cases to choose from. ?

These cases can be hard polycarbonate-silicone cases, TPU cases with cool designs, or Folio cases for a wallet style that gives full protection.

With that said, here are the Top 10 best LG Volt phone cases that you can select from.

#1 – Thousand Eight – LG Volt Case $6.69

LG Volt Phone Case

There are two major distinct designs of the Thousand Eight. The first one is the Hybrid Armor Stand (left) case. Like most expensive cases, the silicone rubber gel directly covers the phone and the hard polycarbonate shell provides the second layer of protection.

The second one is the Diamond Studded (right) case. It may look simple, but it is not. Like the Hybrid Armor, it also has two layers of protection, but with the added shiny diamonds at the back.

When it comes to durability, these cases can last for more than a year and a half. Even if you drop your phone several times during this period, it will be safe and protected from damage.

#2 – Aero Armor – Protective Case – $10.99

aero armor 2

The Aero Armor Protective Case also provides dual protection. It has a silicone inner layer and a hard case outer layer. Moreover, the corners were made with extra bumpers for an extra protection.

The form is not very bulky and overall, it looks great! More importantly, it is very tough and durable. Even if you drop your phone many times, it will still protect your phone from damage. I personally like the blue color variant.

#3 – Empire – MPERO IMPACT X Series – $6.95

empire 3

The Mpero Impact Case is also designed to have a dual-layer protection. A silicone inner layer and a hard polycarbonate outer layer. The texture also provides an effective grip to prevent any drops.

You can choose from various designs that range from simple colors to beautiful patterns. It also has a sturdy locking kickstand which you can use watch videos hands-free. What I also like about the kickstand is that it is not too obvious, unlike in other cases.

#4 – Rock Me Wireless – LG Volt Case – $9.94


The Rock Me Wireless Case also has silicone inner layers and a hard outer layer. It comes with a screen protector, so you don’t have to worry about display scratches. It fits the phone perfectly and provides a good grip.

Like the previous cases, it is very durable. It has a lot more color combinations and pattern design to choose from and the buttons are also very accessible.

#5 – Abacus24-7 – Wallet Series – $9.99

abacus 2

If you’re tired of the normal case designs, you might want to try a wallet type phone case. It has an inner TPU frame that holds your phone and a back and front cover for full protection.

It is made of synthetic leather which is reasonable for its price. The cover can also be used as a stand when you want to use your phone hands-free. It also has built-in slots for two cards and another for few cash bills. This is certainly a great case for a great price.

#6 – Spots8 – LG Volt Case – $7.43


When it comes to designs, Spots8 has a wide range to choose from. The designs are excellent and can range from camouflage to artistic patterns that will show-off  your personality.

It is also more slim and lightweight compared to the other cases in the list. It is made of TPU which is also known to provide excellent drop protection even in a thin form. TPU cases are less flexible than silicone and provide less grip, so you may want to weigh that in.

It also comes with a screen protector to prevent display scratches.

#7 – Starshop – Full Protection Hybrid Case – $8.98

starshop 2

Similar to the Hybrid Armor of Thousand Eight, the Starshop Hybrid Case boasts a sporty design. It also has a silicone inner layer that makes the sides easy to hold. Since it provides a good soft grip, it can even prevent instances of drops better than other cases.

It also has a polycarbonate shell for the second layer and a kickstand for watching movies hands-free. It is also very durable and the belt clip may come very handy.

#8 – Izengate – Wallet Case Leather – $11.99


Similar to the design of the previous wallet case, the Izengate wallet case can also accommodate 2 card slots and some cash bills and can be used as a stand.

Unlike the previous with matte design, this case has a vibrant kind of synthetic leather and some metallic accents. It also has an optional wrist strap. It is very durable and it has a pink leather version if you like one.

#9 – Soga – Pocketbook Series – $11.99

soga 2

If you like folio types but tired of plain black leather designs, the Soga Pocketbook Case comes in various colorful and cute designs that many women will like.

It also has two card slot, another slot for some bills, and it can be used as a stand. The good thing about folio cases is that even if you drop your phone, it can give better drop protection because it also covers the display.

#10 – Nextkin – TPU Gel Protector – $7.99


 The Nextkin Cases take the design variations seriously. You can select from several cool and trendy designs that can fit almost every personality.

Like Spots8 cases, it is made of TPU material that can absorb shocks while maintaining the slim profile. It is is less flexible than silicone cases and has less grip, but if you want a thin profile and trendy design, this is the case.

What do you think of these LG Volt phone cases? I would love to hear from you.

Just leave your comment in the comments section below. ?

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