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7DS: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay #33 – Fire Tornado vs Sunflower

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Welcome back to our 7DS mobile gameplay. In our last post, we fought in the Fight Festival preliminaries. We were then introduced to two new Holy Knight characters who are both awesome. Now Matrona is fighting against Griamore and we still don’t know who’s going to win.

Episode 32-1 The Truth About Matrona (cont.)

Back to the battle animation, Griamore used his “Wall” skill. It’s a barrier skill that surrounds Griamore and keeps expanding. If Matrona can’t stop this, she will be pushed out of the ring.

She’s almost near the edge and if she falls, she will lose the battle.

Griamore wants to advance to the finals. He has this solid loyalty to Princess Veronica. If Princess Veronica commands, he will do his best to make Meliodas and [The Seven Deadly Sins] grovel at his feet.

But Matrona is fighting back and it seems like she’s going to use a lot of her strength in this punch.

That was a bit powerful that the barrier started to break.

The barrier finally broke!

Griamore was astonished that he didn’t see Matrona coming for a hit. That was fast. Knowing Matrona’s strength earlier, that hit may have broken his face.

Matrona’s punch was too strong, it sent Griamore flying like a shooting star.

Love Helm announced Matrona as the winner. But now that Matrona’s hat fell to the ground, her face was revealed. It’s Dianne, but in the size of a human.

Even this guy can’t believe her strength when she broke the barrier with her bare hands. Yes, she is a monster, in terms of strength, of course.

Ban and King are starting to realize that Matrona is Dianne.

But why is she small?

We finished the quest! We also received the usual rewards. Gold is good.

Diane was hoping to keep up with her disguise a little longer, but that can’t be helped.

Meliodas did not recognize her. That would definitely break her heart.

Or maybe not. She just got mad.

Sometimes I don’t know if Meliodas is just teasing or if he’s serious.

It’s more like he’s serious which make this a little funny.

Episode 33 – Tiny Diane

Unbelievable! Turns out Matrona is actually Diane, except she’s been shrunk. Our next task is to find out what happened by talking to Diane in PVP (Vaizel Fight Festival).

We found her. Let’s press on the question mark icon.

Diane was disappointed that Meliodas did not recognize her.

Meliodas was being skeptical because who could’ve imagined that a Giant like Diane could sink to this size. Well, he has a point.

There goes the heartbroken face.

King then asked Diane how she became small. And what happened to Elizabeth. Is she not with her?

Suddenly, King heard Princess Elizabeth’s voice. Like a very small voice.

King looked closer and he found Elizabeth between Diane’s breasts. Hiding. And probably naked. What just happened, you asked?

Is this your face too right now?

A mushroom monster? Yes, it’s the cause of all this according to Diane.

Earlier, Diane and Elizabeth went to the forest to forage for dinner after Meliodas, Ban, and King headed to the village.

When they got into the forest, Diane heard Elizabeth screamed at something. It’s something red. She probably thought it was another demon because only the head of the mushroom was visible.

But then the whole trunk of the mushroom popped-up.

The mushroom too got scared and confused. Diane thought it’s cute and poked its head.

Then the mushroom farted purple gas or something.

And that’s how they got shrunk.

According to King who has a lot of mushroom monsters in his former forest, that was probably a king trumpet variant of Chicken Matango. They’re timid monsters and hard to come across. It releases spores that shrink other living creatures when they feel threatened.

Meliodas asked Diane why she did not tell them a lot sooner. But where’s the fun in that! That’s actually a nice surprise.

And Diane just wants to surprise Meliodas, of course.

King was obviously jealous.

He’s probably losing his mind.

We finished the episode! Gold. I love gold. And I’m being serious, it’s hard to farm you know.

The third match is now starting. It’s between Cain and Old Fart, also known as King.

And Ban is proud to be responsible for that awful name. You don’t have to ask Diane.

