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Marvel Future Fight – Mobile Game Secrets – Part 4

February 5, 20203:10 pm By

Welcome back to the Marvel Future Fight – Mobile Game Secrets series. We have discussed several secrets in our previous posts. So today, we are going to explore more areas that can have a huge impact on your gameplay which you may not still be aware of.

The goal of this post is to avoid mistakes in the game in order to save your time and effort and further improve your gameplay.

My IGN is chrisz2478 and this is Marvel Future Fight – Game Secrets Part 4.

Alliance Conquest Mistake #1

Before we start, I would like to show you a video of my recent Alliance Conquest Battle.

To explain what I want to point out in the video, the first battle lasted 26 seconds and my team won. And then with only seven (7) seconds from the start of the second battle, my Jean Grey used her T3 skill.

Conclusion: T3 Skill charging from the first battle in Alliance Conquest is carried over to the second battle.

So now that we are aware of this, let’s discuss the Alliance Conquest Mistake #1.

One of the common mistakes that are committed even by veteran players in Alliance Conquest is putting Jean Grey or Thanos in the second team in a slot.

What is a slot? A region in Alliance conquest contains ten (10) slots. A slot has two teams and each team is composed of three (3) characters.

What some players do is that they put meta characters except Thanos or Jean Grey in the first team and then they put Thanos and/or Jean Grey in the second team.

The reason why this is a mistake in both offensive and defensive points of view is that the charging of the T3 skill of any T3 character during the first team battle is carried over to the second battle if they won the first battle as shown in the video above.

Let’s have another example. While you are playing Alliance Conquest with your other Alliance members, you encountered an enemy slot that has the following composition:

  • First Team: T3 Thanos (lead), T2 Wasp, and T2 Colossus
  • Second Team: Three (3) weak T2 characters

And then you decided to use the following because you want to weaken the Thanos of the enemy.

  • First Team: T2 Dr. Doom (lead), T3 Apocalypse, T3 Deadpool
  • Second Team: T3 Thanos (lead), T2 Wasp, and T2 Colossus

The battle between the first two teams starts and it lasted about 20 secs. And then the enemy’s First Team won. This is the most likely scenario because Thanos has a very high chance of winning.

During the battle between the enemy’s first team and your second team, the enemy’s Thanos cast a T3 skill earlier than your Thanos, depleting your Thanos’ life and eventually killing your Thanos.

This happened because the T3 skill of the enemy’s Thanos was already charged for 20 seconds from the first battle before your Thanos faced him in the second battle.

That is the “offensive” point of view.

Assuming your Thanos still won, how strong is the defense of your two teams.

So now, the enemy is retaking the region and they encountered your slot. All they need is to use another Thanos or Jean Grey in the first team. After winning against your first team, the enemy’s Thanos or Jean Grey already charged their T3 skill and defeated your second team with ease.

Does this information apply to Thanos and Jean Grey only?

If you think about it, the strategy of putting your T3 characters in the first team can apply to all T3 characters and battles.

Another mistake but not with JG or Thanos is this. You encountered the following characters in an enemy slot:

  • First Team: Angel (lead), T3 Spider-man, T3 Wolverine
  • Second Team: Three (3) weak T2 characters

And then you used the following teams to battle:

  • First Team: T2 Luke Cage (lead), T2 Jessica Jones, and T2 Groot
  • Second Team: T2 Stryfe (lead), T3 Captain Marvel, and T3 Captain America

You were thinking that your first team will weaken or kill the first team of the enemy because of “physical reflect” and if there are survivors from the enemy, Captain Marvel’s 4th skill with “Ignore I-frame” will finish it.

However, after a very long battle, the enemy’s Wolverine died, but Spider-man killed your first team because the physical reflect did not fully deplete his HP because of his I-frames.

The second battle starts with only a half-life Spider-man from the enemy against your second team. Within the first five (5) seconds, Spider-man cast his T3 skill defeating all your second team. And you are in shock.

So the trick is if you will be battling the first team of the enemy that has T3 characters, make sure you use characters in your first team that can surely defeat the enemy’s first team.

Avoid using a weak first team and put all your meta or T3 characters in the second team. Because the T3 skill charging of the winning team during the first battle can be carried over to the second battle.

The Secrets of CTP of Insight

If you have been playing Marvel Future Fight since the CTPs were released, you are already aware that Netmarble doesn’t give too much explanation about the CTP attributes. They just put it out and hope that you understand the description completely.

One of the newer CTPs is the CTP of Insight and it has the following attributes:

  • Max HP + 34%
  • All Defense + 39%
  • Activation Rate: 10% chance when attacking, applies to All Allies:
    • Increases damage dealt to SUPER HERO-type Characters by 20% (5 Sec.)
    • Increases damage dealt to SUPER VILLAIN-type Characters by 20% (5 Sec.)

Sadly, I wouldn’t know the use of this CTP in Alliance Conquest until they released a bug report that the effect of the Activation Rate is not working on the second team.

After several exchanges with Netmarble customer support as shown in the image below, they confirmed that in Alliance Conquest, if any of the characters in the first team is equipped with CTP of Insight, the proc skill of this custom gear can also activate for any of the characters in the second team in the same slot even if the second team characters are not equipped with the CTP of Insight. It also affects all team members in Battleworld.

So for Alliance Conquest, this is a very useful CTP. If you are an Alliance Conquest player, I suggest that you equip it to Colossus and Shuri because these two characters are usually teamed with Thanos or Jean Grey.

If you have meta-characters aside from Jean Grey and Thanos, like T2 Stryfe (lead), T3 Deadpool, and T3 Captain Marvel in your first team, they can also benefit if you have a non-meta character in the second team that has CTP of Insight.

