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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay #6 – Tutorial Walkthrough

June 22, 20206:41 am By

We are back with another The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay Tutorial Walkthrough. In our last post, we are on our way to the Forest of White Dreams to find another member of the Seven Deadly Sins.

We received a lot of login rewards from this mobile game because it just celebrated its first 100 days. 😀 It was released last March 3, 2020, and its 100th day was last June 11, 2020.

Let’s now continue with our adventure.

Episode 8 – In Search of Allies (cont.)

Back to the story, we are now near the Forest of White Dreams, but it looks like we have one more battle stop as indicated by the circle spot before the forest.

We will still use the same team from our last post because I want to see more Holy Knight Gowther (SSR) action. He is our only SSR character so far which means he is our most powerful team member right now.

The enemies are three Giant Venomous Spiders. We already knew from our last post that these spiders can only use Attack Type skills. We want to finish this battle as fast as we can.

In our first turn, let’s use Gowther’s Pain Edition skill.

It’s so powerful that the HP of each of the spiders was depleted to half.

And then we’ll use Meliodas’ Full Counter which will only activate during the enemy’s turn if they attacked Meliodas.

The Full Counter skill activated when one of the spiders attacked Meliodas.

It’s also very powerful because the middle spider that attacked Meliodas died.

What’s amazing is that Full Counter does not only work once during the enemy’s turn. It also activated when another spider attacked Meliodas.

The Full Counter skill slashed the spider’s HP to zero.

It’s now our turn and Gowther’s Ultimate Skill charge is almost full. We just need to use one more skill from him during this turn. However, I feel that the spider won’t survive after this turn to see his Ultimate Move. 😀

We are lucky to have two adjacent 1-star skills of Black Out from Gowther. It’s amazing to know that the skill effect changed after it became a 2-star skill.

The 1-star Skill of Black Out from our previous post only has the following skill description:

Disables Debuff Skills of all enemies for 1 turn.

The 2-star skill now has a much improved effect as shown below:

Decreases Attack of all enemies by 20% and disables Buff and Debuff Skills for 2 turn(s).

In the anime, Gowther’s skill is more feared by Dreyfus, a Great Holy Knight and one of the most powerful enemies in Season 1. Gowther’s skills in the anime can affect the mind of the enemy. He can get inside someone’s head and make the enemy relive any trauma or terrible memories. In the anime, there are a lot of instances where physical injuries were easily healed by potions and spells, but mind damage is something else.

Back to the battle, we defeated the last spider using Meliodas’ Triple Attack skill.

We also earned some coins, 100 XP for the MVP, and 50 XP for the other team members.

Finally, we can now go to the Forest of White Dreams.

After we got inside the forest, we were also able to unlock a new path on the map to SP Dungeon (Fort Solgres). There are various quests in that location but right now, I’m more interested in continuing the story.

Hawk then appeared and it looks like he will first tell us how to enhance our characters. Is it because our current level is not enough to face the enemies in the Forest of White Dreams?

Let’s try enhancing ourselves, shall we? Let’s click on the Heroes icon below.

We will select Meliodas. But before that, you may notice that we have additional 2 SSR characters which we obtained during the 100 days event. The game gave free SSR draw tickets for the celebration. 😀

At the next screen that shows the character details, we will click the Enhance icon.

According to Hawk, we will need materials and gold to enhance our characters. The amount of XP increase will depend on the material’s rank that will be used.

Let’s try selecting the 1-star XP potion. I dont know what it’s called actually, but it looks like a potion bottle.

Also, according to Hawk, we can check the amount of XP that we will gain when selecting the materials.

Let’s try. Before we selected the XP potion, Meliodas is currently at Level 7.

After selecting 1 unit of 1-star potion, we are expecting the XP increase to Level 10 (12%) as shown below and the gold cost is 600 coins.

The animation when enhancing is very nice.

It seems like we can gain additional bonus XP if we are lucky because we are now at Level 11 (76%).

Hawk also wants us to learn how to use Equipment.

To go to this screen, from the main screen, click Heroes > Equipment icon. There are a total of 6 Equipment slots and we need to put equipment to make our characters stronger. You can see the 6 equipment slots below. There are 3 on the left side and 3 on the right side of the character avatar.

Let’s click the Shield icon below. The icons on the left are filters to display the equipment with specific stats. It will make our life easier to find equipment based on stats.

Right now we only have two equipment under the Shield icon. We will select the bracelet. The equipment also has ranks or grades. This one has a C rank. We don’t know the range of ranking yet. Let’s learn as we play the game.

The game automatically identifies the specific equipment slot that it will go into. The item is called Iron Wall – Bracelet and it will enhance our Attack by 97 points.

Hawk also introduces us to Equipment Set Bonus.