Episode 34 – Old Fart vs Cain

The quarterfinal between Old Fart and Cain begins! Our task is to defeat Cain in PVP (Vaizel Fight Festival), advance to the semi-finals, with the final fight, and bring Gideon to Diane.

We looked around the arena and found Cain. Let’s enter the battle.

The problem that we have right now is that King is a required hero. We have him at UR but we have not enhanced him yet or put any equipment on him yet.

But anyway, let’s do this.

Looking at King’s stats, we have him at Level 28 only. The attack level is 2,904, defense level is 1,988, and Max HP is 29,228. His first skill is Chastiefol’s first form.

His second skill is Poisoning Garden, also an attack type skill.

His Ultimate Move is Chastiefol’s Fourth Form, Sunflower, which is a skill I really like in the anime.

Cain, on the other hand, is at the same level but with lower stats. He has 1,297 attack level, 585 defense level, and 23,939 Max HP. His first skill has the following description:

Skill 1*: Chain Vertical Kick – Inflicts damage equal to 180% of Attack on one enemy. Ignites for 3 turn(s). *Ignite: Damage taken by target(s) +10% (can be stacked)

His second skill has the following description:

Skill 1*: Charge Fire: Inflicts damage equal to 180% of Attack on one enemy. Ignites for 3 turn(s). Ignite: *Ignite: Damage taken by target(s) +10% (can be stacked)

Seems like this guy has a lot of fire type skills. His Ultimate Move has the following description:

Ultimate Move: Fire Tornado – Inflicts Weak Point damage equal to 210% of Attack on all enemies. *Weak Point: 3x Damage against Debuffed enemies.

Alright, let’s continue our battle. We used Chastiefol first form, nothing fancy. The total damage is 5,632.

Poisoning Garden looks better in terms of animation. The total damage is 5,695.

It’s Cain’s turn now. I think he used Charge Fire because that is surely not a kick. The damage is a bit low.

He then used another skill which is definitely the Chain Vertical Kick. It looks cool. Not bad.

It’s a series of flying kicks with fire effects.

It’s our turn now and we used Chastiefol first form. The total damage is 5,484.

We did not use a second skill. So now, it’s Cain’s turn.

He used Charge Fire which is a skill that I would like to have in real life to cook barbeque. He used that skill twice.

We then skipped our turn so we can see his Ultimate Move.

Here it is.

He started gathering his energy and now he’s engulf in flames. I really like that.

Then he formed a fire ball, a perfect circle.

The perfect circle did not last long. It’s turning into something destructive.

More like the sun. Is he going to throw it because that would be cool.

Yes he did! With all his force despite his arthritis.

It’s coming. That’s a big one.

Instead of hitting King directly, it hit the ground where King is standing.

The flames spread and surrounded King.

King is getting hit but I feel like there’s more. It’s called fire tornado for some reason.

Well, I thought it will form a tornado, but I guess that’s it.

It’s more like a wild fire than a tornado.

It’s our turn now. Our Ultimate Move is also ready.

Here we go.

Chastiefol is still in its first form but yellow light started spinning around it.

The chastiefol disappeared but something is coming out from the ground.

It’s a tall monster plant!

And it’s moving like it’s about to eat someone.

We can see that it moves according to King’s gestures.

As he opens his hand, the flower also opens.

And it’s not going to eat someone. It’s gathering energy instead.

And concentrating it.

It’s called sunflower form. And it shoots a laser beam. Really cool.

That’s a gigantic attack.

That’s a lot more powerful than Cain’s ultimate.

It’s merciless.

Cain should literally melt from that.

And it’s not really stopping soon.

The total damage is 17,156!

We won the battle and we cleared the quest!

But in the actual game animation, they did not use those ultimate moves because that would be too much for a village festival. Apparently, King is too powerful with a weapon and very weak without one.

With pure martial arts, he was pushed by Cain with great force.

He fell out of the ring and Cain won.

In our next post, it will be the final quarter battle. It’s Meliodas vs Ban. Who do you think will win?

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I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough.

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