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Marvel Future Fight – Mobile Game – An Introduction to the Game Modes

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Today, we are going to explore the Marvel Future Fight game modes. My name is Chris and my IGN is chrisz2478. I started playing this game back in 2017.

I am a big fan of the X-MEN, so when I saw an ad from Facebook of Marvel Future Fight mobile game showing the X-MEN characters, I immediately installed it and got totally hooked to it ever since.

Unlike other Marvel mobile games, Marvel Future Fight has very stunning graphics. It also has a lot of flexibility when it comes to building your favorite characters. The characters are like puzzles and building them will test your critical thinking and analysis.

Marvel Future Fight Home Screen

You need to choose – PVP, PVE, or hybrid?

Before you start building the characters, you must decide what type of player you want to be. You can be a PVE player, a PVP player, or a hybrid. This is the most important decision that you have to make at the beginning because the build of the characters will depend on it.

The game has many modes that you can choose from. You can only be the best in PVE modes if you are a PVE player, and the same applies to PVP modes if you are a PVP player. Hybrids, on the other hand, are not as strong as PVP players in PVP modes. But it is possible that they can be as strong as PVE players in PVE modes.

I am a PVP player. All my builds are geared towards PVP modes in the game. I think all players have their preferences in the game. Battling other players is more challenging for me than battling game bosses that is why I like it very much.

So now, let’s jump into the game modes.

PVP Player Game Modes

Alliance Conquest

The truth must be said. This is the only game mode that I enjoy so much. In order to play this, you must join an Alliance. A lot of PVE players don’t like to play this mode or even hate it. This is because their characters cannot match the build of PVP players. They are very squishy in this mode.

In Alliance Conquest (AC), three (3) Alliances will battle on a map that contains 12 regions. Each region has an assigned number of stars. The highest region has five stars which are equivalent to five points. The lowest regions have two stars which are equivalent to two points.

Alliance Conquest Map

Each region has ten (10) slots. Each slot can be conquered using six (6) Marvel characters from a player. To get the points on the region, your alliance must be able to conquer the region before the timer ends.

Slots in Alliance Conquest

I will provide more guidance on this in the future. For us, the PVP players, this is like a game of chess. The battle of the character builds is just the first half. The second half of the game is making use of the timer to the advantage of the Alliances that are playing and this requires a lot of math and critical decision-making. I think this is the game mode that brings the Alliance players closer together. Most of my Alliance co-members became my friends for more than two years now.

Timeline Battle

This is the mode where you can choose three (3) Marvel characters and battle three (3) Marvel characters of random players. You can battle them manually or enable auto-play+ mode so the AI will fight for you. The enemy characters are controlled by AI.

You can also battle friends, co-alliance members, and the Top 100 players of each League. To be honest, it’s fun at first but eventually, I got tired of it because the other players that you are battling keep using the same meta or powerful characters.

Timeline Battle in Action

This is the reality of the Marvel Future Fight mobile game. There are characters that are insanely strong and there are characters that are very weak no matter how you try to build them.

PVE Player Game Modes

Alliance Battle

This is probably the core mode for PVE players. You need to join an alliance in order to play it. The top 16 alliances in this mode are the only alliances that can join the Alliance Tournament.

You can play Alliance Battle in two modes in a day. The first is the Normal Mode and the other one is the Extreme Mode. In order to be able to play the Extreme Mode, you must first be able to beat the Normal Mode.

The mechanics are very simple. Kill all enemies in Normal Mode and deal a lot of damage to the enemies in Extreme Mode within the time limit. The enemies are enemy soldiers and/or the Frost Beast which are controlled by AI. Each day, there will be pre-assigned criteria of the Type (Speed, Blast, or Combat), Category (Super Hero or Super Villain), and Gender of characters that you can use. This means you must have the characters that meet the assigned criteria in order to play it.

Alliance Battle in Action

The total score of each player is based on the total damage dealt by your character to the AI. This is why for PVE, high attack damage, high attack speed, and reduced cooldown duration of skills are very important.

The total score of the Alliance is the sum of the total scores of the forty (40) alliance members. The Top 100 Alliances of the previous week are displayed in the current week. Note that PVP players like me also play this mode, but usually just for rewards.

World Boss / World Boss Ultimate

In this mode, you can battle World Bosses like Thanos and the Black Order and some powerful mutant bosses. You can choose any world boss to battle in a day up to five times. The game also randomly assigns a “Today’s World Boss” and if you beat it, there is a chance to get more rewards.

This is the mode that you cannot miss, whether you are a PVE or PVP player. This is because it is the only mode where you can get the most scarce and most important resource in the game, the Cosmic Cube Fragment (CCF). This resource is so rare that many players, including me, are not very happy with the drop rates. We eventually got used to it over time. The CCF along with other rare resources like dimension dust are the materials needed to advance the characters to Tier 3 (T3), the highest and most powerful level a character can achieve. Aside from T3 materials, the World Bosses also randomly drops loot boxes which can give you a chance to get premium items that are only usually obtainable by spending crystals, the game’s main premium currency.

