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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay #14 – Another Holy Knight?

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Welcome back to [The Seven Deadly Sins]: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay. In our last post, we have encountered Holy Knight Ruin. Meliodas fell under his spell and now Meliodas and Diane see each other as enemies.

Since Baste Prison is guarded by Holy Knights, it is possible that we will face more than one Holy Knight at once. This is not going to be easy.

Chapter 2 – [Weird Fangs] Freesia

Looks like another Holy Knight is coming. This will be fun! 😀

We will use Gowther, Meliodas, and the new version of Elizabeth that has recovery skills. Elizabeth is a required hero btw.

Here we go!

Diane is really mad with Holy Knight Ruin.

Meliodas is also seeing Diane as Holy Knight Ruin.

Yes, they do, Hawk. They may be physically powerful, but their mind is vulnerable. 😐

Elizabeth is trying to stop them by shouting. Do you think that will help? 😕

Seems like it. 😀

Meliodas and Diane suddenly snapped out of the spell. Is this Elizabeth’s power? Or is it just because her voice is familiar? 🙄

Now Diane can see Meliodas and she’s looking for the Holy Knight.

We now hear the sound of the bell… again. They need to find the source of the spell which is the bell or they can’t defeat the Holy Knight. 😐

Diane is under the spell again. Everyone disappeared. 😮

Meliodas sees Diane as the Holy Knight… again.

Elizabeth called out again, but will it help this time? She also told Hawk to stay back.

You may be wondering what it feels like to be under the spell. It seems like it can be confusing if you put yourself in Meliodas or in Diane’s shoes. Both of them don’t know what’s real anymore.

It looks like Elizabeth couldn’t get the two out of the spell this time by just calling them out. The kid got scared but Elizabeth swore to the kid that she’ll protect him with her life.

Suddenly, another being with a female voice appeared in front of them. She’s surrounded by insects. And she doesn’t sound friendly. 😮

This being is another Holy Knight. They haven’t defeated the first one yet, now there’s a second one. 😮

She’s controlling the insects and these insects have razor-sharp antennae and wings. If that’s the case, these insects are not as fearsome as the insects that attacked Dalmally previously because the latter can spit liquid that can even melt walls!

The game ended the animation and we entered a battle with the new Holy Knight. 😎

Her name is Freesia. Finally, another new Holy Knight that we can battle. Her helmet looks like the head of an insect. That must be heavy.

It’s our turn first.

We selected Punishing Strike, Pain Edition, and Triple Attack.

Punishing Strike is a cute spell from Elizabeth in which she throws a ball of light. It dealt 2,438 damage. Not bad! 😉

Pain Edition dealt 1,734. Surprisingly, Elizabeth’s previous attack is more powerful.

That’s because Elizabeth has Green affinity while the enemy has a Blue affinity. She has leverage over the enemy. Gowther has Blue affinity so he has no extra damage.

Meliodas’ Triple attack dealt 2,237 as expected.

It’s the enemy’s turn and she will be using two spells.

In her first skill, she whipped the ground once and the insects flew toward our team!

It dealt damage to everyone, however, because of Elizabeth’s leverage, her damage received was decreased.

You can see an arrow pointing down near her indicating the reduced damage. It’s a debuff attack skill because we can see a poison text after the attack.

In Freesia’s second skill, she swung her whip and insects rush toward our team again.

This skill did not deal any damage. We received a debuff where subsequent damage taken will be increased. It’s a pure debuff skill only.

For some reason, we can see some small heals in our team. Is this Elizabeth’s passive skill? 😕 Gowther did not receive any heal though.

I know we should have looked at the enemy’s stats and skills in the beginning. 😆 But it’s fun to have some mystery first, right? Now, before we continue, let’s check Freesia’s stats.

She’s at Level 19 and her race is human. Her attack is a bit low I think. Even her Max HP is just 15.66k. We have faced enemies with more than 20k already.

Her first skill is a debuff attack skill and has the following description:

Skill 1*: Storm Rondo – Inflicts damage equal to 72% of Attack on all enemies. Poison for 3 turn(s). *Poison: Additional damage equal to 50% of damage dealt at the end of every turn.

