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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay #5 – Tutorial Walkthrough

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In our last post about The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay Mobile Game Walkthrough, Meliodas pulled Gilthunder’s sword from the ground and the water started flowing again in the village. The villagers wanted to celebrate by going to the Tavern.

I finally finished watching Season 1 of The Seven Deadly Sins anime. It’s one of the best anime series I’ve watched since Demon Slayer and Black Clover. I really enjoyed it. Because of that, I became more excited about playing this mobile game. And based on where we are in the game so far, it consistently followed the story in the anime. So it’s really fun for me as a player to relive the story and be part of it. I hope you do too. 🙂

Episode 6 – Peace Restored

After defeating Gilthunder’s underlings, we can now move around the village. By clicking at the mission on the upper-right corner of the screen, you can see more details on what to do next. According to the mission, we need to buy 3 ingredients.

I think we need to go to the lady right there.

Apparently, the lady is a Materials Merchant where we can buy some ingredients for cooking. We are supposed to buy the first three ingredients as shown below.

We will purchase Aged Meat. I don’t want to spend too many gold coins so we will go for 1 unit only. Until we know the other uses of gold coins, let’s try to save as much as we can for now.

We will also purchase 1 unit of Vegetables.

And then we will purchase 1 unit of Butter.

It’s also possible to sell items to the Materials Merchant lady. But we won’t sell anything because we don’t have much to sell at this point in the game. And it’s not part of the current task to sell anything.

We received a Hawk Pass Mission Achievement Special just by buying those materials.

Now we can run back to the Tavern to cook for the villagers.

In the Tavern, Hawk will teach us more about the game mechanics. Part of the game is to accommodate customers at the Tavern. There are different ways to do that. Let’s start with serving Vanya ale.

To get some Vanya ale, we need to go to this container and click the bottle icon.

Here Meliodas will start pouring the ale. For some reason, a +100 appeared while pouring. Is this an increase in experience level?

So now we have a new item called Vanya Ale with R rarity. Even items in this game have their own rarity level.

Now that we got the Ale, it’s time to serve it to customers. We need to run to the customers at the table.

When we are already near the customers, we need to click the Ale Pint icon.

Meliodas will then put the Ale on the table. Another +100 appeared. I wish the game could explain these numbers.

Once the customer leaves the table, part of the game mechanics is to clean the table.

To clean a table, we need to go to an empty table and click the wash cloth icon.

Meliodas will then start cleaning the table. Another +100 appeared.

I think this is one of the ways to earn gold coins in the game. Right now we only have 153,700 gold coins. We will get more gold coins as we gain more progress.

Completing this tutorial on how to serve customers gave us another 10,000 gold coins reward.

I tried cleaning the table again, but it seems like there is no more +100 if you already cleaned it.

I’m actually a bit lost on what to do after that so let’s walk around and see what the game wants us to do next. Looks like we need to click the ? icon on Hawk.

But he told us to just keep moving and serve more customers. 😀

Okay, so what we did was actually correct. We are not supposed to serve more customers for now. The task was completed after talking with Hawk and now we are back in the story.

Since it’s Elizabeth’s first time to serve in the Tavern, she keeps making a lot of mistakes. Mead then teased her about not knowing anything about housework. We can’t blame her, she’s a princess.

This is when the older lady mentioned the Forest of White Dreams. She told Mead that she will chuck him in this forest if he keeps misbehaving.

According to Mead, the Forest of White Dreams is terrifying that even the Holy Knights are avoiding it.

We also received a reward for finishing this quest. I think we received some kind of necklace item.

Just like in the anime, Elizabeth went out of the Tavern because she felt sad about her frequent mistakes. Meliodas, while inside the Tavern, suddenly felt the upcoming danger coming from miles away. So he made an excuse to hawk that he will just go to the bathroom.

Episode 7 – Surprise Attack

We need to go to the Tavern door to go outside and stop the surprise attack.

A few minutes before Meliodas sensed the upcoming danger, Gilthunder who is located from a faraway location asked one of the soldiers about the exact distance and location of Vanya.

With that information, Gilthunder charged his spear with lightning.

He threw the spear to Vanya’s location. These characters are extremely powerful to be able to launch an attack from several miles away.

