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Marvel Future Fight – Mobile Game – Secrets – Part 3

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We are back with another Marvel Future Fight mobile game secrets post. In Part 2, we discussed the truth about cards with increase Physical or Energy attack procs, how you can improve your cards by exploring the effect of equipping cards with the same proc, and the secrets of the New Avengers #9 card.

Today, we are going to discuss the secrets surrounding Guard Break, Super Armor and Immunity to Guard Break to improve your defenses in Alliance Conquest and Timeline Battle.

My name is Chris and my IGN is chrisz2478. Welcome to Part 3 of Marvel Future Fight secrets.

The Truth About Guard Breaks

Before we start discussing the relationship of Guard Breaks, Super Armor, and Immunity to Guard Break, let’s see first how the game defines “Guard Break”.

According to the Game Guide, “Guard Break is a skill that cancels out an enemy’s skills.”

Again, another simple and incomplete description of how Guard Break works.

Inflicting Guard Break to enemies in Alliance Conquest and Timeline Battle is one of the most effective ways to disable and defeat them because it “cancels” an enemy skill and forces them to use basic attacks. Characters in this game rely heavily on casting skills instead of using basic attacks because skills are the ones that cause heavy damage to enemies, not the basic attacks. If your enemy cannot cast skills because they are being guard broken, they are just simply helpless because they can’t move and will die without being able to fight back. This is why you may experience seeing T3 characters being defeated by T2 characters.

Now that we understand the importance of Guard Break, let’s discuss the ways to inflict Guard Break. After further clarification with Customer Support, Guard Breaks can be caused by:

  • multiple hits from basic attacks or skills
  • skills with Guard Break

The first cause is not described in the Game Guide. Assuming your character does not have the counters to guard break, they can be guard broken simply by receiving multiple basic attacks. In Alliance Conquest where there are three (3) enemies attacking at once, guard break from basic attacks and skills are very common. Even skills that do not have Guard Break in them can cause Guard Breaks as long as those skills can cause multiple hits.

Let’s demonstrate the Guard Break from multiple hits. In the video below, I am using White Tiger with no custom gear. She has no skills or team buff that can counter Guard Break. The enemy is Vulture who has no skill that has Guard Break. As you can see, White Tiger is leaning backward when hit by Vulture’s skills.

Below is a screenshot from the video showing the Guard Break:

To prove that the above effect is Guard Break from multiple hits, I have equipped a custom gear with Immunity to Guardbreak to White Tiger and had another battle with Vulture. Below is the video showing no Guard Break on White Tiger. In the video, she remained stationary all throughout.

Below is the screenshot from the video showing White Tiger in stationary position even after receiving multiple hits.

Going back on our list of causes of Guard Break, another cause is the Guard Break from skills. An example of this is Odin’s 5th skill “Odinforce” as shown in the image below. If you try to battle him in Story Mission Chapter 12-8, you will notice that most of your skills are being canceled if you don’t have a counter for Guard Break.

Now that we understand the ways to inflict Guard Break, let’s discuss how to counter it. If you are not yet aware, there are three counters to Guard Break and they are as follows:

  • Super Armor
  • Invincibility
  • Custom Gear with Immunity to Guard Break

Is Super Armor or Invincibility enough to Counter Guard Break?

According to the Game Guide, “Super Armor refers to the fact that the character is immune to basic attack motions and Guard Break. The character’s moves cannot be canceled out, but they will receive damage.”

Super Armor is the basic protection from Guard Break. It is usually a passive skill in many newer characters or can be an active skill. Many PVP players are checking for this skill in a character because it is one of the factors considered to identify what custom gear to equip.

I don’t want to list down the characters who have Super Armor or who don’t. Because the more important question is:

Is Super Armor still enough to counter Guard Breaks?

Super Armor, most of the time, is not enough anymore because, with the current version of the game, there are a lot of meta and semi-meta characters that have skills that can penetrate Super Armor. In the example below, Mrs. Fantastic has an 80% chance to penetrate Super Armor.

Also, since the introduction of CTP of Destruction, any character equipped with it can penetrate Super Armor. The CTP of Destruction has the following unique ability that is added to the equipped character.

  • 10% chance when attacking, 30% chance to penetrate with SUPER ARMOR, BARRIER, ALL DAMAGE IMMUNE, INVINCIBLE effect. (5 Sec.)

