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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay #12 – Walkthrough

July 25, 20204:56 pm By

We are back with another walkthrough of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross mobile game. In our last walkthrough, we confirmed that Golgius’ ability is invisibility and not teleportation. This will make it easier for Meliodas to defeat him.

We also received a new update for the game last July 21, 2020. There’s a collab with Attack on Titans (AOT) anime and Eren, Mikasa, and Levi are now playable characters in the game. But I think they are super hard to get so I advise not to give too much effort on getting them. What more can I ask for when I have Gowther and Meliodas? 😀 I enjoy our adventure more so let’s continue on the story with our amazing The Seven Deadly Sins characters.

Episode 15 – Dead End

It’s now the dead end for Golgius. He has been backed in a corner in Dalmally. Let’s finish him.

We can control Meliodas now and walk around Dalmally. I think we need to go to Golgius and battle him.

There he is. 😀

Let’s enter the battle.

We will use Gowther, Meliodas, and Diane in this fight.

It’s our turn first. We saw Golgius’ ability in our last walkthrough. And we are still strong enough to survive his attacks. One interesting thing about him is his high HP that is not very easy to deplete.

As you can see, he has over 20K HP. Most of our 1* attacks can deal damage between 2K and 3K. But this would be fun because we can use our Ultimate Move. Right now he’s still at Level 17 which is still low compared to our level.

If you noticed, his skill type for his first skill changed. In our last walkthough, he only has Attack Type skills. This skill used to have the following description:

Skill 1*: Blade Slash – Inflicts Spike damage equal to 160% of Attack on one enemy. *Spike: 2x Crit Damage Increase

Let’s check the new first skill. It has the following description:

Skill 1*: Pierce Blade – Inflicts damage equal to 130% of attack on one enemy. Makes target(s) bleed for two turn(s). *Bleed: Additional damage equal to 80% of damage dealt at the end of every turn.

His first skill’s base percentage was lowered but now he has bleed damage. Let’s check if the second skill changed as well. In our last walkthough, his second skill has the following description:

Skill 1*: Throwing Star – Inflicts Weak Point damage equal to 60% of Attack on all enemies. *Weak Point: 3x damage against Debuffed enemies.

His second skill is still the same.

Let’s check his Ultimate Move. In our last walkthrough, it has the following description:

Ultimate Move: Silent Strike – Inflicts damage equal to 490% of Attack on one enemy. Poisons for 3 turn(s). *Poison: Additional damage equal to 50% of damage dealt at the end of every turn.

His Ultimate Move is still the same.

The only implication of the change of his first skill is that it is now a Debuff Attack Skill and Diane’s Sand Whirl can’t disable it. Let’s attack! We will use Gowther’s Pain Edition and Diane’s Sand Whirl and Ground Strike. 😎

Pain Edition dealt 2,579 damage to Golgius as expected. 😀

Diane’s Sand Whirl will disable his Attack skills for two turns.

Ground Strike dealt 1,681 only. We need to increase Diane’s level. Right now, she’s at Level 10. 🙁

It’s now the enemy’s turn. There’s one skill that he can use. If it’s Pierce Blade, then it will hit us. It must be Pierce Blade because if it’s disabled, it will not be shown as an icon at the upper-left corner of the screen below his HP.

Yeah, it is Pierce Blade. 😆 It dealt 953 damage to Diane.

It’s now our turn. We will use Pain Edition and two Sand Whirls so Diane’s Ultimate Move bar can be full soon. 😉

We dealt critical damage with a 1* Pain Edition. I did not know that it can reach 6,453! 😮

We used the first Sand Whirl.

And another Sand Whirl. It’s funny how the game shows the sad face in the debuff icon at the upper-left corner of the screen.

It’s the enemy’s turn now. We are expecting two Pierce Blades based on the icon. And we only need one more orb for Diane’s Ultimate Move.

Golgius attacked Diane with Pierce Blade and dealt 1,007 damage. His Ultimate Move bar is now full. We will see his Ultimate Move in his next turn. 😀

Diane received 1,572 damage from the second Pierce Blade and her HP is down to around 65%.