Equipment set bonus is like a unique effect if a group of equipment are used together. You can find the Set Bonus in the location below. Right now, it says “No active equipment effects.” because we haven’t put more equipment yet.

To obtain a Set Bonus, let’s try to use the equipment below.

The game automatically identified the second slot for us. The equipment is called “Iron Wall- Necklace” and it adds 56 Defense points.

According to Hawk, there are different Set Bonuses and each bonus has its own equipment composition. It seems like we can only use one Set Bonus at a time.

Now we have a Set Bonus icon as shown below. Let’s see the effect.

If we press on the icon, we can see the Set Bonus effect. The Set Bonus is “Iron Wall” and it adds 20% increase in Defense.

Since we have more items in our Equipment inventory, let’s try adding more equipment to Meliodas. Let’s click on the second equipment below that looks like a necklace.

After clicking, it seems like we cannot put equipment with the same type. In this case, we need to replace the necklace that we previously equipped. Our new item is called “Onslaught – Necklace”. It has a UC rank and has better stats. It will add 69 points to defense and another 13 bonus increase.

It’s a really good thing that we don’t need to destroy the old necklace. We can click Remove and it will be unequipped.

If we try to select the red bracelet, the game also prompts us that we have to remove the Bracelet that we equipped earlier.

If we click Equip instead of Remove above, the game will prompt us that the new equipment will replace the old equipment. Will this destroy the old equipment?

Let’s try to remove the old one to be safe and then equip the new one. Now, we have equipped a more powerful bracelet.

The old bracelet is back in our Equipment Inventory.

The old necklace is also back in our Equipment Inventory.

We tried equipping the old necklace again just to check if it will not be destroyed if we select Equip again using the new necklace.

We searched for the new necklace by selecting the Sword Icon on the left (Y-axis) and Necklace icon on the top (X-axis). This is how the filtering works. Let’s try clicking Equip without removing the old necklace.

The new necklace is now equipped.

The old necklace is now back in the inventory. So now we can confirm that clicking Equip for the new equipment without removing the old equipment will not destroy the old equipment.

Let’s also equip another item called “Recovery – Belt”. It adds 4,769 HP and it has an SSR rank. It seems like this is the rarest rank. I think I was able to obtain it as a login bonus. So don’t forget to log in every day.

Let’s also equip another one. It’s called “Iron Wall – Earrings” and it adds 69 points to Defense. Meliodas is tougher now that we have 3 defensive equipment.

I think that’s all we can equip for now for Meliodas. We don’t have many equipment items yet for the other slots.

Let’s try enhancing Gowther instead. We have a lot of XP potions below with different Ranks. We have 5-star XP potions which I think will give more XP increase than the lower rank potions.

After clicking 1 unit of 5-star XP potion, we can expect the XP to increase from Level 5 to Level 26. That’s a lot of XP increase. 😀

Again, a very nice animation.

Instead of Level 26, the we got more XP and Gowther is now at Level 32!

Let’s try enhancing Gowther to Level 50. Below are the before and after stats which are amazing.

Level 5 to Level 50

  • Attack: 821 > 2,396
  • Defense: 423 > 1,233
  • HP: 8,293 > 27,148

We also enhanced Hawk & Elizabeth from Level 6 to Level 40. Below are the before and after stats. That’s also a lot of increase. 😀

Level 6 to Level 40

  • Attack: 540 > 1,560
  • Defense: 410 > 1,022
  • HP: 6480 > 21,100

We are not done yet. Let’s enhance Meliodas to Level 40. Below are the before and after stats! 😀

Level 7 to Level 40

  • Attack: 770 > 1,880
  • Defense: 558 > 1,290
  • HP: 6850 > 25,479

Now Hawk wants to teach us about Evolving the characters. After enhancing to the maximum level of the Rank, our characters can still become stronger with Evolution.

According to Hawk, evolution changes the appearance of the characters and enhances their stats.

Currently, we have Meliodas at SR level. His next rank is SSR. To evolve Meliodas, we will need the materials listed below and the stats increase are as follows:

Level 40 to Level 50

  • Attack: 1,880 > 2,418
  • Defense: 51,290 > 1,648
  • HP: 25,479 > 32,849

We can collect the evolution materials from the Attribute Dungeon. We still don’t know where that is. Right now, I don’t think we need to hurry on our evolution. In our last battle, the spiders are only at Level 6. Now our levels are Level 40 (Meliodas), Level 40 (Hawk&Elizabeth), and Level 50 (Gowther). Certainly, if we faced new enemies in the Forest of White Dreams, we can easily defeat them. 😀

That’s it for now. I really enjoyed our adventure. Did you like what we learned today? I would like to hear from you.

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Tutorial Walkthrough. ?

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