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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay #13 – Walkthrough

July 27, 20205:25 pm By

Today we will try a new variation of Elizabeth and see her new amazing skills. So I’m excited about this walkthrough episode of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross mobile game.

In our last post, we finally defeated Golgius. And we are now heading to Baste Prison to free Ban and fight new Holy Knight characters.

Episode 17 – In Search of Ban

We need to pass the Dalmally Plains to get to Baste Prison and clear main stage [A Touching Reunion].

We moved to a spot on the map just outside Dalmally. I think there will be a battle ahead. 😀

These are regular knights that we need to defeat but this will be fast.

We also replaced Diane with the old version of Elizabeth & Hawk. Let’s try this old version first before we switched to a new version of Elizabeth.

We’ll use Pain Edition, Triple Attack, and a skill from Elizabeth & Hawk.

One 1* Pain Edition skill is enough to defeat two enemies. We have one remaining with a little HP.

Triple Attack finished him. 😀

We won! 😛

Let’s move the Tavern to a new spot on the map.

We changed the old version of Elizabeth with a new one. In this version, she does not have Hawk and she can fight on her own. Showing her skills later is a little bit of a spoiler if you have not watched the Season 1 of the anime yet.

Let’s check the stats of this new version of Elizabeth. We got this version from free login draw tickets. It has an SSR rarity so we were very lucky. Right now, she’s still at Level 7 but she can reach Level 50. 😎

We encountered another group of normal soldiers who have no weapons.

Let’s check Elizabeth’s stats and skills. At Level 7, she already has 850 Attack. Her HP is 9,570. The first skill is an Attack Type skill. It has the following description:

Skill 1*: Punishing Strike – Removes Buffs from one enemy and inflicts damage equal to 220% of Attack.

I wonder why it’s an Attack Type skill but it can debuff the enemy. That is very confusing. I think it should be Debuff Attack skill type. 🙄

The second skill is a Recovery Skill type. This is the first time we encountered this skill type and it will be very helpful because the enemies are getting stronger now. The description of the second skill is as follows:

Skill 1*: Healing Grace – Heals HP of all allies to 200% of Attack.

Her Ultimate Move has the following description:

Ultimate Move: Heals HP of all allies equal to 420% of Attack and fills the Ultimate Move Gauge by 2 orb(s).

The Ultimate Move not only heals the allies but it also speeds up the charging of the Ultimate Move of allies. This version of Princess Elizabeth is a very powerful support character! 😀

It’s our turn first and let’s try Elizabeth’s Punishing Strike. We’ll also use Pain Edition and Triple Attack.

We used Punishing Strike where Elizabeth throws a ball of small light and hits one soldier. It dealt 1,901 damage! It’s a neat skill too. These soldiers might have around 2,000 HP only.

We used Pain Edition and it wiped out all the soldiers.

We won! I really like using Gowther because we can just wipe out enemies that we want to defeat fast. 😆

We can now head to Dalmally Plains. I can see a lot of item icons. I guess those items can be obtained there.

Chapter 1 – Wrath and Envy Collide

We are now in Dalmally Plains. I think we will meet Diane who went ahead of us to Baste Prison. Based on the title description, it seems like we will be fighting Diane.

We will still use the same team that has the new version of Elizabeth.

Let’s do this. 😎

The animation shows Meliodas meeting Diane in Dalmally Plains. She’s supposed to be in Baste Prison already. So why is she still here?

Diane thought the Captain should still be resting in bed. She doesn’t want Meliodas to be fighting again because the last time she saw him, he was badly injured.

Meliodas asked if Diane is alright because she might have encountered the Holy Knights already.

Diane is puzzled why the Captain is asking if she’s alright. What’s happening? There’s something wrong here. 😕

Hawk then explained to Diane that she rushed over to Baste Prison after defeating the swarm of bugs in Dalmally. It seems like Diane is not herself right now.

Diane forgot that she’s supposed to be headed to Baste Prison. There’s really something wrong with her. Could it be that her memory was altered? That would be bad.

Meliodas is sensing that this is a Holy Knight’s skill at work. The Holy Knights could already be here in Dalmally Plains.

I think Diane is okay physically. But her mind is not in a good state.

According to her, she feels a little confused.

We then heard a sound of a bell.

Her visions became blurry.

And now she sees a different person where Meliodas used to stand. 😮

The guy introduced himself as the Holy Knight Ruin and he plans to destroy The Seven Deadly Sins.

Diane now is in a stance and ready to attack.

But she noticed that the Captain and the rest disappeared. Was Meliodas just an illusion? And Elizabeth and Hawk as well?

