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Marvel Future Fight – Alliance Conquest #7 – Black Widow Uniform Tests

May 23, 20205:35 pm By

Marvel Future Fight introduced a new uniform for Black Widow as part of the April 21, 2020 update. The new uniform was inspired by Marvel’s Black Widow movie that will be released on November 6, 2020.

However, on May 6, 2020, Netmarble released another patch that contains a second uniform for Black Widow.

Since I really like the Black Widow character in the game, I acquired the first one immediately after the first update. Let’s call the first uniform as the “Black Uniform” because of the color. It has the following unique uniform skill:

Applies to Self: Increase Chain Hit damage by 25% when attacking. Enhances effect of skill, Graceful Dancer, Tactical Advantage

Because of the chain hit damage and the change of the other skills, it is definitely a must-have uniform. However, after the May 6, 2020 patch, I have to acquire the second uniform as well because it is a much better fit for the way I play the game. Let’s call this the “White Uniform” and it has the following unique inform skill:

Activation Rate: 15% when dodging; Applies to Self: Heal 10% of Max HP (1 sec.) Cooldown time: 10 seconds. Enhances effect of skill, Graceful Dancer, Tactical Advantage

Clearly, the Black Uniform is better for PVE and the White Uniform is better for PVP. I am a PVP player. So if only they released both uniforms at the same time, I could have saved my crystals in the game. I have no use for the Black Uniform anymore. I really don’t like Netmarble’s devious way of releasing these two uniforms.

But let’s push our disappointment for Netmarble aside and check the performance of the White Uniform of Black Widow in the game. In Timeline Battle, it is definitely a uniform that can kill almost every character in the game. It is very powerful in this game mode because the White Uniform prioritizes the casting of her most devastating skill which is Skill 5 and it allows her to heal.

However, Alliance Conquest can be different based on my experience with other characters like Emma Frost. Emma Frost, for example, also prioritizes her 5th Skill with Incapacitation in Timeline Battle but she rarely uses it in Alliance Conquest.

Will the White Uniform of Black Widow behave the same way as Emma Frost’s uniform in Alliance Conquest or will it be an excellent counter to Jean Grey and Thanos?

Let’s find out.

Before we start our analysis, I have new card stats as shown below that we need to consider when looking at the results.

  • Max HP: 57% (with 20% HP proc)
  • Total Physical Attack: 49.9% (with +20% Physical Attack proc)
  • Total Energy Attack: 43.9%
  • Cooldown Duration: 19.4%

#1 – Jean Grey + Black Widow + Col VS. Jean Grey + Thanos + Col

The enemy’s Jean Grey and Thanos have 174,648 and 176,661 Max HP, respectively. His Max HP for both characters is below average. Both our teams have Colossus who has a passive skill that reduces damage received by 50%.

My Jean Grey and Black Widow have 301,833 and 170,277 Max HP, respectively. As you can see, my Black Widow’s Max HP is very close to the enemy’s Max HP.

In this battle, my Black Widow has 75% dodge rate and her custom gear is:

  • ITGB; Ignore Defense; Invincibility (5 sec.)

In the video, my Black Widow’s HP was depleted to 50% after two (2) seconds from the start of the battle. This activated her custom gear which kept her alive for another five (5) seconds.

So, she was able to survive for a total of seven (7) seconds only in which the five (5) seconds are due to the custom gear’s invincibility skill.

You can see in the video that she did not use her 5th Skill despite of her very low reduced cooldown duration.

I thought maybe I should unequip a CTP Reg from another character and equip it to her. That’s what I did for the next battle below.

#2 – Cap + Black Widow + Col VS. Jean Grey + Thanos +Col

I equipped her a CTP of Regeneration to increase her Max HP by 24.3% (with 35% shield) and used Captain America as the lead for an additional 30% increase in HP.

The enemy has the following card information:

  • Max HP: 14.4% (no proc)
  • Total Physical Attack: 44.5%
  • Total Energy Attack: 56.5%
  • Cooldown Duration: 27.2%

The enemy team has the following character stats:

  • Thanos (lead): Max HP: 223,161; CTP Reg (25% shield)
  • Jean Grey: Max HP: 239,001; CTP Reg (15% shield)
  • Colossus: CTP Refinement

My Black Widow has 237,156 Max HP as a result because of her CTP Reg and Captain America’s leadership buff. That’s a 66,789 increase in Max HP compared to the previous battle.