This is the definitely the first skill that we received previously.

Her second skill is a debuff skill and has the following description:

Skill 1*: Corrosive Bug – Increases damage taken by all enemies by 20% for 2 turn(s). *Corrosion: Additional damage at the end of every turn.

I’m not impressed by the second skill actually. I think 20% is a bit low. 🙁 I think it should be at least a 30% increase attack for a 1*, 40% for a 2* and 50-60% for a 3*. And this skill is only powerful if she has teammates that have huge damage.

Her Ultimate Move has the following description:

Ultimate Move: Rain Cappricio – Inflicts Corrosion damage equal to 20% of Max HP on all enemies for 3 turn(s). *Corrosion: Additional damage at the end of every turn.

The Ultimate Move looks very decent. But I’m really not a fan of Damage Over Time (DOT) skills. I prefer burst damage and I think that’s what kills meta characters that can heal. What do you think? ❓

We can see a little black fog around our characters indicating the poison effect. We selected Punishing Strike, Pain Edition, and Full Counter.

Punishing Strike dealt 2,392 damage.

Pain Edition at only 1,740.

Full Counter stance is now activated.

We received poison damage at the end of our turn.

Freesia used Corrosive Bug skill.

Full Counter activated.

It dealt 3,757!

Freesia used another Corrosive Bug.

Out HP is still almost full. 😛 But let’s try Elizabeth’s Healing Grace.

It healed all our characters. That heal is very decent too! 😀

Another heal. 😀

And another one. 😀

We received poison damage which is higher than last time. 😕

Elizabeth and Freesia are now both glowing. But it’s the enemy’s turn so we get to see Freesia’s Ultimate Move! 😎

Here we go!

She then speaks in Japanese. I don’t understand but I feel it’s something like “You’re gonna die!”. I’m just assuming. Please teach me Japanese.

She swung her whip again.

We can now see a big swarm of insects behind her. 😮 Very nice.

The surroundings became very dark.

Everyone in our team are looking at the swarm.

It started raining spit from the bugs. :mrgreen:

That’s a lot of bug spit. :mrgreen:

And a final blow. 👿

She used Storm Rondo after her Ultimate Move.

It’s our turn now and this is the first time we will be seeing Elizabeth’s Ultimate Move!!! 😀

If you still remember, her Ultimate Move is called “Life Authority” and again, it’s a bit of a spoiler if you have not watched the anime yet. (I’m sorry!)

We selected Life Authority and two Triple Attack skills.

Let’s do this!

We can hear mellow music and a beam of light shines on Elizabeth from the sky. 🙂

One of her eye’s color changed and she seems like half asleep.

She started speaking in Japanese as well, but I feel it’s something like “I’ll protect everyone.” (help me translate… 😆 )

We can see a symbol on her right eye. I don’t know what that that is.

And then flowers and grass started to grow around her!

The growth spread on the whole landscape…

We can see the flowers and petals moving. It was peaceful. 🙂

We received a huge amount of heal for everyone in our team. It also increased everyone’s Ultimate Move bar. Elizabeth instantly got 2 orbs too after the Ultimate Move. ❗

Meliodas finished Freesia with Triple attack which dealt 2,319 damage.

We won! 🙂

We finally cleared the chapter. 😛

Back to the animation, we can see Freesia was surprised about something.

The kid was sourrounded by the swarm of insects and Elizabeth is walking to the kid.

She’s saying the things Meliodas said earlier to her that even if Elizabeth dies, Meliodas will continue to protect the kingdom and its subjects from the Holy Knights. Right now, she doesn’t care about her life and has left everything on Meliodas. 😥

The kid spoke but he sounds like an enemy. 😕

We can hear the bell again. It’s the kid, he’s the one using the illusion spell!

The kid transformed into Holy Knight Ruin. Hawk was confused. Is the kid the Holy Knight Ruin or it is another illusion? His skill can be really confusing! He has a weird helmet too.

The animation ended and the game opened a new chapter. 😀 In our next post, can we finally defeat Holy Knight Ruin? How will Meliodas and Diane escape from his spell?

It’s fun seeing two new Ultimate Moves today. Did you enjoy it as well? I would like to hear from you.

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough. ?

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