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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay #18 – Ban’s Hidden Skill

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In our last post, we fought against the version of Ban that can heal. We also got a glimpse of Ban’s personality. So far he can a bit childish and rough. So let’s find out more in this reunion chapter of the game. 😀

Right now we are still inside Baste Prison where Ban and Meliodas are doing arm wrestling (which is of course the perfect time to do this). Because of their power, even a simple arm wrestling is shattering the whole prison. Who do you think will win? 😕

Chapter 6 – A Touching Reunion

We can see Golgius in the icon. It looks like we’ll meet him again. 😈

We received the healing version of Ban after clearing the last chapter. Now we can use this version of him in battle.

We can see that Golgius and another Holy Knight are just outside the prison.

And it seems they have a plan. 👿

We defeated Golgius in the previous posts so he’s aware that he can’t beat Meliodas in a fight. However, right now he’s talking about giving a painful death to Meliodas and our team.

Then he revealed something from his hand. It looks like a secret weapon. ❓ ❓ ❓

If I remember correctly, the name of the other Holy Knight is Jericho. Jericho recognized that it is a Curse Bead! What do you think it can do?

Golgius threw the bead to the ground and a purple energy came out of it.

Then the energy spread out and covered the whole prison. According to Golgius, this is called “The Eternal Seal Spell”. It creates a powerful magical barrier that not even the ten Tyrant Dragons could destroy. I’m actually not sure who the Tyrant Dragons are [ 😆 ] but the name sounds powerful.

So this is Golgius’ plan. He trapped Meliodas and our team in the prison for eternity.

Then the animation ended and we entered a battle. This battle could be in waves.

Let’s check out the stats of the healer Ban version because sometimes the skills become slightly different. This version of Ban is called [Undead] Prisoner Ban. The level is 35, with 1,544 Attack, and almost 25K Max HP.

The first skill is the same skill when we fought against him.

The second skill is als the same.

The Ultimate Move is also still the same.

Back to the battle, let’s use Undead Physical, Eliminate Spirit, and Pain Edition.

Ban then activated the stance of Undead Physical.

The animation of Eliminate Spirit started and he’s speaking in Japanese. Are we expecting some critical damage? 😀

Then he attacked one of the soldiers.

That’s a total of 4,915 damage! That high number might be due to the critical damage.

And then he’s back into his stance.

Gowther used his Pain Edition skill and dealt a total of 6,707.

It’s the enemy’s turn and one attacked Meliodas.

Another soldier attacked Gowther and also dealt very little damage.

It’s our turn now so let’s use two Eliminate Spirits and one Triple Attack.

Ban then used Eliminate Spirit on one soldier and dealt 1,983.

Another Eliminate Spirit killed the other soldier. It’s a little higher because it has critical damage.

Since all previous soldiers are already dead at this point. Jericho and Golgius appeared. This is the first time that we are battling two Holy Knights at once. 😐

He looks cool though. 😀

It’s our turn first. Did you notice that Ban’s avatar has very long hair?

Since Ban’s Ultimate Move bar is already full, let’s use his Ultimate Move. Let’s use Blackout and Pain Edition as well.

Ban started speaking in Japanese. He then gathered his energy.

We can also see him concentrating it.

After that, he’s ready to thrust forward.

He’s fast.

The energy earlier is now concentrated on his right hand.

Hi hit Jericho and the punch sent her upward. 😮

Then Jericho fell and the damage dealt was 15,462! 😮 😮 😮

You can see that Jericho is barely alive after that. That skill from Ban is very impressive!

Gowther then used Blackout.

Gowther’s Pain Edition finally killed Jericho and also dealt damage to Golgius. The total is 11,655!

It’s the enemy’s turn and Golgius threw something that hits all our team members. The skill is called Throwing Star.

Then he attacked Ban with his sword and dealt 1,564 damage. The skill is called Blade Slash.

It’s our turn now so let’s use Ban’s Eliminate Spirit, Pain Edition, and Triple Attack. I’m excited to see Ban’s damage to Golgius.

Ban use Eliminate Spirit and charged toward Golgius.

The total damage dealt is 1,687. It’s not so bad. They both have red affinity so there’s no leverage.

Gowther’s Pain Edition dealt more damage because he has blue affinity.

