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Marvel Future Fight Alliance Conquest #3 – When T2 Beats T3 Edition

March 13, 202011:37 am By

Another Alliance Conquest week has ended last March 11, 2020. We fought in the top 200+ since we lost last week. But what is important is that we keep fighting and learning in Alliance Conquest.

Today, we are going to see some T2 VS T3 battles and understand why some T2 can beat even the T3 characters.

My name is Chris and my IGN is chrisz2478. Welcome to the Marvel Future Fight Alliance Conquest #3!

We will start by showing you my current card information. We will use this for comparison with other players if needed.

More details on why my card stats are designed that way can be found in the Alliance Conquest Gameplay #2 post.

Now, let’s get into the battles because I’m already excited! We fought two Korean alliances.

Battle Against User: Virtuosojinz

Agent Virtuosojinz has the following card information:

  • Max HP: 36.1%
  • Total Energy Attack: 63.6%

This agent has a very decent Max HP and Energy Attack in his cards. These are the important stats that we need to look at before the battle with his Namor.

Battle #1

Enemy Team:

  • T2 Black Dwarf (Lead)
  • T3 Namor, CTP of Rage, almost Fully-Awakened POAH ISO
  • T2 Corvus Glave

My Team:

  • T2 Ghost Panther (Lead), Custom Gear: ITGB, Fire Damage, Invincible (4 secs.), Level 70, POAH ISO (22%),
  • T2 Magik, CTP of Patience (5 secs Invi), Level 70, POAH ISO (20%)
  • T2 Corvus Glave, No CTP, Level 62

If you look at the team composition, it is expected that the agent’s team will win. He has Black Dwarf lead that gives his team a 30% chance (when hit) to be immune to Physical Damage for 8 seconds.

My T2 Corvus Glave who can inflict physical damage with NO custom gear will rely mostly on his I-frame. He can only deal damage when the duration of the lead buff of Black Dwarf is finished.

My Ghost Panther lead gives 30% additional fire damage to my team and another 45% team buff damage to super-villains. All three characters of the agents are super-villains by the way.

My T2 Magik with her uniform has only one fire damage skill so she doesn’t benefit much from Ghost Panther’s lead buff but she gets an additional 45% damage buff.

Both Magik and Ghost Phanter’s ISO set level are average, Ghost Panther’s invincibility is not at its best, and Magik does not have ITGB.

Despite my team’s average build and the decent card stats of the agent, my team was able to kill Namor because he is only equipped with CTP of Rage. Namor died in just 9 seconds from the start of the battle. The CTP of Rage leaves him exposed with no ITGB.

Thank you, Agent Virtuosojinz.

Another battle below with another agent shows how weak Namor with CTP of Rage is in Alliance Conquest.

Battle #2

The agent who owns this Namor is Agent Wilson Mak. His Namor died in just 10 seconds from the start of the battle.

Thank you, Agent Wilson Mak.

Battle Against User: <Korean Name> 🙁 (Alliance Leader)

Instead of looking at the cards, we will look at the Max HP of the agent’s team directly.

Battle #3

Enemy Team:

  • T2 Star-Lord (Lead), Custom Gear: No ITGB, 140% proc.
  • T3 Sharon Rogers, CTP of Energy, Fully-Awakened POAH ISO
  • T3 Iron Man, CTP of Rage, Fully-Awakened HE ISO

Star-Lord’s leadership gives 50% additional Energy Attack to his team. Iron Man has 132k Max HP while Sharon Rogers has 125k Max HP.

One of the tricks in Alliance Conquest is to avoid using the same Character Type Affinity in a team unless you are trying to defeat another team that has the same Type Affinity. In this scenario, putting all Blast Type characters in one team, unless you are trying to defeat a powerful Combat Type character is not a good idea.

It should usually be a mixed affinity of Blast, Speed, Combat, or Universal characters.

Putting the three blast characters together, especially if they have no I-frames makes them vulnerable against Destroyer.

