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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay #7 – Tutorial Walkthrough

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In our last post about The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross mobile gameplay, we learned how to enhance our characters. We also defeated the last group of monsters before we reached the Forest of White Dreams.

We were able to reach Level 50 for Gowther and Level 40 for Meliodas and Hawk & Elizabeth because we used our stock of XP potions. So today, I hope we can learn more about the game and the story.

Let’s continue with our adventure. 😀

Episode 8 – In Search of Allies (Forest of White Dreams)

Chapter 8-1: Suspicious Shadows

Back to the story, we are now in the Forest of White Dreams.

The game would like to confirm the team that we will use for the Suspicious Shadows chapter. Meliodas is a required hero in this chapter so we cannot remove him. All our Main characters were previously enhanced up to their maximum level and this increased our attack, defense, and HP.

After that, let’s press Start to begin.

We now see the animation just like in the anime. The Forest of White Dreams is very foggy. Maybe that’s how it got its name. We are expecting to find another member of The Seven Deadly Sins here. 😉

Elizabeth is actually frightened right now because she heard stories that there are terrifying monsters in this forest.

According to Meliodas, it’s easy to get lost in the forest and it’s not easy to pass through it on horseback so even hunters and drifters avoid it.

Suddenly, Hawk multiplied and each is claiming to be the real Hawk. 😮

It seems like this is the ability of the monsters in the forest.

Looks like we have to battle the monsters that look like Hawk. There are three Level 5 Hawk in the enemy’s team. This is going to be easy because we are already at level 40 to 50. 😉

We used Pain Edition Skill from Gowther.

With just one skill, we defeated all three enemies. 😮

The battle is not over yet because two more copies of Hawk appeared.

Again, with just a 1-star Pain Edition from Gowther, the enemy team was annihilated.

And we finally cleared this sub-episode. 😀

We did not receive experience gain for the Main team because we are already at max.

Back to the story, just like in the anime, Meliodas attacked all copies of Hawk including the real Hawk which is a bit funny because that’s how rough he is to him. 😆

Hawk’s copies disappeared, however, the monsters transformed into copies of Elizabeth.

It’s really hard to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not because the monsters can copy even the slightest mannerisms. 😕

There is also a creepy monster voice coming from nowhere telling them to leave the forest.

Even Meliodas is having a hard time in identifying the real Elizabeth.

Chapter 8-2: Emergence of Hide and Seeks

We are now in a new chapter. Based on the chapter’s title, are the monsters called “Hide and Seeks”? Let’s find out.

The game wants us to confirm the team again that will be used for this new chapter.

Let’s keep the same team for now. 😛

Back to the story, all copies are claiming to be Elizabeth. I feel like these monsters are just really harmless and they copy people just to scare them.

Meliodas already found a way to find out who is the real one.

He wants all the Elizabeths to raise their right hand and put it on their left cheek and say his name in a tender way. As expected, he will not be rough when it comes to Elizabeth. 🙂

Every Elizabeth did it perfectly. So what now?

Meliodas then instructed them to jump into the air.

However, the real Elizabeth was unable to jump for some reason that is not disclosed in this game. The true reason why Elizabeth can’t jump is in the anime if you were able to watch it.

The reason why she can’t jump is not really appropriate for kids. Anyway, this anime was made for adults just so you know. 😀

Meliodas cut through the other Elizabeths and their true forms were revealed.

So now it’s confirmed that the monsters are called “Hide and Seeks”.

The monsters tried to flee and our team chased them.

The battle begun after our team caught up to them. There are three groups of Hide and Seeks and each group is composed of three. Each group shares only one HP bar and all these three groups are at Level 8 which is a little higher than the level of monsters we fought previously.

We attacked with Pain Edition skill from Gowther because that’s our favorite skill as of this moment. Unlike before, the enemies did not die in one hit. But there’s around 25% of their HP left. The other two skills are the debuff spell of Gowther that deals no damage and Full Counter of Meliodas which will only activate during the enemy’s turn if Meliodas was attacked.

Combining similar adjacent spells also adds to the Ultimate Move bar as shown below. From two yellow orbs, Meliodas’ Ultimate Move bar now has three yellow orbs. I guess we learned something new. 😎

Two more skills of Meliodas combined and now he has 4 yellow orbs.

The middle group of Hide and Seeks tried to attack Meliodas.

This activated his Full Counter skill.

It killed the group who attacked him. But since the other two groups of Hide and Seeks attacked Gowther and Elizabeth, they did not receive any damage from Full Counter skill.

During our turn, we used the 3-star skill of Meliodas that was previously created.

The 3-star skill has improved damage as described below:

Skill (3*): Triple Attack: Inflicts Weak Point damage equal to 275% of Attack on one enemy. *Weak Point: 3x damage against Debuffed enemies.

Looking back in our first post, the 1-star version of the same skill has less damage as described below:

Skill (1*): Triple Attack – Inflicts Weak Point damage equal to 110% of Attack on one enemy. *Weak Point: 3x damage against Debuffed enemies.

One of the two remaining groups of Hide and Seek died after receiving the 3* Triple Attack. The weakness of this skill is that it can’t deal damage to all enemies unless they all attacked Meliodas, thus, there is still one remaining Hide and Seek group that is alive.

The other two skills that we selected are just debuff skills from Gowther which I deliberately used so that we can use our Ultimate Move. 😀

Now we have one last group and both Gowther and Meliodas have a full bar for their Ultimate Move.

Two more new groups of Hide and Seek appeared which is a good thing so that we can practice the Ultimate Moves. A message on the screen shows that “Preparations are at 100%” which means we can already use the Ultimate Move of Gowther.

Both Gowther and Meliodas are glowing.

Two Ultimate Moves are now available for selection.

Let’s use Gowther’s Ultimate Move first.

Gowther’s Ultimate Move has the following description:

Ultimate Move: Rewrite Light – Inflicts damage equal to 350% of Attacks on all enemies and depletes 3 Ultimate Move Gage orb(s).

The animation of his Ultimate Move started with his signature pose.

He then materialized a bow-like energy from both hands. Multiple orb lights also formed around it.

Of course, he needs to say the name of the skill in Japanese which is kind of cool.

After saying the skill name, the orb of lights charged to the enemy like arrows.

The lights created more arrows of light as it hit each other along the way.

The arrows finally hit all the Hide and Seeks.

There is one last powerful blast at the end which is amazing.

All the enemies were defeated. I guess we can only practice one Ultimate Move for now. If every Ultimate Move has these cool animations, I would like to see every one of them.

And we finally cleared this chapter. 🙂

In the anime, the skill Rewrite Light was used by Gowther when he and Meliodas along with another member attacked the enemies in the Kingdom of Liones.

Rewrite Light did not deal any damage to the enemies in the anime. It was used by Gowther so that they can avoid hurting all the weak holy knights that are being manipulated by the main antagonist.

Gowther used Rewrite Light to temporarily modify the memories of the enemies so that the latter will think that Gowther, Meliodas, and another member of the Seven Deadly Sins are their loved ones whom they did not see for a long time. They received plenty of hugs from the enemies instead of swords as a result. 🙂

Back to the game’s story, we are still chasing the Hide and Seeks in the game animation.

It looks like we found the person whom the Hide and Seeks are running to.

Elizabeth saw a girl.

A little girl?

That does not seem very little.

Not little at all…

In our next post, let’s meet another powerful character, The Serpent Sin of Envy, one of The Seven Deadly Sins.

That’s it for now. I really enjoyed our adventure. I think it was fun. Did you like what we learned today? I would like to hear from you.

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Tutorial Walkthrough. ?

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