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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay #10 – Walkthrough

July 17, 20205:28 pm By

Let’s continue with another The Seven Deadly Sins Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough. In our last post, we arrived in Dalmally where Meliodas was treated by a doctor. Before Diane went to Baste Prison on her own, a massive swarm of bugs can be seen from afar.

Episode 11 – Insect Swarm

A massive swarm of poisonous insects is headed toward Dalmally. Our task is to eliminate the insects which are being controlled by a Holy Knight.

We are able to control Diane to walk around the town. Let’s look for the swarm of insects. 🙂

We found it. We have the option to enter or not, but we have to defeat these bugs.

We will use our favorite team of course. 😀

However, Diane is a required character so we need to replace one of our team members.

There we go. If you noticed, we were able to acquire several characters as shown below. All of these were from the free Draw tickets that we acquired as rewards from the daily log in. 😀

That’s a lot of bugs right there.

These bugs are already at Level 10. But they are still far from our level. We do have to be careful for Diane though because we still have her at Level 1.

It’s our turn first. We will use Diane’s 1* Ground Strike. It’s an Attack Type skill that targets one enemy only.

Even at Level 1, her skill depleted the HP of the middle swarm of bugs to around 30%.

We also hit the leftmost swarm of bugs with Diane’s 1* Ground Strike. It dealt a good amount of damage but not as strong as the first one. Although it’s not in the skill description, it seems like we dealt a higher critical damage during the previous attack.

The third skill is Sand Swirl which is a Debuff Skill Type. It only affects one enemy and it disables that enemy from using Attack Type skills for 2 turns. She used it on the middle swarm of bugs. We don’t have control right now which enemy to target though.

It’s the enemy’s turn and they can spit acid. In the anime, their acid attacks can even melt walls and other structures.

It barely made any damage to Gowther. 😛

We’ll use Diane’s 1* Star Ground Strike just to see the animation. And then we’ll use Gowther’s Pain Edition to finish all the enemies. 😀

Diane used the 1* Ground Strike on the rightmost swarm. It depleted the HP of the bugs to 50%.

And then Gowther’s Pain Edition left no enemy alive. 😛

Two more swarms came. We will use Meliodas’ Triple Attack and Gowther’s Pain Edition again.

The Triple Attack skill killed one swarm.

Gowther’s Pain Edition was not able to wipe out the last swarm. What just happened? 😯

And we thought Gowther can wipe out all enemies in one hit. Meliodas used his Stance Skill Full Counter.

The enemy attacked Diane, but barely dealt any damage.

Gowther got spat on with acid. There’s no heavy damage but it’s not a pretty sight. Our dignity was crushed by that green puke. 😐

We then used Diane’s 1* Ground Strike to finish the enemy.

We won! 😀

The bugs in the anime looks cute though.

We are back in the town where we can move around. Our task is to find two more Insect Swarms around the town and defeat them.

Diane can run if we hold the direction longer.

We did found another swarm after we run back and turned right.

We will still use the previous team. 🙂

Looking at the stats of these insects, although they are at Level 10, the attack is not very high. They do have an Ultimate Move which is cool.

We will be merciless with this second swarm. We’ll use Gowther’s Pain Edition and see if they can survive.

Will they survive this time?

One died and two survived. The enemies are getting stronger. 😕

We used Triple Attack to finish one of the remaining two.

And then we used Diane’s Ground Strike on the last one.

Two more swarms appeared. Let’s see again if they can survive Gowther’s Pain Edition.

One survived. 😕 But we will use Triple Attack to finish it.

We won again! 😛 We need to find that last swarm. I guess finding three swarms in the town is a fun way to explore Dalmally and to test out our skills.

We run back and went to the fountain in the middle of the town.

We also found some items around that we can use. It contains 2,000 gold. It’s not so bad.

Finally, we found the last swarm. It’s just near the fountain. Where was I looking? It doesn’t seem like you can move the camera around although it’s 3D.

We’ll use the same team again so we can defeat these bugs in one or two sweeps. 😛

I don’t think these insects will survive because we were lucky to have two adjacent 1* Pain Edition that became 2*.

We are merciless. 😡

None was left.

Two more enemies appeared. Let’s use Diane’s Ground Strike one last time.

That punch is really fearsome even in the anime.

Triple Strike is really effective and deals more damage. Although it strikes only one enemy, it always kills it.

