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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay #16 – We Got Merlin and Ban!

August 27, 20206:45 am By

We are back with another [The Seven Deadly Sins] mobile gameplay. In our last post, we defeated Holy Knight Ruin. It was fun and interesting because we explored his debuff skills which can be very useful in battle once we already have him as a character.

Now let’s go the Baste Prison. 😀

Before we start, we’ll use this SSR Draw ticket that we got from the daily login rewards. Whom do you think we’ll get this time? 😛

When you use draw tickets, there is an animation as mentioned in our first post. But you will notice that the animation changes slightly sometimes. Also, if you are getting a very rare character, you can get a clue in advance by checking if Meliodas defeated the monster in the animation.

As you can see below, Meliodas won the fight which means we are getting a very rare character level. 😀

After that, the animation will show the lights coming from the diamond from afar and if you see a rainbow light, it means you obtained an SSR level character.

The animation will also show the diamond which also gives a clue on the rarity level of the character you are getting.

We got Merlin! 😮 😮 😮 She’s one of [The Seven Deadly Sins]! We are very lucky at this time. I wonder if this version of her is really good.

Let’s continue with our journey…

Episode 17 – In Search of Ban (cont.)

Elizabeth was injured in our previous fight and she’s in the backpack of Diane right now. After we finished this episode, an SR Ban character is one of the rewards.

We still have Gowther, Meliodas, and Elizabeth in our team.

I’m thinking of replacing Elizabeth and try another character. As you can see below, I also got an SSR Ban from another draw ticket.

Let’s replace Elizabeth with this version of SSR Ban so that we can see in advance if he is good. 😀

If you have not watched the anime yet, this is what Baste Prison looks like.

We encountered soldiers with swords. Or maybe not swords. Those are some weird weapons. 😕

Ban is ready to fight. But let’s check his stats first.

This version of Ban is called “Brawler Ban”. He’s still at Level 1 because we have not used this character before. He’s Human with Blue affinity. And he has a really good base attack.

Let’s check his skills. His first skill is an Attack Type with the following description. It looks purely offensive.

Skill 1*: Critical Pierce – Inflicts Charge damage equal to 200% of Attack on one enemy. *Charge: Ignore Defense

His second skill has the following description. It’s a Debuff Attack skill which could be effective on enemies that have high attack stats.

Skill 1*: Toxic Battle – Inflicts damage equal to 180% of Attack on one enemy. Decrease Attack – related stats by 20% for 1 turn(s).

His Ultimate Move has the following description. This is quite interesting because it can delay the enemies Ultimate Move.

Ultimate Move: Physical Hunt – Inflicts damage equal to 630% of Attack on one enemy and depletes 3 Ultimate Move Gauge orbs(s).

This version of Ban does not have the heal which is his signature skill in the anime. 🙁 But who knows, maybe we’ll like this version in battle.

Looking at the soldiers’ stats, they have very low HP and can be defeated with one hit. And they are using spears, not swords. 😆 I’m sorry!

Let’s use two of Ban’s skills and one debuff from Gowther.

Ban used Critical Pierce where he started with a kick that threw the enemy on the air.

Then he did a lot of punches while the enemy is still in the air.

And then he ended it with a downward kick. 😎 Awesome animation.

The total damage is 1,701 which is very high considering he’s only at Level 1.

He then used Toxic Bottle where he’s holding a liquor bottle of course and it looks like he’s preparing to throw it.

He threw it to one enemy and it dealt 2,228 damage! 😮

That Toxic Bottle skill killed one enemy in one hit!

Gowther then used Blackout skill that disabled the enemy’s debuff skill for 1 turn, if they have one.

It’s the enemy’s turn and one soldier attacked Ban and dealt very little damage.

Another soldier attacked Gowther and also dealt little damage.

It’s our turn now and we’ll use Toxic Battle skill and two Blackouts.

The Toxic Bottle skill dealt 1,361 damage. I guess the previous Toxic Bottle that killed the enemy in one hit was only a lucky shot.

Gowther used two Blackout skills just so we can use more of Ban’s skills later. 😆

It’s the enemy’s turn and one soldier pierced him with the spear.

Another one attacked Gowther.

It’s our turn now and we’ll use Toxic Bottle and two Full Counters.

Ban used Toxic Battle and dealt 2,127 damage! 😯

Meliodas then used two Full Counter skills.

Unfortunately, one of the soldiers wanted this to be over already and attacked Meliodas. It activated the Full Counter skill.

Even if he has 3 lives, he won’t survive that damage. 😆

The second soldier also wants to die. He attacked Meliodas which activated the second Full Counter. Now we can confirm that two Full Counters can activate in one turn.

I cannot see the enemy at all. It dealt 5,244 damage!

We won the battle! I guess we’ll see Ban’s ultimate move in the next battle.