Ruin said that he was able to capture Meliodas, Hawk, and Elizabeth. Could this be true? 😕

Diane started attacking Ruin.

She hit him while he’s still in the air.

Ruin suddenly became Meliodas.

We can see Meliodas is asking Diane about why she is attacking him. Meliodas got confused.

Now we can see that Diane is still speaking to Meliodas but she doesn’t recognize him. Elizabeth also told Diane that Meliodas is just there in front of her. Hawk asked Diane if she’s out of her mind. Seems like it. 😆

Diane can’t hear Elizabeth and Hawk. She can still see Ruin in front of her instead of Meliodas. So the enemy is capable of altering what you see? 🙄

Meliodas recognized that Diane’s eyes are a bit different. And he concluded that she can’t see them.

We are now in a game battle with Diane. 😀

It’s our turn first. 😛

Let’s look at Diane’s stats. She’s at Level 18 and has the highest attack that we encountered so far. Her HP is almost 25K which is also the highest HP that we encountered.

Let’s check Diane’s Sand Whirl because her disable can be challenging. Based on the skill description, the game removed her disable of Attack Type skills for two turns. It seems like the game wants us to easily win.

We will use Elizabeth’s Punishing Strike, Gowther’s Pain Edition, and Meliodas’ Triple Attack.

Punishing Strike dealt 1,204 which is a bit low. It can be because of Diane’s high defense. 😕

Pain Edition dealt 4,300. It’s not bad, but still, our damage was reduced. 😕

Triple Attack dealt 2,932 damage. It’s funny how Meliodas can only attack her legs.

Diane used Sand Whirl which decreases our defense but it does not disable our Attack Skills for two turns.

She used Sand Whirl again. I wonder if the defense decrease can stack.

We’ll use Triple Attack and two Full Counter skills.

Triple Attack dealt 2564 damage.

Meliodas activated his Full Counter stance skill twice. I wonder if Full Counter will also work twice.

It’s now Diane’s turn. Meliodas is now glowing and can use his Ultimate Move in our next turn. 😀

Diane used Sand Whirl again.

Diane uses Ground Strike on Meliodas. This will execute his Full Counter.

Meliodas uses Full Counter.

It dealt 7,098! I think this is the highest damage we dealt so far in the game. 😮 😮 😮

Diane is also ready to use her Ultimate Move in her next turn.

We will use Meliodas’ Ultimate Move, Pain Edition, and Healing Grace.

The animation of his Ultimate Move started. 😀

He used his sword and did one slash.

And another slash.

And a third one. 😀

And a fourth one. 😀

It dealt 18,791 damage!!! This beat the last record for the highest damage we’ve dealt so far. That’s almost 80% of Diane’s HP. 😮 😮 😮

We defeated her!

We cleared the chapter as well! 😛

Back to the animation, Hawk doesn’t know what to do. Diane is still under the enemy’s spell. She keeps attacking but Meliodas doesn’t want to fight back.

So Meliodas decided that they should run for now. 😆 I think that’s a wise move. They need to find the enemy who’s causing this instead of fighting Diane.

While running away, they saw two people ahead of them.

Meliodas called their attention to run away if they want to live because Diane is chasing them.

Now we can see that it’s a guy and a child.

So everyone was able to hide. And Diane is still under the spell and looking to crush them. 😕

Meliodas asked Elizabeth to look after the kid. Let’s hope he’s planning something. ❓ ❓ ❓

Meliodas left them. Elizabeth then asked the child why they are there. Why ask the child when there’s an adult beside her? 👿

According to the child, they are shepherds. They are on their way home from the ranch.

We can now see Meliodas hiding and he saw something. ❓ ❓ ❓

We heard the bell again. This is bad. If Meliodas is trapped under the enemy’s spell, who’s going to save them? This will be chaotic. 😮

He now sees a giant Holy Knight Ruin. Holy Knight Ruin introduced himself and said the same thing to Diane earlier. I guess this is Diane but Meliodas doesn’t see her. 😕

Since this is the first time Meliodas experienced this spell, he’s still not aware that he’s under it. 😐

From afar, we can see Hawk. Hawk can see Meliodas and Diane and heard what Meliodas just said.

Yes, he is. Hawk realized that Meliodas is now under the enemy’s spell and he can only see Diane as the enemy. 😐

That ends the animation! We unlocked a new chapter where we can continue the story. 😀 In our next post, it looks like we will meet another Holy Knight. We will be battling two Holy Knights at the same time? This will be fun! We will also see more about Elizabeth’s new skills! 😀

I enjoyed our battles today and the story. Did you enjoy it as well? I would like to hear from you.

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough. ?

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