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7DS: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay #32 – Two New Holy Knights?

January 8, 20218:41 pm By

In our last post, the festival had already begun and we were introduced to some new interesting characters. Are you excited to see their abilities? Welcome to [The Seven Deadly Sins] mobile gameplay! Also, Happy New Year to you!

Episode 30 – Fight Festival Preliminaries

The prize of the Fight Festival is none other than Gideon. We must win the Vaizel Fight Festival in order to regain possession of it. We also need to find Love Helm in PVP (Vaizel Fight Festival) to sign up for the preliminaries.

Alright, now we found Love Helm. Let’s press on this battle icon.

In order to proceed, we must include King in our team. That means we must let go one of the current team members.

Let’s replace Gilthunder with King.

We finally entered in a battle.

We used King’s Spirit Spear Chastiefol First Form: Chastiefol. It dealt 2,572 damage to the current champion, Taizoo. Although we have King at UR, we still haven’t fully enhanced him to his max level. So his attack power and defense is less than half of Meliodas and Ban.

We used Poisoning Garden skill to one of Taizoo’s friends. It dealt 4,274 because of the affinity advantage of King.

Then Ban finished him with Toxic Bottle, dealing 8,638 damage.

It’s the enemies’ turn and Taizoo used a defensive skill. I think it can reflect damage.

The other guy attacked Ban and dealt 423 damage only.

We then used Ban’s Critical Pierce on Taizoo. He died after receiving 12,959 damage.

Meliodas defeated the other guy after dealing 6,699 damage from his Triple Skill.

Then Matrona appeared. Matrona is Dianne’s disguise in her small form.

Matrona is a bit tough. She only received 8,197 damage.

But Meliodas defeated her after dealing 22,410 damage with his Triple Attack. And then he used his Full Counter stance skill.

It’s the enemy’s turn. The holy knight replaced Matrona but for some reason, the enemies did not attack our team.

We then used Meliodas’ Ultimate Move, Evil Spirit, on the left-most enemy. He died instantly after receiving 68,069 damage.

The holy knight was also defeated after receiving 18,887 damage from Triple Attack.

This old man survived after receiving the Triple Attack skill. Another tough opponent.

For some reason, the enemy did not attack during his turn. We used Ban’s Critical Pierce to finish him.

We won the fight!

The preliminaries are not that difficult though.

Back to the animation, there are few last fighters remaining in the ring.

Fortunately for King, his pillow saved him. Is that considered cheating?

That’s definitely a cheap trick. But technically, no weapons were involved so he’s still in! Ban mocked King because he’s taking the easy route to victory. But he’s glad that King made it.

Meliodas also liked the outcome.

It’s time for the finals. The eight participants were told to move to the waiting room.

We cleared the episode and received our rewards!

Ban can’t wait to brawl with Meliodas again. The last time they did, they collapsed a whole prison structure with just a simple arm wrestling competition. King is also not planning on holding back.

Episode 31 – The Lineup Revealed!

The Fight Festival lineup has finally been announced! What kind of opponents will we face? We need to go to Love Helm in PVP (Vaizel Fight Festival) again to find out.

We found Love Helm. Let’s press on this question mark.

Alright, let’s see who fights who.

Back to the animation, it’s time to draw our lots! The finalist will be matched up with whoever draws the same letter! After drawing, Love Helm finally announced the match-ups.

The first match is between Griamore and Matrona.

Meliodas, Ban, and, King are still clueless about Matrona’s real identity. They were impressed by her performance in the preliminaries. And they never heard of her which made them realized that the world is surely a big place.

The second match is between Howzer and Taizoo.

So, Howzer is the name of this new holy knight. There’s a bit of friction here because of their previous encounter. Meliodas then recognized Howzer as a Holy Knight because he previously saw him with Gilthunder. I think that was way back then when Gilthunder and Howzer were still kids.

But what’s a Holy Knight doing at a festival like this? We’ll be in trouble if our cover’s blown.

