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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay #9 – Walkthrough

July 11, 20205:19 pm By

We are back with another The Seven Deadly Sins Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough. In our last post, we were able to acquire the character Diane, one of the members of the Seven Deadly Sins. We also defeated Gilthunder in the Forest of White Dreams.

Episode 9 – A Girl’s Dream

In our last battle, Meliodas was heavily injured. He intentionally took a blow from Gilthunder so he can obtain information on the whereabouts of the other members of The Seven Deadly Sins.

We will now go to Dalmally to find the other members. 😀

It looks like we need to do something first before leaving.

Hawk will teach us how to keep track of our tasks in the game.

Let’s press on the treasure chest icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

After pressing, we can easily see what rewards are remaining. Those look like important items. But it is still seems locked right now. We will unlock it as we move on with our gameplay. 😎

We received a nice reward from the tutorial. If I’m right, this is an XP potion.

We were also able to unlock a new task.

We already know how to wear equipment from one of our previous posts. Let’s learn how to enhance equipment instead. To enhance equipment, we need to go to our character screen and select Gowther.

Here we have a “C” Iron Wall – Bracelet that will add 97 Attack. Let’s press Equip.

It’s now equipped to Gowther.

I also added a “C” Iron Wall – Necklace that will add 56 Defense.

Let’s press the equipped “UC” Onslaught – Ring. You can see that we have two options. To Enhance or Remove. Let’s press Enhance.

We can enhance the Equipment to improve its performance. This is the screen where we can enhance the equipment. Enhancing requires Enhancement Stones and Gold as materials.

Right now, we have the Equipment at Level 0. It also shows that enhancing from Level 0 to Level 1 has a 100% Success Rate. If the Success Rate is less than 100% and the enhancement failed, we don’t have to worry because the Equipment will not be destroyed. We can also see the amount of Gold and Enhancement Stone needed for Level 0 to Level 1 enhancement.

Let’s press 300 gold.

It was a success! 😀 The Attack stat of the Ring increased from 98 to 101. Let’s press 600 gold to enhance it further.

It’s another success. 😀 Now the Attack stats is 104. Let’s press 900 gold to enhance it further.

The Attack Stat is now 107. 😀

We repeated the procedure until we reached Level 5 which is the maximum level. So basically, that’s how you enhance. The next option now is to Awaken the equipment.

Awakening adds a star at the bottom of the equipment. If you noticed, there is still no change in the “UC” rarity.

Awakening the equipment refreshes the max enhancement value. Thus, we can enhance it further. Awakening materials are Gold and Awakening Stones. The only problem we have right now is that we don’t have the Awakening Stones yet. We can find Awakening Stones from Death Matches.

Aside from increasing the enhancement max value, Awakening can also add bonus effects on Equipment.

Aside from Death Matches, Awakening Stones can be obtained from Fight Festival Shop and Exchange Materials. Right now, Death Matches is still locked until we cleared Chapter 5 – Stage [Near Ordan Village].

After equipping and enhancing equipment for Gowther, his Attack is now 2,600 and Defense is 1,547. The Total Increase in Attack and Defense are 210 and 56, respectively.

Back to our adventure, we have one stop during our travel.

We are going to use our old team. 🙂

We will be battling Level 8 bat-like creatures with Attack Type Skills.

We used Gowther’s 1* Pain Edition.

And the battle is over. I think we are too strong for the enemies right now. 😀

Let’s continue with our travel.

While on our way to Dalmally, Meliodas asked Diane what she thinks about the information that they obtained from Gilthunder.

Apparently, she doesn’t care. She only cares about her captain. 😉

Diane also mentioned how beautiful her wanted poster is. In the anime, I learned that the wanted posters are the sketched expected looks of The Seven Deadly Sins after 10 years since the people last saw them. It’s just guesswork according to Meliodas.

This is also the reason why Meliodas looks like an older man in the poster. People did not expect that his appearance will not change even after 10 years. In Season 1 of the anime, his race was never revealed although there are hints that he has demon origin.

Their plan right now is to go to Baste Prison to break Ban out. Ban is also called the Fox Sin of Greed. According to Meliodas, Baste Prison is the closest to Dalmally that’s why they are going to Ban first.

However, Elizabeth is against the plan to head out immediately to the prison. She is worried about Meliodas and according to her, treating his injuries is more important. What I like about this anime is that characters like Meliodas don’t just heal instantly from his injuries even though he is very powerful. Their vulnerability gives the viewer some suspense during battles and still makes them relatable.

