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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay #3 – Tutorial Walkthrough

May 31, 20207:05 pm By

We are back with another The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay. In the last post, we did a walkthrough of the tutorial. Today, we will start with another episode of adventure. I have been enjoying this mobile game so far and I hope you are having fun as well.

After Meliodas rescued Princess Elizabeth from the soldiers who are pursuing her from our last post, they had a small talk. The princess wants to clarify something with Meliodas. She wants to know if Meliodas is really the horrible criminal that everyone claims. She also asked what kind of crime did he commit.

The princess knows that there must have been some kind of confusion. She has a feeling that he is not a criminal because even though Meliodas didn’t know who she was, he still tried to save her.

Meliodas tried to avoid the questions but the princess insisted. I guess Meliodas doesn’t want to claim that he is innocent.

Episode 2 – The Holy Knight’s Sword (Part 1)

The starting point in the game is “Near Cain’s Village”. Even though the tavern is moving from one place to another, you can press on the Tavern icon at the bottom-left corner in this map view and it will take you inside it.

Inside the tavern, Meliodas offered Elizabeth some new clothes.

By clicking on the hanger icon of the character you can change their clothes.

You can see here your existing clothes and the ones that are unlocked. Currently, we only have her existing outfit and another one as shown below.

Even changing outfits has some very nice animation to it.

Since the princess will be working in the tavern from now on to find the other members of The Seven Deadly Sins, she needs to wear the tavern uniform.

Now let’s move the tavern and continue our adventure to another place.

Hey, we’re done with another part of the tutorial!

And now, it seems like we need more Allies that will help us during battle. I remember when I was playing the Sword Art Online mobile game, it also gave me allies. But after that, I did not continue playing because the allies look like average villagers and the designs are very plain.

We need to click the Draw icon below in order to pull new characters.

And it looks like we will use the crystals that we received earlier to draw the allies.

With 30 crystals, we can draw 11 times. That does not mean we can get 11 different heroes. There is a chance that we can get the same hero twice. If that happens, the duplicates will automatically turn into Hero coins. We can then use Hero coins to enhance the Ultimate Moves.

According to the instructions, different heroes appear in different Draws so check the rates beforehand. I think rates pertain to the probability of getting the heroes available during that specific Draw.

Others who have played the game also said that it’s possible to pull very powerful heroes at the beginning of the game. Usually, these powerful heroes have lower probability rates. I think it is also important to obtain characters that can do a variety of special skills like heal and debuff.

Also, pulling for characters has some great animation as well.

#1 – [Boom Boom Pow] Holy Knights Marmas

Our first hero is [Boom Boom Pow] Holy Knights Marmas. Based on the character design of the first pull, we can already see that the characters in this game will be very interesting.

In the anime, Marmas is a villain. Like many Holy Knights, he is a cruel character. His ability is gravity manipulation and it allows him to increase the gravity in a certain location. He also wields two metal clubs as weapons which he uses when he is activating his power while performing a song and dance.

Apparently, the game has categories for rarity: R, SR, and SSR. We would like to get more SSR characters as much as possible because this category seems to be the rarest.

#2 – [Wanted Man] Young Villager Gowther

Our second character is [Wanted Man] Young Villager Gowther. The rarity is SR which is great! I also like the character design of this one. Also, he has more attack power than the previous pull.

In the anime, Gowther is a member of The Seven Deadly Sins. He is called the Goat’s Sin of Lust. The design that we pulled is his disguise as Allan. His expression is usually emotionless and he can’t understand the meaning of friendship. His Transformation ability allows him to change his hair and skin color. He also has the Invasion ability that allows him to read the thoughts and memories of other people. He can also entrap people in their memories.

#3 – [Adventurer] Ranger Griamore

Our third character is [Adventurer] Ranger Griamore. Another SR character and a bit tankier than the previous two.

In the anime, Griamore is a Holy Knight and another cruel character. He has the ability to create defensive barriers from his body which can block magical and physical attacks. His barriers are also capable of protecting an entire town from an attack and can also entrap his enemies. Not only that, he can also use barriers offensively.

