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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay #8 – Walkthrough

July 3, 20203:11 pm By

We are back with another The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay Walkthrough. I’m calling this one a walkthough instead of a tutorial walkthrough because I feel like we are already done with most of the tutorial aspects of the game.

Continuing where we left off, we are still in the Forest of White Dreams and we already found one of the members of The Seven Deadly Sins.

Episode 8 – In Search of Allies (cont.)

Chapter 8-3: Meeting The Serpent Sin of Envy

Finally, we are now going to meet The Serpent Sin of Envy. 😀

We will still use the same team, because I really like using Gowther, Meliodas, and Hawk & Elizabeth.

I like how they put a loading screen that looks like a chapter cover from a book.

The Hide and Seeks are trying to awaken the giant girl who is sleeping on the ground. Her name is Diane.

The Hide and Seeks told Diane that they were not able to keep the Holy Knight out from the forest. They are of course pertaining to Meliodas.

It seems like Diane has this anger against the Holy Knights. She immediately attacked Meliodas’ group after hearing that they are Holy Knights.

Suddenly, we’re in a battle with the Hide and Seeks again. We will use Gowther’s Paid Edition and Meliodas’ Full Counter because I really like these skills. 😎

The Hide and Seeks are at Level 8. Pain Edition’s animation is so beautiful.

The three groups of Hide and Seeks were all defeated with just one Pain Edition skill and Meliodas’ Full Counter is now ready.

Then two more groups of Level 8 Hide and Seeks appeared.

We selected Pain Edition again as our first skill.

They also died from one Pain Edition. Now that we have Gowther at Level 50, this battle was very easy.

However, the battle is not yet over. Diane then suddenly appeared.

And then these numbers appeared before the battle. It is called the “Total Team CC”. What does CC mean? It doesn’t seem like the total combined attacks of the team because right now, we only have Gowther at 2,396 and the other two in our team have less than that. It’s not total HP of the team as well. But I guess the good thing is that we have more than twice the number of Diane.

Apparently, we were selected as “1st” which means we get to attack first.

Unfortunately for Diane, Gowther’s Ultimate Move is ready because we used his Pain Edition in the previous battles. If you noticed, Diane also selected 3 skills on the upper-left corner of the screen.

Then her selected skills went down to 1 without even attacking. What just happened? 😕

It’s our turn and we will use Gowther’s Ultimate Move. Diane is at Level 14 which is a lot higher than the Level 8 Hide and Seeks that we defeated. But with an Ultimate Move from a Level 50 Gowther, what will happen?

This animation of Rewrite Light will never get old. 😀

It gave Diane a headache.

And a final blow. But she’s still alive with 25% HP remaining. That’s amazing. 😮

We still have Triple Attack skill from Meliodas.

She’s too big, Meliodas only attacked her legs. 😀

That second skill defeated her. We won!

This chapter is now completed.

In the anime, Diane was able to recognize Meliodas after grabbing him with her hand. She really likes her captain a lot. It’s a relief that she’s on our side.

Elizabeth was surprised that Diane called Meliodas “Captain”. In the anime, Meliodas is the leader of The Seven Deadly Sins.

Hawk and Elizabeth finally met The Serpent Sin of Envy.

Diane wondered who’s the girl in front of her so Elizabeth introduced herself.

After learning that Elizabeth and Meliodas are traveling together, she went on a rampage. 😀 She thought that she finally reunited with the man he loves,only to find him with another girl. It broke her heart in a funny way. 😆

Meliodas explained that Elizabeth is on a journey to find The Seven Deadly Sins to stop the Holy Knights.

Diane apologized after hearing the reason why Elizabeth is with Meliodas.

Diane decided that she will join Meliodas in finding the other members.

Chapter 8-4: The Lightning King’s Pursuit

The chapter title sounds like we will meet Gilthunder again.

The game selected our team for us. Diane is a required character and I’m excited to see her skills.

Let’s do this.

Suddenly, they heard noises of fleeing animals and smelled rain clouds in the air.

There’s an actual thunder cloud in the sky.

The lightning formed around Meliodas and it’s trying to hold him in his position.

Everyone was caught. Hawk and Elizabeth were unable to move.

Then Gilthunder appeared in front of them.

According to Meliodas, Gilthunder never defeated him, not even once.

But that was eons ago according to Gilthunder. I wonder how many years is the equivalent exactly. Even in the anime, the lifespan of the characters can vary depending on their race. Giants and fairies, for example, can live a lot longer than humans. Gilthunder’s race is human. Can a human who has the power of a Holy Knight live longer?

When Gilthunder was still a kid, Meliodas is already one of the Holy Knights. Meliodas taught Gilthunder how to use a sword in battle. But now, he’s more powerful than The Seven Deadly Sins according to him. Do you believe him?

This is going to be an interesting fight. 😀

We have more Total Team CC and I think that determines who will attack first.