Ban signed us up for the festival so King asked if he did not use their real names. Ban told him not to worry. He already thought of everything.

The third match is between Cain and… Old Fart! Who is Old Fart? Apparently, it’s the name signed up by Ban for King. Why couldn’t he pick something more decent? 😀

Cain is the name of this old man. He looks strong though. According to the old man, he only joined because of a drunken impulse.

And last but not the least, Meliodaf will fight Vaan! Obviously, these are the names used by Ban for him and Meliodas with the intent of hiding their real identities. Who could figure that out?

They are both happy because they are going to fight each other. And Ban finds one round too short for them.

We cleared the episode!

This is making King nervous. He feels like they will be recognized. But Meliodas is not worried. I think he’s fine with people recognizing who they are. But Meliodas still looks the same as he did ten years ago so they’ll never know. The people would expect them to look much older.

Episode 32 – A Surprise Encounter

King is worried that Howzer may have recognized him. We need to go to Howzer in PVP (Vaizel Fight Festival) and try to find out if he’s noticed anything.

Before we start the new episode, we enhanced King’s Ultimate Move to Level 4. We don’t have another coin to raise to Level 5 though but that is fine for now. 😀

We also enhanced him to Level 28. We don’t have enough experience potion to enhance him further than that.

We found Howzer. Let’s press on this question mark.

Howzer saw one of our team members and he thought that his face looks an awful lot like the one on the wanted poster. Is he pertaining to Ban? Then he saw Meliodas who looks like a kid and suddenly thought that the captain of [The Seven Deadly Sins] is supposed to be a kid or something.

And then he thought there’s no way he’d still be so young after a decade and maybe he got the wrong guy. Also, there’s no reason for [The Seven Deadly Sins] to even come to this festival anyway. Meliodas noticed that Howzer did not recognize him. Whew!

Ban finds Matrona intimidating. Not only is Matrona wearing a cape but she’s got a hat to boot. King thought she’s hiding something or maybe a fugitive. But Ban pointed out that they are fugitives too. 😀 And King got mad because they are not making an effort to disguise themselves. Ban then admitted that he doesn’t want to disguise at all.

Episode 32-1 The Truth About Matrona

Matrona is one of the Fight Festival’s most mysterious, enigmatic participants. Will she become the festival’s first quarterfinal winner? Let’s talk to King in PVP (Vaizel Fight Festival).

We found King. Let’s press on this question mark.

Meliodas told King that he’s not sure who’s going to win. Both Matrona and the other guy seem pretty strong so they are going to watch this match very closely. They are going to beat whoever wins in order to advance to the finals. King wants to win Gideon and bring it to Diane’s loving arms.

Here comes Matrona.

The first round is about to begin! Griamore versus Matrona! Griamore is at seven feet and weighing in at 400 pounds. He’s very tall and heavy! Matrona is at five feet four inches and her weight is undisclosed.

Love Helm told Matrona that she can keep the hat but she needs to remove her cape. They have to be sure that she’s not concealing any weapons.

After removing her cape, King recognized Matrona’s clothes. There’s no doubt about it. It’s our Tavern’s uniform. Hawk wondered if Matrona is Elizabeth. If that’s Elizabeth, then something weird is going on here.

By weird, Meliodas means he finds her build a little different from Elizabeth’s.

Griamore is treating this fight seriously.

He then showed his ability “Wall” which is really cool.

His barrier keeps getting bigger. And Matrona started hitting it with her bare hands. According to Howzer, it’s too late for Matrona. Ordinary physical and magical attacks don’t stand a chance.

When he’s like that, all you can do is wait until he releases or loses power. And she should’ve finished this before he was completely enveloped.

Matrona is being pushed back. She’s having a hard time against the barrier that is pushing her out of the ring.

According to Griamore, his wall is a physical manifestation of his desire to protect Princess Veronica at all costs.

In our next post, we’ll find out if Matrona can win against Griamore’s powerful barrier. And who’s Princess Veronica?

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I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough.

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