Meliodas is the type who is trying to still look strong even though he is badly injured. So he told Elizabeth not to worry. You can see from Diane’s face that she is not convinced by what Meliodas just said. 😕

While it’s true that Meliodas can be badly injured, he just needs a nice sleep to heal and recover.

Meliodas went to his room but later on, Elizabeth checked on him.

She found Meliodas lying on the floor like he was dying. 😮

That startled her. 😮

We received a reward for this Episode. That was quick. If you watched the anime, the girl in the title “A Girl’s Dream” is Diane. I think that being beside her Captain is her dream all along. That’s my personal interpretation of her dream btw.

Now we will be looking for a doctor in Dalmally.

Episode 10 – Anything for the Captain

We are still on our way to Dalmally and once we get there, we need to search the town for a doctor.

We will still use the same team because we have already enhanced these characters.

We encountered some soldiers and we need to defeat them.

The soldiers are at Level 8.

We used Triple Attack of Meliodas on one soldier. The soldier was defeated instantly. 😀

Then we used Pain Edition on the remaining two soldiers.

It’s another easy battle. I think like I need more challenging battles now. 😕

We Ranked Up again after that.

We have another battle, before we arrived at the town.

It’s another group of soldiers but they are archers this time. They are still at Level 8. Although the enemies are weaker than us, I like that the game gave us a variety of enemies.

We used a 2* Pain Edition. They will not survive this.

Again, that was fast. That’s why I love using this skill.

Finally, we are now in Dalmally. Now let’s find that doctor!

It’s a beautiful town actually. The only problem is that the people of the town are scared of Diane so they keep running away.

It will be hard to find a doctor like this.

Poor Diane, she just wants to get a doctor for her Captain. It’s a bit sad. 🙁

Elizabeth said she and Hawk will find the doctor. Diane might have felt so bad that she can’t help because of her size.

Diane said she wants to be the one to save her Captain.

I guess that’s a small part of her dream that will be hard to achieve. 🙁

It’s so nice that we can walk around Dalmally. The graphics are awesome.

Always run to the direction on the “?” and you will never get lost here. Hey, I think it’s the doctor. 😀

Let’s press the “?” to talk to him.

So it’s confirmed that he’s the doctor of the village. I wonder who will treat everyone if this doctor gets sick. There should be at least two doctors in town, just a thought. 🙄

The doctor was shocked at the condition of Meliodas and he ordered Elizabeth to get him inside immediately.

It’s really hard to watch Diane. All she can do is stare to window from outside the house. 🙁

Her background music is so sad as well. 🙁 I know you can’t hear it while reading this so you should watch the anime if you’re not yet playing the game yet.

The doctor gave Meliodas a concoction medicine that he made.

The doctor was surprised that Meliodas was even alive. That lightning from Gilthunder really dealt a lot of damage.

Elizabeth watched over Meliodas while he’s sleeping. She’s blaming herself for what happened. It was actually reckless for Meliodas to take the blow just to get information about Ban and King.

Diane said she can go to Baste Prison now while Melioadas is still resting. According to her, even he wakes up soon, she doesn’t want him to go into a fight immediately so she’ll deal with the enemies in the prison on her own.

I guess that’s what the title “Anything for the Captain” is for. I wish they made a live-action movie out of this. That would be awesome.

Elizabeth wants to go with Diane, but who will look after Meliodas? You are putting too much trust on a doctor you just met Elizabeth.

Diane said she”ll just get in her way which is kind of true. 😀

Elizabeth said she wants to help as well and she thought Diane is doing it for her. But we all know Diane is only doing this for the Captain.

Diane also then suddenly told Elizabeth that Meliodas is not pushing himself because of Elizabeth and he’s the type of person who is just nice. I feel like Diane is jealous that Meliodas is doing this huge task for Elizabeth. But it’s also true that Meliodas does extreme things to help his friends.

Diane thinks she’s not pretty like Elizabeth and she wants to be small as well so she can tend to Meliodas.

She said all she can do is fight for him. Awww. I guess sometimes, you gotta do what you can only do with the best you can.

Apparently, Elizabeth has things that she wishes she could do as well but she’s not very capable to do so. These two are exact opposites, aren’t they? And they are both jealous of each other.

Suddenly, a swarm of bugs is coming to Dalmally from over by Baste Prison. In the anime, the Holy Knights who are guarding Baste Prison became aware that Meliodas is coming to them. One of these Holy Knights can control these insects and can use them as weapons. These bugs can spit acid btw.

One of the things Diane hates are bugs. Who doesn’t?

In our next post, we will deal with the massive swarm of bugs. It’s going to be fun. 🙂

I really enjoyed our adventures today. I think it was fun. What do you think? I would like to hear from you.

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Tutorial Walkthrough. ?

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