#4 – [Weird Fangs] Holy Knight Jude

Our fourth character is [Weird Fangs] Holy Knight Jude. This guy here has lower attack and defense. He is only an R but I think it is possible that R characters can be very useful depending on their skills.

In the anime, Jude is crueler compared to the other Holy Knights. He tortures and kills people. He is described as an extremely powerful villain who can appear out of nowhere from the ground.

We are getting more villains so far.

#5 – [Roars of Dawn] Captain Slater

Our fifth character is [Roars of Dawn] Captain Slater. He looks like a serial killer, but his rarity is SR. He is our third SR so far. He has high HP and high attack.

In the anime, his name is spelled as “Slader”. He is described to be a natural leader and he is willing to achieve his objectives at any cost. His ability is Overpower and it allows him to temporarily stun his enemies by exerting a very powerful aura.

#6 – [Roars of Dawn] Holy Knight Hugo

Our sixth character is [Roars of Dawn] Holy Knight Hugo. He is our third R character. He looks strong though. I hope I’m right.

In the anime, he is also a villain who will kill anyone who gets in his way. His facial appearance is unknown because he always wear his helmet. He does not have a unique ability but he can wield and use a weird weapon that can cut through steel.

# 7 – [Star of the Knight] Holy Knight Gilthunder

Our seventh character is [Star of the Knight] Holy Knight Gilthunder. He is our 4th SR character. I also hope he is powerful in this game.

In the anime, he seems to have very good character development. He is a good person when he was still a child. He was trained by Meliodas in using swords. When the Seven Deadly Sins were accused of killing his father, he wanted to get revenge. Despite being a Holy Knight, he only acts as a cruel person because the woman he loves was being held as a hostage. 🙁

#8 – [Reincarnation of Obsession] Mage Vivian

Our 8th character is [Reincarnation of Obsession] Mage Vivian. That’s a really interesting design and personality. She is our 5th SR character.

In the anime, Vivian is also a Holy Knight. She has a calm and cunning personality. She wears a mask because she lacks self-confidence. What is great about her is that she has a lot of abilities. She can teleport, trap, freeze, bend space, amplify her magic, and a lot more. She is also very obsessed with Gilthunder.

#9 – [Omen of Chaos] Druid Hendrickson

Our ninth character is [Omen of Chaos] Druid Hendrickson. That’s our 6th SR character. We have been lucky so far with our pulls.

In the anime, Hendrickson is also a villain. He is willing to capture the king and enslave the citizens to prepare for the holy war. As a Druid, he has the Purge ability that can erase evil souls like vampires and demons. He also has the capability to resurrect the dead.

He also has other abilities like Acid that can eat away the enemies’ flesh and Hellblaze that allows him to generate black flames.

#10 – [Mascot] Hawk & Elizabeth.

Our tenth pull is [Mascot] Hawk & Elizabeth. As shown below, these two have SR rarity. Since we already have them, they will be converted into Hero coins.

#11 – [Liones’s Hero] Holy Knight Gowther

Finally, our last pull is [Liones’s Hero] Holy Knight Gowther. He is our first SSR character. His attack level and HP exceeds our previous pulls so far.

In the anime, this seems to be Gowther’s usual appearance.

Now it’s time to create our player name.

Also, as a new player, Elizabeth has a gift for us.

And more gifts… 😀 I think the crystal is the premium currency in this game. The goal is to get more crystals to be able to draw rare characters and enhance their Ultimate Moves.

And more rewards…

From the gifts that we received, I like the Hero coin as shown below. It will enhance Melodias’ Ultimate Move

We also have a new outfit for Melodias. Now we know that outfits in this game also has bonus stats for the character.

We can go back to the world map by pressing the World icon below.

Now let’s go to Vanya.

Also, now that we have new allies, we can set up the team.

Obviously, we would like to add the SSR character first. 😀

In a team, there are Main slots and a Sub slot. Placing a character in a secondary or Sub slot will give us an extra skill during combat.

We can use two skills per character in the Main team, and another skill from the Sub slot for a total of seven skills.

We also received another tutorial reward.

That’s it for now for and I hope you also enjoyed the gameplay. Which characters were you able to draw?

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Tutorial Walkthrough. 🙂

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