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Marvel Future Fight – Secrets – Part 1

December 18, 20192:53 pm By

Today, we are going to discuss the Marvel Future Fight secrets. These secrets are important information that are not disclosed by Netmarble in the game guides but may have drastic effects on your gameplay.

It’s really frustrating when you are not completely informed of how things really work in the game. You may have equipped a card or a custom gear and later on finds out that you made the wrong choice. This will require you to spend crystals which can be very expensive. So I’m here to help reveal some of the information that may be useful for you.

My name is Chris and my IGN in Marvel Future Fight is chrisz2478.

The Truth About The Gwenpool Semi-Premium Card

The Gwenpool semi-premium card called “The Unbelievable Gwenpool #1” is a very powerful card both for PVE and PVP players. For PVE, the “All Attack” primary stat and the separation of “Energy Attack” and “Physical Attack” as random options are very nice. For PVP, the “Max HP” and “All Attack” are very useful.

However, the following random stat is not advisable to be rolled in the card:

  • Activation Rate: 5% rate when hit +20% increase of All Attacks. (15 Sec.)

This is because it can overwrite or be overwritten by the following proc of Attack ISOs:

  • Activation Rate: 12% chance when attacking +40% increase of All Attacks. (20 Sec.)

So how do the overwriting works? It’s simple. If the Attack ISO proc activates first, the 40% increase attack buff will run for 20 seconds. However, if there are 17 seconds remaining, for example, for the ISO Attack buff and the card effect activates, the 40% attack buff and the remaining 17 seconds will be replaced by the 20% attack buff from the card with 15 seconds remaining. Forty percent (40%) down to 20% is a very huge reduction.

This is the most likely scenario because the ISO buff has a 12% chance to activate, not to mention the trigger is “attack”, compared to the 5% chance of the card which is lower and the trigger is “hit”. That means the 40% attack buff that you worked so hard for by awakening all ISO-8 for a month will just simply be replaced like that. Puff!

The other scenario which may happen, but least likely, is that the card activates first. You will have a 20% attack buff for 15 seconds. Within that 15 seconds, the ISO proc may activate and replace the 20% attack buff and the remaining seconds to 40% attack buff for 20 seconds.

Do you really want to take that chance with the Card effect or do you want to be sure that your ISO 40% attack buff will work all the time?

You can see the ISO proc being overwritten in the short video that I created below:

To breakdown what happened, at 0:02 of the video, the ISO proc activated as you can see in the description of the <Red Biceps> icon below:

At 0:06 of the video as shown below, the 40% ISO attack buff was replaced by the 20% attack buff from the card. To summarize, the 40% ISO proc only lasted for four (4) seconds in the video. That is very frustrating, isn’t it?

Note that the All Attack proc option from the Gwenpool card above can also be found on the following cards:

  • Captain America #109 (Premium card)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #7 (Premium Card)
  • Monster Unleashed (2017) #5 (Semi-premium card)
  • Civil War # 5 (Semi-premium card)

The Quicksilver CTPD Conflict

CTP of Destruction may overwrite Quicksilver’s passive skill. As you can see below, Quicksilver has a passive skill called “Unstoppable Momentum” and has the following effect by default:

  • 70% chance to penetrate with SUPER ARMOR, BARRIER, ALL DAME IMMUNE, INVINCIBLE effect.

This means that Quicksilver, at any given point in time in battle, can penetrate at a stunningly high 70% chance.

The CTP of Destruction, on the other hand, has the following effect/skill:

  • 10% chance when attacking: Applies to Self: 30% chance to penetrate with SUPER ARMOR, BARRIER, ALL DAMAGE IMMUNE, INVINCIBLE. (5 Sec.)

So if Quicksilver has a 70% chance to penetrate every time he attacks and then he was equipped with this CTP, there is a 10% chance that his default 70% chance to penetrate will go down to a 30% chance to penetrate when the CTP proc activates.

I also inquired about this with the Netmarble Customer Service and below is their response:

According to them, as they were already annoyed because I keep repeating my questions: “As we have previously said, it is possible that the C.T.P of Destruction can override Quicksilver’s Passive Skill. Please be informed that this will be determined by what Skill will activate lastly.”

With that information, you definitely would not want to equip the CTP of Destruction to Quicksilver. What is the custom gear that you can equip to him?

For a normal custom gear, you can equip him with the following stats:

  • Guard Break Immunity
  • Critical Rate or Critical Damage
  • Activation Rate: 10% chance when attacking, Applies to Self: Increases damage by 200% for 1 attack(s). (5 Sec.)

You can also equip one of the new CTPs that were released, the CTP of Greed. It has the following stats:

The Amazing Hidden Skill of Captain Marvel

There are a lot of hidden skills in the game and it was summarized somewhere on Reddit. Most of it are hidden skills of weaker characters that would not affect your gameplay that much. However, there is one information on that list that needs to be highlighted.

