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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay #17 – Undead Ban Is A Lot Better!

August 31, 20209:15 am By

We are back with another mobile gameplay of [The Seven Deadly Sins]: Grand Cross. In our last post, we were able to test the skills of Brawler Ban. Now we are entering Baste Prison to meet Ban as well.

Episode 17 – In Search of Ban (Cont.)

Chapter 5 – The Fox Sin of Greed Appears

This is it. We are going to meet Ban! 😀

Our team is the same as the team in our last post. We have Brawler Ban as our third character. But there is something wrong here. It says “Restricted Hero”. 😕

Looks like the game won’t let us use the Brawler Ban version. It makes sense. We are going to meet Ban for the first time and we acquired Brawler Ban in advance so if we are going to fight the version of Ban in the prison, we should not be using a version of him against him.

Who do you like me to select? 😀

Let’s just go with Elizabeth’s healer version for now. 😎

Alright, let’s walk inside and search for him.

The game started the animation. We can see a girl sleeping in one of the prison cells.

So we found the doctor’s daughter who’s being held as hostage.

Then Meliodas asked Diane to put the girl inside her backpack.

The girl seems fine. She was just shocked to see a giant grabbing her immediately after she woke up. So she fainted after. 😆 Maybe wake her up slowly next time? Imagine if that happened to you, how would you feel? 😆

Then we can see someone just casually walking around.

Meliodas recognized him because he called him Ban. 😛

Then Ban replied with a casual “Hey Captain”. Nothing dramatic. 😆 They have not seen each other for years so that’s the mood that was expected, right?

You can see that Meliodas got serious though. Why?

And there’s a serious stare from Ban as well.

Hawk got confused. They just reunited so why is there tension in the air? 😕

Diane then confirmed Hawk’s observation and she asked Hawk to go behind her.

We still see a quiet atmosphere here which is a bit funny.

Ban is still in his poker face.

This is getting ridiculous. What do you think is going to happen? 😀

Ban still looks very serious. Why the stare?

And then suddenly, Meliodas is in his excited voice. 😆

And Ban changed his mood too and they are happy and excited now. 😆

Hawk said he may have worried for nothing.

But it looks like Diane is still not convinced about something. 😕

And then with an excited voice, Ban suddenly is going to hit Meliodas???

Meliodas was sent flying from the blow. 😆

Ban is jumping like a kid who’s excited to play. He then asked Meliodas to hit him too.

Then Meliodas jumped to hit Ban as well.

Looks like he’s going for a kick. Haha.

Yeah, he just kicked him in the stomach. 😆

Hawk got more confused about what’s happening. But Diane told Hawk to let them be. It seems like she’s already used to this.

Then the animation ended and our battle with Ban started. 😀

This is going to be an interesting fight. 😈

It’s our turn first. Let’s do this!

Let’s look at Ban’s stats. This version of Ban is called “The Fox Sin of Greed Ban”. He’s Level 23 already and he’s still human. The attack level is very high! And the Max HP is 28.5k, the highest we encountered so far. 😛

Let’s take a look at his new skills. The first skill is an Attack Type and has the following description.

Skill 1*: Eliminate Spirit – Inflicts damage equal to 120% of Attack on one enemy and depletes 1 Ultimate Move Gauge or orb(s).

One of his normal skills has the ability to delay Ultimate Moves of the enemy which is a similar characteristic of Brawler Ban’s Ultimate Move.

His second skill has the following description.

Skill 1*: – Undead Physical – Assumes a Stance for 1 turn(s) and heals 30% of diminished HP at the start of the next turn.

This is the skill I’ve been waiting for. It’s his signature heal. In the anime, he’s like Deadpool who just can’t die whatever the injury is. It’s also a Stance skill so it’s like Full Counter except there’s heal instead of damage. Does this mean he’s immune to damage for the duration of the enemy’s turn? 😕 Let’s find out later.

His Ultimate Move has the following description.

Ultimate Move: Power Hunt Effect – Inflicts Charge damage equal to 700% of attack on one enemy. Charge*: Ignore Defense

I know what you’re thinking. His Ultimate Move can be really deadly. 😎

Now let’s get back to battle. We’ll use Elizabeth’s two Punishing Strikes and Pain Edition.

Elizabeth threw her light ball. She has leverage over this version of Ban. It dealt 1,479 damage.

The second light ball of Punishing Strike dealt 1,436 damage only.

Pain Edition dealt 2,631 damage and Gowther also has the advantage.

It’s Ban’s turn now. He’s attacking Meliodas so he’s using Eliminate Spirit skill.

That’s a strong blow! It’s one punch but we can see two hits. The damage are 492 and 515. Meliodas also has an advantage on affinity.