We finally reached Level 7! 😀

Back to the World Map, we have one more stop before Baste Prison.

Let’s use the same team.

The enemies are three soldiers with bow and arrow.

Let’s use Critical Pierce, Toxic Bottle, and Blackout.

Critical Pierce dealt 1,464 damage.

Toxic Bottle dealt 1,234. 😕 It’s a bit low if the critical damage did not activate.

Gowther then used Blackout.

It’s the enemies turn. One soldier shot Ban.

Another soldier shot Ban but the damage are very low.

Another soldier shot Gowther.

It’s our turn now and I decided to kill everyone so we’ll use Pain Edition. 😈

One soldier remained alive. They are definitely getting stronger.

Meliodas uses Triple Attack to finish the last soldier.

Alright! We can finally go to Baste Prison. 😛

Back at the World Map, let’s move the Tavern to Baste Prison.

Chapter 4 – Into the Baste Prison!

Looks like we’ll see Ruin again. 😈

I’ll try to use the same team as before.

Let’s do this! 😎

The animation started and we can see Ruin flying backwards. Someone must have hit him hard. 😆

It was Meliodas who sent him flying to the base of Baste Prison.

Meliodas walks toward him. 😈

Meliodas was able to destroy Ruin’s armor with a single blow and Ruin can barely speak because of the pain.

And he’s just joking. Ruin was just pretending he was hurt.

That’s some scary abs he got there. 😆

We entered into a battle which I think will be in waves. Let’s beat the three soldiers first.

Let’s use Critical Pierce, Toxic Bottle, and Pain Edition.

Critical Pierce dealt 1,538 damage to one solider.

Ban attacked the same soldier with Toxic Bottle and dealt 1,302 damage. The soldier is still alive.

Pain Edition attacked all three. Two of the soldiers have little HP left.

A new soldier with full HP replaced the dead soldier. Then one soldier attacked Meliodas.

It’s our turn again. We’ll use Pain Edition and two Triple Attacks. 😈

Two soldiers died from Pain Edition. 😈

The last one died from Triple Attack.

One last soldier appeared and it’s still our turn. We will use Critical Pierce, Triple Attack, and Blackout.

Critical Pierce dealt a total of 1,552 damage.

Then Triple Attack finished the last soldier.

The animation started and we can see a large flying monster in the sky.

Someone jumped from it.

We are now continuing the battle against Ruin and two soldiers.

It’s our turn first. 😀

We’ll use Toxic Bottle and two Pain Editions.

Toxic Bottle dealt 1,170 to one soldier.

Pain Edition killed the previous soldier and dealt very little damage to Ruin.

Another Pain Edition dealt little damage to Ruin. 😕

It’s the enemies’ turn now. Ruin used his debuff skill that reduced our attacks.

He then attacked Meliodas and dealt a total of 1,778 damage. That’s a decent damage.

The last soldier attacked Ban and dealt 1,098 damage.

Ruin is currently at Level 21 and has 16K Max HP only.

It’s our turn now. We’ll use Rewrite Light which is Gowther’s Ultimate Move. 😈

Amazing execution. I just hope it has more damage.

We can see the lights bouncing and multiplying.

The lights hit the enemies.

That’s a lot of damage. Ruin HP is down to half. 😈

Meliodas used two Full Counter stance.

For some reason, the enemy did not use any skill during his turn so it’s our turn again.

We want to end this fight fast before we received Ruin’s debuff again. So we’ll use Evil Spirit which is Meliodas’ Ultimate Move, Pain Edition, and Triple Attack.

Here we go. 😈

One strike.





That hit Ruin hard. But he’s still alive. 😈

Gowther used Pain Edition.

Ruin is not dead yet. Meliodas then used Triple Attack which ended the battle. 😛

We won! I really want to end that fight fast because we already defeated Ruin in our previous post.

We finally cleared this episode! 😀

Back to the animation, Ruin revealed that his body is his real armor and it’s tougher than steel.

Before he can continue talking, he was suddenly stopped by a punch.

Meliodas hit him in the stomach!

Looks like Meliodas’ punch can even destroy steel. 😈 This one is for Elizabeth.

Ruin’s sin to Meliodas is when he hurt Elizabeth.

Ruin fell and the soldiers were shocked that Meliodas defeated him with a single blow. 😆

The other soldiers got scared and run away. 😆

Meliodas is still not sure if they are already in Baste Prison.

Diane assured him that they are.

However, Diane is wondering why the place is completely empty. 😕 😕 😕

It’s a good thing the holes in the prison are big enough so Diane can go inside.

In our next post, we’ll finally meet Ban. What do you think is his personality?

We were able to used Ban in our battles. But this version doesn’t have healing skills. What do you think of this version of Ban? I would like to hear from you.

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough. 

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