The spear then thrusts through the atmosphere. It will definitely destroy the village if it’s not stopped.

Outside the Tavern, Elizabeth is expressing her feelings. But when you get a response like “Is that so?”, you know the listener doesn’t care about what you are saying. Meliodas is focusing on where the spear will be coming from.

Probably a little to the left.

Apparently, Meliodas can do multitasking. He can listen to Elizabeth and locate the direction of the spear.

Here comes the spear!

Meliodas tried to stop it, but the force is too strong it dragged him down to the village.

And destroying some of the houses along the way.

Just a little bit more, it will already stop.

Whew! 😀

Meliodas immediately threw back the spear from where it came from.

It almost hit Gilthunder’s head if he did not move a little. This revealed to Gilthunder that Meliodas is back because no one else is capable of throwing back something as precise as that.

We barely did anything except watch the animation and the quest is already completed. We received more gold coins and another R item.

Back to the story, Meliodas said that they need to leave the village right away. It’s dangerous for the village if they will stay longer.

Since Elizabeth heard about the Forest of White Dreams from Mead and that the Holy Knight don’t usually go there, she suggested to go to the forest.

Hawk and Meliodas agreed. But Meliodas is not going there to hide. He’s sure that another member of the Seven Deadly Sins can be found in that forest.

Episode 8 – In Search of Allies

If you notice below, one of the Rewards for clearing this episode is Diane. Diane is one of the members of the Seven Deadly Sins.

In the world map, we have to select the new circle outside Vanya as the new location.

According to Hawk, we will encounter various items as we travel and we can manage those items in the Item Storage.

To go to the Item Storage which is currently locked, click the Menu icon below. Note that all items that we received from our previous quests while the Item Storage is locked can now be accessed.

On the next screen, you can find Item Storage as the first option. Hawk will walk as through on how to use it.

Click on the Item Storage option. The first tab of the Item Storage contains the materials for growth. It is also labeled as the “Ingredients” tab in case you got confused.

Here is a clearer view of the Ingredients tab. It’s definitely not the ingredients used for cooking because I can see items that look like potions, wings, horns, and gems.

The Cooking tab contains completed dishes and cooking ingredients.

The 1-Use tab contains the Draw tickets that we previously used for obtaining characters. It also contains other consumable items which I’m not sure yet what those are.

The Misc. tab contains items that can be sold and quest items.

The Equipment tab contains Equipment in use and Owned Equipment.

Now let’s continue with our journey to the Forest of White Dreams.

After we selected the circle on the world map, it seems like we encountered enemies that we need to defeat. We will use our team below to battle.

It’s our first time to battle spiders so we need to check their stats.

The spiders are called Giant Poisonous Spiders. They are currently at Level 5 so they are not far from our level. We also have Gowther at Level 4, Meliodas at Level 6, and Hawk & Elizabeth at Level 6.

The skill of the spiders is an Attack Type skill as indicated by the Red Sword icon at the upper-right corner of the skill icon.

This is also a good chance to use Gowther’s skills because we were not able to use it in our previous posts. We selected two of his skills and then we have Meliodas’ Full Counter as the third.

The first skill of Gowther is called “Pain Edition”. It has the following effect for a 1 star skill:

Inflicts Weak Point damage equal to 60% of Attack on all enemies. Weak Point: 3x damage against Debuffed enemies.

I like this skill because it deals damage to all enemies. It is an Attack Type skill based on the skill icon.

The second skill of Gowther is called “Black Out”. It has the following effect:

Disables Debuff Skills of all enemies for 1 turn.

This skill doesn’t deal damage but the enemy can’t use a debuff skill after our turn. This skill of Gowther is a Debuff Type.

Since our enemies only use an Attack Type skill and not a Debuff Type skill, “Black Out” is useless in this battle. But at least we were able to see the animation which is cool.

The enemies are barely scratching our characters.

We finally ended this battle using “Pain Edition” from Gowther.

Defeating the enemies increases our experience level and it’s another way to earn Gold coins as shown below.

Before we reach the Forest of White Dreams, it looks like we have another stop. This could be another group of creatures that we need to battle.

That’s it for now. I really enjoyed our adventure. Did you already watch the anime? I would like to hear from you.

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Tutorial Walkthrough. ?

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