With this in mind, I already put CTP of Insight to Malekith to add more value to him because he is already very useful in Alliance Conquest with his Leadership Skill. I plan to put him in the second team with two other strong characters.

You can also put CTP of Insight to other non-meta characters that have “Removes All Debuffs” skill like Sentinel and Supergiant, or good support skills like Groot.

However, if you feel that these non-meta characters may get a uniform in the future that will make them meta, I suggest that you don’t equip the CTP of Insight yet because this CTP does not have the “Immunity to Guard Break” skill. An example of this is Odin, which I hope will get a uniform soon and become meta again in the game. If he ever becomes meta again, he will definitely need a different CTP with the “Immunity to Guard Break” skill.

If you are a PVE player, you can equip the CTP of Insight to characters who have skills that adds more damage to their team members like Coulson, Nick Fury, etc. Always take into consideration that the effect of this CTP is not duplicated if you have two CTP of Insights on the same team.

Another Comic Cards Secret

It’s hard to roll comic cards and get the best stats. It usually takes years to roll good stats and with the introduction of Dimension Missions, it became more difficult. It’s harder to get cards now!

And then you find popular card guides on the internet that says this is the minimum stats for each attribute to have good cards. Your co-alliance members who also read those guides and just copied comic card builds from other players are also saying the same.

So what you did is you follow the very strict rules below to have good cards:

  • Prioritize All Attack Attributes above all
  • Prioritize Energy Attack and Physical attack after All Attacks
  • Reduced SCD: not below 30%
  • Ignore Defense: not below 30%
  • Attack Speed: not below 15%

And you roll your cards not knowing you already have rolled the good stats.

First and foremost, a card guide must differentiate a card build of PVE players and PVP players. So the first step is to know what type of player you want to be. For PVP players, “All Attack” and “Max HP” are the most important attributes. For PVE players, Max HP is not a priority. And for both types of players, Energy/Physical Attack, Ignore Defense, and Attack Speed are also important.

If you are an Alliance Conquest player and this is the only mode that you like, Reduced SCD is not a priority. I believe Reduced SCD should be lower if you want most of your character’s skills to rotate in Alliance Conquest.

So what if you are a hybrid type of player. You like Alliance Conquest but also like to score high in PVE modes.

See, the trick is, you don’t need to strictly follow the Reduced SCD and Ignore Defense attributes on those popular Comic Card guides. This is because both attributes can be rolled on the 4th gear of each character.

You can have a card build that has a 40% Ignore Defense and 20% Reduced SCD. So if you keep getting Ignore Defense attributes instead of Reduced SCD from your rolls, stop rolling, assess your cards and see how you can roll with your 4th gear for each character and still get the maximum stats that you need.

Below is my card build. My Reduced SCD is at 17.7% which is the way I want it to get more rotation in Alliance Conquest. My Ignore Defense is at 43.1%.

With 40% Ignore Defense in your card build, you can roll Reduced SCD on the 4th gear of the characters that you will use for PVE modes. You can still reach the maximum Reduced SCD by doing this. If there is a rare chance that you were not able to reach maximum Reduced SCD, you can still use Urus so as you can see, it’s very flexible.

And since you are also playing PVP modes, you can freely control the Reduced SCD of your characters in Alliance Conquest. If you don’t see their skills rotating, you have a choice not to add more Reduced SCD. Because if you have high (e.g. 30%+) Reduced SCD on your cards, you cannot make it more flexible anymore.

Below is my Stryfe stats with the 43.1% Ignore Defense from Cards and at only 37.68% Reduced SCD.

Below is my 3rd stat in the 4th Gear set with a Critical Rate stat.

If I want to use my Stryfe for PVE instead, I can just roll the 4th gear 3rd stat to Reduced SCD as shown below.

My new Reduced SCD for Stryfe is now at 46.82%. I can just put Urus for the rest and that’s fine with me since I prefer PVP modes. If I have 20% Reduced SCD in my card build, it will be at 50.12%

When to buy CTP Dimension Chest if you have a target CTP?

Since I am a PVP player, I would very much like to get many CTP of Regenerations. However, it’s hard to get one in the game.

If you are a serious PVE player and you want more CTP of Rage, when is the best time to purchase one?

The CTP Dimension Chest in the store has a probability table provided by Netmarble. However, I used to not read it anymore because I don’t have many crystals to spend anyway. I only rely on Stark Stash to earn my crystals.

So after I earned around 4,000 crystals in the game, I decided I would like a CTP of Regeneration and not the other CTPs. I looked at the probabilities table and this is when I found out that after the release of new CTPs, the probability table also changed.

There are two tables of probabilities. One is the table when only one specific CTP has a “Chance Up” and another table where all nine (9) CTPs have a “Chance UP”.

If there is a week when there is one specific CTP has a “Chance Up”, the probability of getting that CTP is 1%. The remaining eight (8) CTPs have a 0.063% chance. See the below table.

On the week when all nine (9) CTPs have a “Chance Up”, the probability of getting any of the nine (9) CTPs is 0.333%. Not only that, the 0.333% CTP Chance UP for all CTPs covers nine (9) CTPs so the probability of getting the CTP that you want has a lower limit of 0.037% (0.333% divided by 9). So the range of getting the specific CTP that you want during this time is between 0.037% and 0.333%. See the below table.

This means that if you ONLY want one (1) specific CTP, you can wait for the week when it is the only CTP that has a “Chance Up”. This is because the probability of getting that CTP is 0.667% (min) to 0.963% (max) higher than getting that specific CTP on the week when all CTPs have a “Chance Up”.

That’s it for Part 4 of Marvel Future Fight secrets. Did you find anything useful in this post?

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Just leave your comment in the comments section below and join me in my next post. 🙂 

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