Did you ever wonder why Captain Marvel can penetrate your character’s invincibility even without the CTP of Destruction or disable heal from CTPs while battling against her? Did you also wonder why she is very powerful against Bosses in the game? This is because of her hidden skill below:

  • After activating Skill 5 “Radiant Form”, all her other skills have “Incapacitation” for 5 seconds after using those skills.

This skill is not described in the description below:

Most of the players are thinking that Captain Marvel with a CTP of Destruction (CTPD) is hard to deal with in Timeline Battle before the Jean and Thanos update because of her destructive power and pierce from CTPD. To shed a light on this, the piercing is most of the time caused by the 5 seconds Incapacition from all her skills after activating Radiant Form, not from the CTPD.

In my opinion, she doesn’t need a CTPD because she does not need the piercing buff from it. From a PVP point of view, it even lowers her survivability in Alliance Conquest and Timeline Battle because it does not have heal or invincibility. In PVP modes, a Captain Marvel with CTP of Regen or CTP of Authority will last longer most of the time.

From a PVE point of view, CTP of Rage is probably the best CTP for her.

So why does the skill “Incapacitation” grants her piercing skills without the need for a CTPD? What other special skills can be achieved with “Incapacitation”. Let’s continue our discussion below.

Why Incapacitation is a Scary Skill?

Incapacitation is described in the Game Guide as follows:

“Incapacitation decreases all DEF (stackable) after removing enemy’s all beneficial buffs. This does not apply to targets with Purifying effect.”

This is a vague description of the skill, to be honest. To give clarity, the beneficial buffs described pertains to “active buffs” according to Customer Support. In other words, Incapacitation can decrease the defense of the enemy and remove “active buffs” from them. However, if the enemy or a teammate of the enemy has a Purifying effect or “Removes all Debuffs” skill, incapacitation will not take effect.

The description of Incapacitation above is still incomplete. This is because there are two types of active buffs according to Customer Support and they are as follows:

  • Active “active buffs”
  • Passive “active buffs”

Incapacitation can remove the two types of active buffs above, but purification can only reactivate the Passive “active buffs”.

“Active buffs” are buffs that have icons on the upper corner of the screen during battle as shown below.

Below are the examples:

Active “active buffs”

  • Custom Gear Skill (e.g. When HP is below 50%, invincible 5 secs)

Passive “active buffs”

  • T2 Passive – Offensive (e.g. SR’s <Increase Skill damage by +45%>)
  • T2 Passive – Defensive (e.g. SR’s <Decrease energy/physical damage Received by +30%>)
  • Uniform bonus (e.g. Ignore target’s dodge rate by 20%)
  • Character Type Damage (e.g. Increase Damage dealt to Super Villains type by 4%)

If your character is hit with a skill that has Incapacitation, all buffs on the list described above will be removed for the duration of the Incapacitation. For example, if a Captain Marvel in “Radiant Form” hits your character with her Skill 1, all your active buffs will be removed for five (5) seconds.

If you have a leader in your team with a “Removes all Debuffs” skill or if you have T2 Wasp in your team, your Passive “active buffs” will be restored immediately like nothing happened.

The scary part of Incapacitation is that you cannot reactivate Active “active buffs” or the Custom Gear skill. The Custom Gear skill pertains to the proc or condition skill of the Custom Gear.

For example, if Captain Marvel brings down your life below 50% while in Radiant Form, the following custom gear skills will NOT activate:

  • CTP of Authority: Invincible (5 Sec.); True Damage Accumulation, Increase Attack by +5% for each 1% of damage taken
  • CTP of Regeneration: Shield that is 35% of Max HP and ignores Cancel and Piece effects. (5 Sec.); 10% Recovery of MAX HP.
  • CTP of Patience: Invincible (5 Sec.); Decreases the effect of Reflect
  • CTP of Transcendence: Invincible (5 Sec.); Decreases the effect of Reflect
  • CTP of Refinement: 20% Recovery of MAX HP; Guard against 6 hits

This is why you feel like your Invincibility is being pierced by Captain Marvel or your character won’t heal. Moreover, your defenses are going down, so your character is receiving more damage from her attacks.

The same applies to offensive CTPs. The proc skills from CTP of Destruction, CTP of Energy, CTP of Rage, CTP of Greed, CTP of Insight, and CTP of Veteran that burst your damage will not be reactivated even by purification if your character is hit with Incapacitation.

So what are the other buffs that are not “active buffs” and will not be removed by Incapacitation? According to Customer Support, the buffs below are not “active buffs”. It also checks out because they don’t have icons at the upper corner of the screen:

  • Leadership Skill
  • Team Bonus
  • Team Passive

That’s it for Part 1 of Marvel Future Fight secrets. Did you find anything useful in this post?

See more Marvel Future Fight Secrets below:

Just leave your comment in the comments section below and join me in my next post. 🙂 

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