Giant Boss Raid

In this game mode, you can battle Master Mold or Galactus with two other online players in real-time. Master Mold is available six days a week while Galactus is available once a week.

The rewards include Enhancement Kits, Gold, and a very little chance for a CTP custom gear. The Enhancement Kits can only be regularly obtained from this mode, so this is also a must game mode for PVP players.

It is also the only mode where you can get Silver Surfer’s biometrics which is the material needed to obtain Silver Surfer in the game.

Danger Room

This game mode is new and I rarely play it. It’s like Giant Boss Raid, but there are two sets of teams battling the same boss in real-time. A team is also composed of three (3) online players. The goal is to beat the boss faster than the other team. Also, unlike the Giant Boss raid where you can choose any character to use, in Danger Room, you can only choose from six (6) available characters chosen by the game. You cannot select the same character with your teammates, so if you are the last to choose, you can only choose from the four (4) remaining characters.

The rewards are mostly X-MEN bios. You can get rare X-MEN characters from this mode, however, those X-MEN characters are neither very powerful nor very popular.

Other Game Modes – For Farming Materials


In Shadowland, you can battle Marvel characters controlled by AI on every floor. The Shadowland progress of players resets every week and the difficulty increases as you go up the floors. The challenge is that you cannot use the characters you have used on previous floors. Which means you have to save your stronger characters for the higher floors.

Since you will need a good amount of attack power on higher floors, this mode is easier for PVE Players.

As a PVP player, I was able to reach the 80th floor as of this writing. If it’s your first time to clear a certain floor, there are first-time rewards that are very nice. However, after getting the first time rewards, battling up to the 30th floor is the only practical way of playing this mode. This is because it took me four (4) hours to reach up to the 80th-floor which is more exhausting than fun.

World Event

This mode is only available at four (4) specific times in a day. It’s hard for me to catch this mode because you cannot play it at your chosen time. Also, the game assigns three (3) random characters that the player can only use.

This mode allows you to battle mobs controlled by AI. The goal is to get at least 800,000 points to get all the rewards. The rewards allow you to increase your agent level. The higher your agent level, the more points you can assign to increase gold acquisition, reward acquisition, and various increase in stats of all heroes.

The downside of this game mode is that as your agent level increases, the harder it is to increase using the rewards you obtained from World Event.

Legendary Battle

This game mode is being updated every time a Marvel movie is released. It follows three storylines similar to the movie so you can get the feeling like you’re playing the movie scenes. Sometimes there are movie spoilers, but most of the time the storylines are different.

This is the game mode that you usually don’t play after getting the initial rewards because the rewards are kind of not good after that.

Story Mission

In this mode, you can use a character that you want to beat chapters and stages of a storyline. This is a source of basic materials and biometrics. The beginners are the ones who are usually playing this mode.

Old players have too powerful characters right now so this mode is not fun anymore because there is no more challenge for them.

Dimension Mission

This is a new game mode. The game merged various modes because they were very repetitive and time-consuming. So it’s like clearing a story mode, but with better rewards. Players like me usually use auto-clear tickets on this mode instead of auto-play because the rewards keep maxing the limit of the inventory.

What I really like about this mode is the 1.6M gold as the first daily reward. Also, the Dimension Tokens obtained from this mode allows you to exchange for a lot of valuable high-level materials such as gears, cards, urus, and uniform kits.

Co-op Play

One of the oldest game modes, players usually use auto-play to clear it. It is the main source of gold especially if you reach Stage 6. And to reach Stage 6 and get the maximum amount of gold which can be between 2.5M to 5M+, you must be able to advance a certain number of characters to Tier-2 (T2). After that, this is only part of the daily grind. Gold, by the way, is the basic currency of the game.

Heroic Quest

This game mode will let you choose a character and follow his or her storyline. There are tasks that you have to perform which are pretty easy in order to get the rewards. There are a few characters that you can only obtain in this mode and those characters, although not very powerful alone, are very useful in assisting other heroes with their buffs.

Epic Quest

This game mode is where you can only unlock some very powerful characters like the Phoenix, Dr. Doom, Stryfe, Dr. Strange, Deadpool, and Wolverine. So this is a fun game mode for those who have not yet obtained the very powerful characters above.

After obtaining the characters, players usually use auto-clear tickets for the missions in the Epic Quest.

How frequently does the game provide updates?

The game is being updated monthly, so the players don’t get tired of playing. I’m always excited about the upcoming updates because either there is new content or new characters. Some of the updates can be frustrating because you are not getting what you want, like the improvement I want in Alliance Conquest. But having updates is better than no updates, right?

So, what type of player are you? Are you a PVP, PVE, or hybrid?

What game modes do you enjoy the most?

Just leave your comment in the comments section below and join me in my next post. 🙂 

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