Diane’s Ground Strike finished the last swarm. If you notice it, Diane seems to be the same size as Meliodas and Gowther when we used her. I think it is better this way than to see her feet on the screen every time.

Back to the animation, Diane is not just about punches and kicks. In the anime, she also has the special ability to manipulate earth. This ability is called “Creation” and it’s exclusive to the members of the Giant clan who have a deep connection with nature. She’s like an Earthbender if you were able to watch the Avatar: The Last Airbender.

She touched the ground and rocks started to move upward.

Poles of rocks appeared from the ground.

It killed all the bugs in Dalmally. 😮

Diane then run to Baste Prison and told Elizabeth and Hawk to take care of Meliodas.

Still shocked after seeing Diane’s ability, Elizabeth just agreed to stay. 😀

We got a reward for clearing this episode. 😛

Our Friendship level with Dalmally also increased.

One of the things I really like about the anime and the game is Hawk. He always has some funny lines.

It could really melt a house and the town could have been destroyed. But thanks to Diane, that was prevented.

The doctor is looking for Elizabeth. Is Meliodas already okay?

Or Meliodas could be in trouble? 😕 Let’s find out.

Episode 12 – Dana’s Call

We need to got to Dana’s house to check on Meliodas’ condition.

Now we are controlling Elizabeth around town. It’s fun to see the change in perspective as our view of the fountain is now different when it was with Diane.

Just follow the questions mark. We can still see the leftover rock from Diane’s skill. The town folks may have a hard time removing those all over town. 😀

Apparently, Meliodas fell into a deep sleep after drinking the medicine made by the doctor.

There goes Hawk with another funny line. Why would you say that Hawk? 😆

That’s exactly my reaction Elizabeth.

What? According to the doctor, Hawk may be right.

An ominous voice commended Dana. Who could it be?

Doctor Dana fed Melioadas poison instead of medicine. He even enumerated the ingredients. 😆

He said this boy will never wake up again. And that’s it, folks, this is when the game ended.

It seems like Dana was not able to recognize that Meliodas is hundreds of years older than him.

I think he just said it was poison, Elizabeth. 😆

We heard the ominous voice again. it’s definitely a Holy Knight. He claims that even though they are powerful, they won’t probably survive if they had to fight Meliodas. There’s some truth to it. Most of the new Holy Knights were just kids when The Seven Deadly Sins were the Holy Knights in the kingdom. So, they went with poison.

According to this voice, they were ordered to do whatever it takes.

I just finished watching four seasons of Yu Yu Hakusho on Netflix which is one of the oldest and best anime out there. I realized that all the enemies in Yu Yu Kahusho always fought with integrity and I really respect those villains. I guess animes are different now.

Not only did the Holy Knight used poison, but he’s also hiding somewhere. Which doesn’t make sense because he could just stab Meliodas before the doctor called Elizabeth. This anime is supposed to be for adults, but sometimes the logic fits a younger audience.

The enemy suddenly showed himself. He is called Holy Knight Golgius, a member of the Weird Fangs. Why would you call your group “weird” fangs? At least the comedy of this anime is good.

Looks cool for a Holy Knight villain. The art is superb that we can disregard some flaws in the logic.

At least he’s not there to hurt Elizabeth.

He took the dragon sword from Meliodas.

Meliodas suddenly grabbed the other side of the sword. 😛

The doctor was shocked that Meliodas was able to rise even though he took a massive dose of poison.

At least the Holy Knight is very considerate even after poisoning him to death.

Meliodas said he will never put down that sword even if he’s dead in order to atone for his sins. When I watched Season 1 of this anime, the sins that Meliodas mentioned here were only explained in the last few episodes. I would say it’s something that was out of his control, but he blames himself for it.

We can see some markings on Meliodas forehead and his eyes turned cold.

The stare scared the Holy Knight so much that he jumped out of the window. 😮

In the anime, it was one of those moments when the villain felt a massive difference in power and an intent to kill that he was wise enough to run away.

We received a reward for finishing this episode. This is what I like about this game. It’s not just battle every time. There are stories and adventures that really make it fun to play.

Meliodas seems okay now and he’s back to his normal self.

He’s mocking Hawk, so yes, he’s back to normal.

In our next post, we will go after Golgius and defeat him. 😀

I enjoyed our adventures today. Did you enjoy it as well? I would like to hear from you.

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Tutorial Walkthrough. ?

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