Then he jumped back into his previous position.

He also attacked Meliodas for the second time, dealing almost the same damage as the previous skill.

We’ll use two light balls and Triple Attack. I’ll just call Elizabeth’s Punishing Strike as light balls because the animation doesn’t look like the punishing type. 😀

The first light ball dealt 1,565.

The second light ball showed the longer version of the animation. She said something in Japanese and gathered light. Now she’s glowing.

So is the longer animation a sign that she’s dealing critical damage to the enemy? Because the damage dealt went up to 2,546. 😀

Meliodas, please don’t kill him yet with your Triple Attack.

The damage is 2,540! Ban needs one more orb to perform his Ultimate Move.

Ban is going to punch Elizabeth. Will this punch delay her Ultimate Move?

The damage dealt is more than 1.6k.

Elizabeth is not glowing anymore! 😮 😮 😮 That’s a very handy skill.

Ban is going to use another skill and it started with a longer animation. He speaks in Japanese so I can’t understand.

He’s going to punch Elizabeth again! Will he deal critical damage because of the longer animation?

He just dealt more than 4K damage on Elizabeth! 😮 😮 😮 Her HP is down to about 30%!

Elizabeth is back to 3 orbs in her Ultimate Gage. We need to heal her or she’ll die in the next turn. This is the first time that we have a strong opponent that can kill one of our characters.

We’ll use two heals and Triple Attack. Ban is ready for his Ultimate Move.

This is our first heal.

This is our second heal. Elizabeth is as good as new. 😀

Meliodas is having a longer animation in his Triple Attack so this means he’s dealing Critical Damage to Ban.

He just dealt critical damage!

The total damage is 4,245!

It’s Ban’s turn now. I wonder who’s going to die from his Ultimate Move.

He seems like preparing to hit really hard.

He just became a Super Saiyan! 😆

He stretched his arm.

His feet is locked to the ground.

He’s gathering a lot of energy. 😮

He’s speaking Japanese again.

He’s definitely going to jump.

And he’s running too fast.

He gathered energy on his right fist.

I don’t understand what he’s saying but I think it’s something like “You’re gonna die”. Meliodas is going to take the hit!

That’s a powerful upper cut. 😮 😮 😮

Meliodas was blown away!

The total damage is almost 12k! That’s half of Meliodas’ Max HP! 😮 😮 😮 That’s my 3 shocked icons right there.

We need to heal him or he might die too.

Ban is not done yet. The animation of his second skill started. I think he is going to use his heal.

Yeah, he just used his stance skill. If we attack him, he’s going to heal.

We’ll use Elizabeth’s Ultimate Move to heal everyone. Then we’ll use Pain Edition and Light Ball. Is Ban immune to damage for all attacks during our turn? Let’s see.

Here we go.

Nice mellow music.

We can see the regrowth of plants around. 🙂

That did not fully heal Meliodas though. 🙁

Gowther used Pain Edition.

We can see an “Evasion Successful” text.

Elizabeth uses here light ball and we can still see the text. This means he’s immune to all damage during our turn. 😮

After our turn, Ban’s health went up from 50% to 80%. That’s amazing. The 7,515 heal is too high. 😮 I’m using too many shocked icons, am I not?

Ban used his stance again.

He used it twice. Does this mean he’s going to heal twice later? Let’s use two Ultimate moves and Pain Edition. Is it going to work? Let’s see.

Here we go with Gowther’s Ultimate Move.

We already know normal skills won’t work.

Rewrite Light hits Ban.

It worked! Should I be disappointed that it worked? 😆 His stance cannot evade Ultimate Moves after all.

Meliodas used Evil Spirit. This may end the battle.

One strike.





That’s 13,317 damage!

Yeah, that ended it. We got all the info we need anyway about Ban’s skills.

It’s nice that the animation retains the background of the actual place they are in. We can still see that we are still in the prison.

We cleared the chapter!

I like this version of Ban more than the Brawler Ban. What do you think?

Back to the animation. Ban was glad to know that Meliodas did not become rusty in these past years.

And Meliodas was glad too that Ban is still capable like before.

Now it’s time for some arm wrestling?

The ground and ceiling are shaking. 😀

Hawk is scared, they are going to destroy the place with just an arm wrestling. 😆

Some things never change.

So they had 720 brawls already. 😀

And they are counting their wins.

Diane is not worried at all. 😀

These two are crazy. 😀

That’s it for now. In our next post, we’ll have a touching reunion. Yes, we are not done yet with the reunion. This first part is rough so maybe the second part will be more on talking, let’s hope.

I like this Ban better. What do you think of this version of Ban? I would like to hear from you.

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough. 

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