My Destroyer has 193k Max HP as a result of my additional 30% HP leadership buff from Giant-Man and his CTP of Refinement. Also, Groot’s passive will give a 20% chance (when hit) to recover <20% of Max HP X Recover %>. And another <20% heal X Recovery %) from CTP of Refinement if the CTP condition is triggered.

Destroyer can reflect 100% of energy damage received as long as the enemy is not in I-frame while dealing damage to him.

Unfortunately, Iron man and Sharon Rogers skills’ mostly don’t have I-frames, unlike Star-Lord. They also have CTPs that have neither invincibility nor heal.

They both died in 4 seconds from the start of the battle and Destroyer still have 61% of his Max HP left.

Thank you Korean Alliance Leader.

Battle Against User: buldakbal

Agent buldakbal has the following card information:

  • Max HP: 14.4%
  • Total Physical Attack: 58.7%

His Max HP from cards is very low but he has a decent Total Physical Attack stat.

Battle # 4

Enemy Team:

  • T2 Angel (Lead)
  • T3 Wolverine, Custom Gear: ITGB, Invi (4 secs.), Fully-Awakened POAH ISO
  • T2 Sabretooth, Level 70, Max Gears, Custom Gear: No ITGB, Recovery Rate, Invi (4 secs.), POAH ISO (20%)

My Team:

  • T2 Angel (Lead), CTP of Authority (Max Proc), Fully-Awakened POAH ISO. Level 70, Max Gear
  • T2 Rogue, CTP of Regeneration (Max Proc.), Fully-Awakened POAH ISO, Level 70, Max Gear
  • T2 Victorious, Custom Gear: ITGB, Invi (4 secs.), Fully-Awakened DDE ISO (20%), Level 70, Max Gear

Both teams have Angel as lead who provides “remove debuff” for 12 seconds when debuffed. He also provides a 30% increase in Recovery Rate.

The increase in Recovery Rate is very beneficial for Wolverine and Sabretooth who have native heal. It is also beneficial for my Rogue who has CTP of Regeneration.

When it comes to Type Affinity, Wolverine (Rank 5) and Sabretooth (Rank 0) have the advantage because Rogue is Speed Type.

Wolverine has 55% increased damage to AND 42.5% decreased damage received from Speed Types like Rogue. Sabretooth has 30% for both stats.

At first glance, the agent’s team feels like the winning team.

However, I built Rogue with CTP of Regeneration which allows her to heal. Her Max HP has been increased by 30% by Victorious passive skill.

Comparing the Max HP, we have the following:

  • Wolverine: 150,246
  • Sabretooth: 104, 520
  • Rogue: 147,648 (increased to 183,084 due to the Card buff)
  • Victorious: 182,640 (increased to 365, 280 due to her 4th skill)

The agent’s low Max HP from cards has the above effect on the Max HP of Wolverine and Sabretooth. Sabretooth died easily.

Wolverine, on the other hand, took damage mostly from Victorious’ 4th skill’s Incapacitation.

Victorious was able to survive up to the activation of her 4th skill because of her invincibility from custom gear. The Incapacitation temporarily removed the healing factor of Wolverine despite the remove debuff from Angel.


The CTP of Rage is a terrible CTP in Alliance Conquest in general. It has no ITGB and leaves the character very exposed. But it is also the best CTP in PVE modes.

Sharon Rogers and Iron Man have little or no I-frame and equipping them with CTPs with no ITGB and no Invincibility or Heal is NOT ideal in Alliance Conquest.

A team in Alliance Conquest with the same Type Affinity is very vulnerable to Reflect skills if they have little or no I-frames.

Some T2 characters can be very powerful and can beat some T3 characters. You just have to put the right custom gear and max their level, ISO, and gears. Also, a decent Max HP from cards really helps.

That’s it for this week’s Alliance Conquest. See you in the next Alliance Conquest gameplay. 🙂

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