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7DS: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay #31 – The Fight Festival

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Welcome back to our 7DS: Grand Cross mobile gameplay. In our last post, we fought the Necromancer and freed Boris from his control. Then we were having problems getting more customers in the Tavern.

Episode 28-1 – Gathering Info (cont.)

So we went to the Forest of Illusions but we found nothing going on there. So why aren’t we getting any customers in the Tavern if the forest is fine? Maybe Post Town Tala is just not the kind of place where people want to visit.

Hawk thought it’s the smell in the village or rather the lack of it. Maybe once we start cooking, delicious aromas will fill the air and people will flock to our tavern. However, Meliodas doesn’t want to continue the business here because we might just end up tossing the ingredients again. We can’t trust Hawk’s suggestions right now because he just wants to eat more scraps.

We completed the quest and received good rewards.

We also increased our Friendship level with Post Town Tala which means we can purchase more rare ingredients in this town.

Meliodas heard something interesting from a tavern patron. That there’s a merchant from Vaizel who acquired a giant hammer no one can wield for some reason.

If it’s a giant hammer, it could be Diane’s Sacred Treasure. We’ll have to go there to find out. Shall we?

Episode 28-2 To Vaizel We Go!

Our next task is to go to Vaizel because there’ve been rumors of a giant hammer in that place.

From Post Town Tala, we moved the Tavern to Boss Battle (Crystal Cave). I’m not sure why the game led us here. Maybe it’s the path to Vaizel?

We’ll use our favorite team for now.

We encountered three knights and we defeated them with one hit from Gilthunder.

We won!

We finally unlocked Chapter 4 – Vaizel Fight Festival!

Back to the World Map, there’s a spot outside Post Town Tala that we need to clear.

We encountered three tree-looking monsters.

These guys are called “Traken” and they are fairies.

They did not die in one hit though.

They attacked Meliodas and then two died at the end of their turn from Gilthunder’s after effects.

Meliodas then finished the last one using Triple Attack skill.

Another Traken appeared.

Ban defeated it in one hit using Toxic Bottle skill.

We moved the Tavern to a second spot on the World Map.

We encountered three Traken again and then used Gilthunder’s lightning.

Toxic Bottle killed the one on the right.

The Trakens used two healing skills during their turn so Gilthunder’s after effects did not kill them completely. And then another Traken appeared.

Gilthunder killed the remaining two.

Ban’s Critical Pierce skill killed the last one.

We won!

Back to the World Map, we moved the Tavern to Vaizel.

Vaizel seems like a nice place.

We run to this circle in the town.

The game played the animation and introduced us to Vaizel. Vaizel is a village on the mountain slope and it’s a merchant town.

So, is Diane’s Sacred Treasure really there?

If it’s a hammer that no one can wield, it’s definitely Diane’s.

For Diane, it really doesn’t matter. She’s sad right now because she has to stay behind.

But we have no choice, she can’t come with us. A few years ago, a Giant caused a ruckus at one of their festivals. And so Giants have been banned from the town ever since.

But we’ll come back real quick after we checked if the rumors are true.

But Diane still insisted on coming because it will be boring to be left behind.

So Elizabeth told Diane that she’ll stay with her. Elizabeth thought it would be nice to have some girl talk.

Diane loves that.

Alright, let’s get going then.

We finished the quest. We received some really nice rewards.

Should we do something about Ban’s clothes first? Meliodas suggested that he could just go shirtless with an apron and call it a day.

Ban then wore an apron. King, on the other hand, is worried about how they are going to find the Sacred Treasure because the town is really crowded. But let’s have a look around the village and see what we can find out.

Episode 29 – Old Man of Mystery

Our next task is to tour Vaizel and listen on the village gossip about the Sacred Treasure.

Let’s go to the light.

We met someone named Cain and he asked if we are participating in the festival. So there’s a festival but Meliodas told him that we are not joining because we’re searching for a weapon. Meliodas also told Cain that there is a rumor that a gigantic hammer was here in the village.

Cain is aware of it and it’s been causing problems because no one can wield it. It’s been put up as the prize for this year’s Fight Festival. We still don’t know if that’s what we’re looking for but we’ll soon find out. Cain also told Meliodas that he has never seen such a massive hammer in his life.

Episode 29-1 Fight Festival

The gigantic hammer is at the Vaizel Arena and our next task is to go to PVP (Vaizel Fight Festival) to learn more about Gideon and the Vaizel Fight Festival.

Let’s go this blue circle here.

Back to the World Map, let’s go to the arena here.

Now we’re in the PVP (Vaizel Fight Festival).

Let’s go to the yellow light here.

We’re meeting some new characters right now.

The game started the animation and we got our first look of the gigantic hammer. That’s huge!

Meliodas recognized immediately that it’s Diane’s sacred treasure and it’s called “Gideon”.

The host of the festival announced that the festival is about to begin. There are rules that must be followed. The use of weapons is prohibited.

The winner gets one hundred Gold coins and the gigantic war hammer.

King thought this is a barbaric event.

But Meliodas and Ban are excited to join. This will be fun!

They are definitely joining! 😀 King still doesn’t want to join.

A big guy thought Meliodas is just a kid. At least he cares that Meliodas might get hurt.

Another character appeared and told the big guy that it’s all in good fun. He’s one of the Holy Knights, but one of the few good ones.

The big guy introduced himself. He’s Taizoo and the three-time champion.

This guy told Taizoo that he was too busy with work to participate, but now he finally can. And he’s really excited about it. He did not brag about his strength and he just wants everyone to have some fun. He’s a really nice character in the anime.

King finds him familiar. He must have seen this guy as a child back then. Then the host called all participants to the ring.

Taizoo is still irritated with our nice guy here.

King was forced to join. He wants to stay with Diane but it’s too late now. That’s peer pressure coming from Meliodas and Ban. But Meliodas’ end goal is to bring back Diane’s hammer and to enjoy the festival as well.

We have two new characters here and the girl recognized that our team are members of [The Seven Deadly Sins]. The guy’s name is Griamore.

These two are also some of the good characters in the anime.

We completed the quest and also received nice rewards.

The referee’s name is Love Helm. Another rule in the event is to knock your opponent out of the ring. You can throw them, push them, or send them flying with a punch. As long as you use your bare hands, anything goes. The last eight fighters left standing will advance to the final round. Now, let the preliminaries begin!

In our next post, we will fight in the preliminaries. The prize of the Fight Festival is none other than Gideon! The Vaizel Fight Festival must be won in order to regain possession of Gideon. The story is getting more exciting!

Do you also love this game? Just leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.  🙂

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough.

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