It is also important to note that the enemy’s leader is Thanos, therefore, the enemy can be debuffed at any point in the battle. My team has Wasp so my team cannot be debuffed for 20 seconds.

Despite her high Max HP and 75% dodge rate, and the fact that the enemy can be debuffed, my Black Widow died after ten (10) seconds from the start of the battle.

She did not use her 5th skill at all. 🙁

#3 – Cap + Black Widow + Wasp VS. Thanos + Col

I tried to battle the same team in #2 in the subsequent phase in which Jean Grey and Colossus are already dead. So we are left with Thanos with no debuff remove leadership skill.

I also used the same team in #2 where we have Captain America, Black Widow, and Colossus. Let’s watch the battle below:

My Captain America died because he is only equipped with CTP of Destruction.

What is good here is that after Captain America and Wasp died, we can now clearly see the skills Black Widow is using.

The skills that she keeps looping are Skill 2 and Skill 4. 🙁

These two (2) skills helped her survive until the timer ended because of the i-frames. However, these skills also barely scratched Thanos. She did not even loop three (3) or four (4) skills despite her very low cooldown duration.

I’m expecting Skill 4 to have at least more damage compared to her Skill 1 to 3. But apparently, only her Skill 5 can kill meta characters (with Colossus) and she’s not using it.

#4 – Cap + Black Widow + Wasp VS. Cap + Thanos + Wasp

Since we keep on failing to kill Thanos or Jean Grey with Colossus in the enemy team, we tried battling a Thanos with no Colossus to see if Black Widow can at least kill him.

The enemy has the following card information:

  • Max HP: 18.5% (no proc)
  • Total Physical Attack: 37.1%
  • Total Energy Attack: 52.5%
  • Cooldown Duration: 30.4%

The enemy team has the following character stats:

  • Captain America (lead): Max HP: 195414; CTPD
  • Thanos: Max HP: 182,409; CTPA (5 secs invi.)
  • Wasp

Note that the enemy’s Thanos has below average Max HP because it is only equipped with CTP of Authority.

In this battle, Black Widow is still not using her 5th Skill. However, the Thanos of the enemy cannot heal because of the continuous attack from my team and ITGB pierce (at 0:42) which is certainly not from Black Widow. Black Widow has no ITGB pierce on her skills based on my test in Timeline Battle.

Thanos eventually died after ten (10) seconds from the start of the battle.

Based on this battle result, Black Widow may defeat Thanos with the following conditions:

  • Thanos has CTPA only
  • No Jean Grey/Colossus in the enemy’s team
  • Black Widow is partnered with another character with huge damage
  • Black Widow is only using Skills 1 to 4

#5 – Cap + Black Widow + Wasp VS. Cap + Thanos + Wasp

In this battle, we will see if Black Widow can survive the awakened skill of any of the Warriors of the Sky.

We still have Captain America as the lead in our team and Black Widow’s Max HP is 211,893.

The enemy’s second team is composed of the following:

  • Blue Dragon (lead) – +65% increase of All Attacks for the WOTS allies
  • Sun Bird – can revive the team
  • War Tiger

The first life of the three warriors of the sky was depleted in just two (2) seconds from the start of the battle. However, after the revive, Blue Dragon used her awakened skill and killed both Black Widow and Captain America.

Summary for Black Widow’s White Uniform

Black Widow’s White Uniform is excellent in Timeline Battle.

In Alliance Conquest, she will barely use her 5th Skill which is supposed to be the skill that makes this uniform worth acquiring. She never used it in any of my tests at all.

She may be able to kill some poorly built Thanos with no Colossus, but she won’t stand a chance against Thanos, Jean Grey, and Colossus if she is not using her 5th Skill.

Her heal is just average even if you equipped her a CTP of Regeneration. Thanos and Jean Grey still have better heal.

She still cannot survive the awakened skill of any of the Warriors of the Sky who has a good build.

I hope this helped your Alliance Conquest gameplay. 🙂

I’ll see you in my next Alliance Conquest post.

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