It’s our turn now. We’ll use two Ground Strikes and one Triple Attack. The enemy is glowing now because his Ultimate Move bar is full.

We used the first Ground Strike and dealt 2,003. 😛

The second Ground Strike dealt 2,014 damage.

Triple Attack is very powerful. It dealt 5,948 damage! 😮

There’s additional 1,557 damage and the total became 7,504! 😮 😮 😮 We did not expect that Triple Attack to finish Golgius. I was hoping to see his Ultimate Move. 😆

We won! I though it will take longer to finish. 😕

Back to the animation. Golgius disappeared while he was backed to a corner. Suddenly, we can see a horse running, but it’s obvious that Golgius is trying to escape while he’s invisible.

Now Golgius disables his invisibility and we can see him riding the horse.

Also, it seems like the horse is running in the direction of Baste Prison.

Let’s go to Baste Prison then. 😀

We also got a reward for completing this episode which is very nice. 🙂

Episode 16 – Even If You Should Die

From our last walkthough, Dr. Dana was stabbed by Golgius. Since Elizabeth is kind-hearted, she can’t stop worrying about the wounded doctor. We need to visit Dr. Dana of Dalmally. Is he even still alive after being stabbed?

We can now control Meliodas around the town. Let’s find Dr. Dana. ➡

Let’s destroy some barrels along the way. We found 2,000 coins inside the barrel. If you do this in real life, the people in the town will not be very happy. 😆

We’re still following the question mark. ❓ I did not expect that the map is a bit larger than usual.

Alright, we found the doctor.

Back to the animation, Elizabeth is kneeling down near the doctor.

The doctor asked why Elizabeth is crying. He is puzzled because he was their enemy earlier.

He did try to kill someone to save his daughter. Would you do the same if you have a daughter who is being held hostage by the evil Holy Knights?

His daughter’s name is Sennet. Sennet will not be proud of what you did. 😡

Elizabeth is blaming herself because the Holy Knights did these horrible things just to get her and the sword.

Meliodas thinks Elizabeth should not be blamed. I agree. If other people are doing evil acts because of you, don’t blame yourself, unless you did something wrong as well.

The Holy Knights made their decision to do those evil acts and you were not aware of the consequences of going to Dalmally so don’t blame yourself. 😐

I think this is the part of the conversation that I really like. Right now, Elizabeth regrets going on a mission to find the Seven Deadly Sins because people around are starting to get hurt.

Meliodas then asked Elizabeth if her resolve to save her kingdom and subjects is so weak that she’d give up when a few setbacks bring her to tears. 😐

Meliodas chose to search for The Seven Deadly Sins with Elizabeth and stop the Holy Knights. It’s not like Meliodas was forced by Elizabeth to come, right?

And even if Elizabeth dies, Meliodas will keep his promise. No regrets. That’s what I like about his character. 😛

Everyone dies eventually. I guess Meliodas has been living for so long that he has seen too many deaths. He’s too old that he’s used to seeing people die. 😥

According to him, Elizabeth should stay strong so that her resolve will never be overcome. 😐

Meliodas’ resolve, on the other hand, is to defeat the evil Holy Knights until the end. Even when he has no more blood or tears to give. That’s what it means to be a Knight. [That’s actually deep. 😆 ]

What Meliodas is trying to say actually is that he will still head to Baste Prison.

We just finished this episode by just watching! We received a reward as well. 😀

When I watched the anime, Dr. Dana did not die from his wound. He was stabbed from the back and you can see the tip of the blade in the front of his chest. So he should have died. ❓ ❓ ❓ However, he was able to survive and I thought Elizabeth’s tears might have healed him or something.

Elizabeth is now back to her old lively self and she also fixed Meliodas’ sheath.

Now we can go to Baste Prison and find Ban! 😀

Ban is one of the members of The Seven Deadly Sins. He’s in Baste Prison where he’s being tortured over the years.

In our next post, we’ll finally meet Ban! I hope we can get him instantly just like Diane. 😛 Since the game is aligned with the anime, we are also expecting to battle new Holy Knight characters soon! 😎

I enjoyed our battle today and the conversation between Elizabeth and Meliodas. Did you enjoy it as well? I would like to hear from you.

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough. ?

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