Invincibility is the second way to counter Guard Break.

Can Invincibility still protect you from Guard Break during its duration even if the enemy attacking you is piercing your invincibility?

The answer is YES. Guard Break stops once Invincibility activates even if you are taking damage due to piercing. However, your character is only protected against Guard Break during the duration of Invincibility so Super Armor + Invincibility is still not enough.

Another counter for Guard Break is equipping a custom gear that has the following skill:

  • Applies to: Self; Guard Break Immunity

Immunity to Guard Break is a premium custom gear skill, that is why it can be found in rare and premium CTPs like CTP of Destruction, CTP of Authority, CTP of Greed, and CTP of Regeneration. With Immunity to Guard Break, there is a very high chance of winning in Alliance Conquest and Timeline Battle.

This is also the reason why CTPs which have no Immunity to Guard Break skill such as CTP of Patience, CTP of Transcendence, and CTP of Refinement, are only equipped to non-meta characters or to characters with Immunity to Guard Break skill like Ant-Man in his new uniform.

Ant-man with Immunity to Guard Break uniform skill

If ever you still want to equip CTPs with no Immunity to Guard Break skill to your meta-characters with no Immunity to Guard Break skill, just make sure not to use them against meta-characters with Super Armor pierce or Incapacitation skills in Alliance Conquest because there is a very high chance they will die easily.

Are there skills that can pierce Immunity to Guard Break?

Immunity to Guard Break pierce is something that the game does not explicitly mention, but yes, it exists in the game. Some players are complaining about it and calling it a bug. But it is not a bug. It exists for years now and it is still a secret skill for most players because it is a hidden skill. Even if you try equipping CTPs with Immunity to Guard Break, your character can still be guard broken.

The scary part is that there is no complete counter to it. And if a meta-character happens to have it in his or her skill, it can be very deadly.

So who are the meta-characters and what are their skills that can pierce Immunity to Guard Break?

Did you ever wonder why Jean Grey’s 5th skill is so powerful that even Thanos cannot move in Timeline Battle while under it? Because it can pierce Immunity to Guard Break. Before Colossus’ decrease damage buff from the new uniform, Thanos is just simply helpless against Jean Grey because of Immunity to Guard Break pierce as shown in the video below. Also, the piercing can extend up to the next skill used by Jean Grey.

There are still two ways (can be combined) to fight the Immunity to Guard Break pierce:

  • Invincibility – You can equip a custom gear that has Invincibility skill. The invincibility from custom gear activates if your health becomes lower than 50% while being trapped in Jean Grey’s 5th skill. Once the Invincibility activates, the pierce to Immunity to Guard Break also stops. Even if Jean Grey’s 5th skill can pierce the Invincibility, the piercing of Immunity to Guard Break will still stop and your character will be able to counter within the duration of the Invincibility. The disadvantage of this is that your character must be able to survive with the low remaining health.
  • Very High HP, Max Dodge Rate, and Decrease Damage Received buff – This is to make sure your character survives the duration of the skill that can pierce Immunity to Guard Break so he or she can attack with a deadly blow before Jean Grey uses her 5th skill again. This also means you need to have high attack damage.

Another meta-character that can pierce Immunity to Guard Break is Thanos. The appropriate term in his case is “remove” Immunity to Guard Break. This is the result of “Removes ALL BUFFS from Target. (1 Sec.)” from his first skill as shown below:

Once your character is hit by the first skill of Thanos, the Immunity to Guard Break from custom gear will be removed permanently and purification (e.g. Wasp’s T2 passive) will not bring it back.

Other examples of characters and skills that can pierce Immunity to Guard Break are as follows:

  • Apocalypse – 3rd Skill (Domination of Destiny)
  • Quicksilver – 2nd Skill (Fancy Footwork)
  • Scarlet Witch – 4th Skill (Power of Chaos)
  • Stryfe – 4th Skill (Maelstorm of Chaos)
  • Nova – 2nd Skill (Rocket Blas)
  • Blue Marvel – 5th Skill (Anti-Matter Burst)

I did not include other characters that have Immunity to Guard Break pierce but have very low damage because they won’t affect your gameplay that much.

That’s it for Part 3 of Marvel Future Fight secrets. Did you find anything useful in this post?

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