Melioadas then used Triple Attack and dealt 2,805 damage. He also has more damage because he has blue affinity.

It’s the enemy’s turn and he used Blade Slash on Gowther.

He also used Throwing Star but dealt very little damage.

It’s our turn again and we’ll use Rewrite Light, Gowther’s Ultimate Move, Eliminate Spirit, and Undead Physical.

Alright, here we go!

This is probably the best Ultimate Move animation so far.

It looks really cool, isn’t it?

“Rewrite Light”

There goes the arrows of light!

It’s really cool!

The lights multiplied as they collided.

Golgius is getting hits from all directions.

And the total damage is 11,857!

That killed Golgius. 😛 So far, we have were not able to activate Ban’s stance skill. So let’s keep him on the team for now.

Hey, we cleared the chapter!

This also cleared [Episode 17 – In Search of Ban] which was very long.

Back to the story, Baste Prison is covered by barrier magic which prevents even powerful people from getting out. Do you think this will hold Meliodas inside? 😕

The prison began crumbling.

Golgius was shocked that the barrier broke when the prison crumbled. Jericho can’t believe it too. 😆

Then Jericho asked herself if this is the power of [The Seven Deadly Sins].

Golgius, while holding his chin, decided to retreat. 😆

He just left Jericho and run away. Lol.

The prison is now unrecognizable. 😀

Now Ban will join us permanently in our quest! 😛

So apparently, the prison was destroyed because of the arm wrestling. And Ban seems to love singing. 😉

They destroyed the prison and they are still not done yet with their games? They really might have missed each other a lot. 😀

Finally, Hawk intervened. He told them to stop already because they already collapsed Baste Prison. 😆 And they also unintentionally broke the magical barrier which is a bit funny.

Diane also feels like they should stop because the sun is going to set soon and she’s hungry. Also, she’s hearing some noise inside her backpack so either Elizabeth or the doctor’s daughter is already awake.

Meliodas then called it a day. He lost track of time because of his friendly fight with Ban.

Ban thought it was lame to call it a day because they have only seen each other after 10 years. 😀

Meliodas then decided to go back to the village.

Episode 18 – Sennet’s Return

We are back in Dalmally and we can walk around the town again. 😀

Let’s go to the light. They are waiting for us!

Here we go!

The daughter of the doctor is calling him. I know what you’re thinking. He’s supposed to be dead already after that wound.

And the doctor even spoke to her daughter!

He seems completely fine actually. Sennett was very worried though. Hawk was shocked too so you’re not the only one. It seems like he’s back from the dead. How do you think this is possible? ❓ ❓ ❓

The doctor is also surprised why he is still alive. But Meliodas said that what’s important right now is that he’s already fine.

Back to the Tavern, we can now see Ban in the counter. Looks like we have a new employee here. Let’s click on him to see what happens!

According to Hawk, Ban will be our new chef and we can try his cooking skills. 😮 So this is one of his hidden skills!

Let’s select the aged meat here.

And then sugar.

And then Bay Leaf. What do you think we are cooking?

According to Hawk, he’s a lot better cook than Meliodas.

Let’s press on <Click a Dish>.

Ban then started chopping the ingredients. He’s definitely good with knives.

And he can throw ingredients while cooking sideways too. 😆

He’s definitely skilled.

Looks like he’s done!

Oh, of course, the sauce.

It’s a Sweet Meatpie! 😀

Hawk is going to teach us about Recipes.

Let’s press on <Cooking Menu> here.

The Menu window pops-up and we can see the <All Recipes> tab. According to Hawk, all the dishes we can make can be found on this screen.

There are already recipes in this menu but we can only activate the recipe if we successfully cooked using the ingredients required.

Since we already successully cooked the Sweet Meatpie, we can acquire the recipe below.

It’s still at 17.76%. I think we should cook more in the future.

By clicking on the star next to the recipe, we can add this to our preferred dishes.

Adding a dish to preferred recipes makes cooking easier.

The Preferred Recipes can be found in this tab.

Here you can see that we added the Sweet Meatpie recipe!

That completed the tutorial!

In our next post, we will start with [Episode 19 – Old Legends]. I wonder what old legends are waiting for us. This will be very exciting! 😀

I like the Undead Ban better. What do you think of this version of Ban? I would like to hear from you.

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough. 

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