Let’s see Diane’s skills!

We checked Gilthunder’s stats. He’s at Level 15 only and he has lower attack power than Gowther and Meliodas. We can also see here that his race is Human.

He has an Attack Type skill with the following description:

Skill: Thunder Scream Strike (1*) – Inflicts Spike damage equal to 160% of Attack on one enemy. *Spike: 2x Crit Damage Increase.

He also has another skill with the following description:

Skill: Lightning King’s Heavy Armor (1*) – Assumes a Stance which Taunts enemies and decreases damage taken by 30% when attacked for 1 turn(2). *Taunt: Directs all attacks to self.

Based on the icon of the skill, the skill type of Lightning King’s Heavy Armor is Stance Skill from 1* to 3*. If you still remember in our first post, “Stance Skill” is one of the Skill Types aside from Attack Skill and Buff Skill. Stance Skills are skills which provide effects while assuming a stance. Meliodas’ Full Counter is an example of a Stance Skill.

Gilthunder’s Ultimate Move has the following description:

Skill (Ultimate Move): Lightning King Decapitation – Inflicts damage equal to 560% of Attack on one enemy. Shocks for 4 turn(s). *Shock: Additional damage equal to 30% of damage dealt at the end of every turn.

Now let’s check Diane’s stats. Diane is at Level 20 with a slightly higher attack power than Gilthunder. Even though she’s higher in Level than Gilthunder, she has less defense and HP.

Her first skill has the following description. Note that the 1* of this skill is an Attack Skill Type. It changes to a Debuff Attack Skill Type at 2* and 3*.

If you still remember, Debuff Attack Skill has a RED skull icon. On the other hand, a Debuff Skill has a PURPLE skull icon.

Skill (1*): Metal Fist – Inflicts damage equal to 220% of Attack on one enemy.

Her second skill has the following description. It is a Debuff Skill Type from 1* to 3*.

Skill (1*): Sand Whirl – Decreases Defense-related stats of all enemies by 20% for 2 turn(s).

Diane’s Ultimate Move has the following description:

Skill (Ultimate Move): Inflicts Pierce damage equal to 350% of Attack on all enemies. *Pierce: 3x Pierce Rate Increase.

Back in our battle, we selected two skills from Diane which are Metal Fist and Sand Whirl and Gowther’s Black Out. From these 3 skills, only Metal Fist can deal damage to the enemy.

The Metal Fist skill has a simple animation. Diane jumps and punches from above the enemy. It also created huge damage on the ground.

The Sand Whirl skill has a cool animation. 😀

It’s now Gilthunder’s turn and I think he used a Stance Skill because we did not see any skill from him during his turn except for the Active Unique animation as shown below.

We selected 3 1* Paid Edition of Gowther. I don’t think Gilthunder will survive this.

The first 1* Pain Edition hit him with Critical damage. He survived with around 60% HP left.

The second 1* Pain Edition left him with around 30% HP.

We used the third 1* Pain Edition. Will he survive this? 😕

Gilthunder survived with around 5% HP left. If he was in a Stance Skill, he received 30% reduced damage from our 3 1* Pain Edition attacks.

It’s now Gilthunder’s turn and I think he used Thunder Scream Strike. He thrust forward to Diane.

The animation is simple but looks nice. He just swung his sword once with a bit of lightning energy on it.

It barely decreased Diane’s HP. 😀

Since there are two skill icons on the upper-left corner, Gilthunder will use another skill.

Now we are sure that he used the Stance Skill as his second skill because we can see the lightning shield.

It’s now our turn and we can see Gilthunder is glowing. His Ultimate Move bar is now full. If he lives after our turn, he will attack with his Ultimate Move.

We used Diane’s Metal Fist.

Gilthunder survived with a little bit of HP left.

I’m merciless so we used Pain Edition as our second skill. 😀 This ended the battle.

Back to the dialogue, Gilthunder asked if Meliodas has any last words. In the anime, Meliodas deliberately took a blow from Gilthunder for a reason. Meliodas was hurt but he’s definitely not going to die.

He acted like he’s going to die then he asked Gilthunder if he knows what happened to the other members of The Seven Deadly Sins.

According to Gilthunder, he only knows what happened to two of the other members. The Fox Sin of Greed is locked up in Baste Prison and The Grizzly Sin of Sloth is dead, dumped in the Capital of the Dead.

This chapter is now cleared.

Back to the animation, Gilthunder is now going to give the final blow to Meliodas.

But he was suddenly grabbed by Diane.

He was then thrown away by the giant.

Since we cleared this chapter, the Daily Tasks are now unlocked. 😀

We also received Diane as a reward. We can now use her in our gameplay. 😀

In our next post, we will start with Episode 9 – A Girl’s Dream. 🙂

I really enjoyed our battles today. I think it was fun. Did you like our post today? I would like to hear from you.

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Tutorial Walkthrough. ?

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