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Cheap Samsung Phones – Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro and Galaxy On5 Pro Are Now Available

July 12, 201610:00 am By

If you are looking for cheap Samsung phones, you may want to check out the newly released Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro and Galaxy On5 Pro. They both have good specs and they are very affordable.

These smartphones are designed for your modest needs, so let’s take a look at their features. Are they worth buying? Let’s find out.


Device Name: Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro
Display: 5.5 inches (720 x 1280 pixels)
Camera: 13MP
Hardware: Snapdragon 410, Quad-core 1.2 GHz, 2 GB RAM
Battery: 3000 mAh
Price: Rs. 11,190 (US$ 167)


Device Name: Samsung Galaxy On5 Pro
Display: 5.0 inches (720 x 1280 pixels)
Camera: 8MP
Hardware: Exynos 3475 Quad, Quad-core 1.3 GHz, 2 GB RAM
Battery: 2600 mAh
Price: Rs. 9,190 (US$ 137)


Design – I Like that Leather Texture!

CaptureIf you look at these two smartphones, you will notice that they both have similar designs. The Galaxy On7 Pro is simply just the larger version of the Galaxy On5 Pro.

You can see the same rounded corners. I always like a nice texture in any mobile phone design and both these smartphones have this leather texture at the rear that is beautiful.

It’s actually made of synthetic leather.

From the side frame, the shape curves to the rear while the side frame near the front only has a slight bevel which protrudes a little.

So the design will give a good, but not the most comfortable grip because of the angular connection between the side frame and the front side.

But anyway, if you are going to buy a smartphone case, this won’t matter. 😀

Both smartphones come in white, gold, and black color variants. Regardless of your color choice, the side frame comes with a stylish silver accent.

They also both have a thin profile, with the Galaxy On5 Pro at 8.5 mm and the Galaxy On7 Pro at 8.0 mm. In terms of weight, they are both very light. The Galaxy On5 Pro weighs 149 g while the Galaxy On7 Pro weighs 172 g.


Display – Sharpness is OK, but TFT?

The display is a little bit disappointing with the TFT display technology. Most smartphones today, even those that are under US$150 already uses IPS LCD technology which is better in terms of viewing angles and color saturation.

In terms of display sharpness, they both have HD resolutions. The Galaxy On5 Pro has 294 pixels per inch while the Galaxy On7 Pro has 267 pixels per inch.


If you are going to buy a smartphone from other brands with the same US$150 budget, you will also get the same level of sharpness.

But there are smartphones that are sharper and have IPS LCD technology and you can buy them with almost the same budget. Examples are HTC One M8 and HTC Desire Eye. Take note that these examples are running on Android 5.x OS, so it’s just a matter of weighing which one works best for you.

Personally, I would rather get a better display. The Android 5.x OS is still an excellent Android OS. The latest, by the way, is the Android 6.x which is not that far in terms of features.


Processing Power – Good for the Price

2Both smartphones have entry-level chipsets, so expect a good, but not a very fast performance.

The Galaxy On5 Pro has Exynos 3475 Quad and the Galaxy On7 Pro has Snapdragon 410.

The CPU is Quad-core 1.2 GHz to 1.3 GHz while the RAM is 2 GB. This is the usual processing power and RAM size of smartphones under US$150.

Again, you may want to try to check out smartphones that are within the same budget range, but with a more powerful processor.

These smartphones are still good and just became cheaper because of newer version releases.

Try to find smartphones with Snapdragon 600+ series chipset (mid-range smartphones) or Snapdragon 800+ chipset (premium smartphones).

The advantage of Galaxy On5 Pro and Galaxy On7 Pro over these smartphones is that they both run on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) OS.

One thing that most people worry about is that the latest apps and games may not be installed in Android 5.x OS.

Well, there will be some or just even a few new and latest games and apps that will require the latest OS, but there is still a long list of existing apps and games in Google Play Store that can still be installed in Android 5.x.

In terms of storage capacity, both smartphones have 16 GB internal storage which can be expanded up to 256 GB using a microSD card. That’s a cool feature to consider when buying these smartphones.


Camera – Another Worthy Feature

5The camera resolutions of both smartphones actually are just right for their price. The Galaxy On5 Pro has 8 MP while the Galaxy On7 Pro has 13 MP.

Those are the camera resolutions of smartphones around $150 and $200, respectively. They both have LED flash and can record Full HD videos.

They have good aperture sizes – f/2.1 to f/2.2 – which are cool if you want to use the dimensional effect on photos. Both smartphones also have a 5 MP front camera with f/2.2 aperture size.


Battery Life, GPS, and Other Features

battery iconThe Galaxy On5 Pro and Galaxy On7 Pro have a 2600 mAh and 3000 mAh battery capacity, respectively.  The battery capacities are also good.

Both are LTE-capable with LTE Cat4 speed 150 Mbps for download and 50 Mbps for upload. They both have FM radio.

You can also use GPS with A-GPS and GLONASS. So they are not just using US satellites. Because of the GLONASS, they can also use Russian satellites for better location accuracy. This will be very useful when playing Pokemon Go! 😀

But if you are not yet playing this most popular game on the planet, that’s okay. GPS and GLONASS are still very useful when using Google Maps.

Both also have Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi connectivity.


Cheap and Affordable Samsung Phones

The Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro and Galaxy On5 Pro are good entry-level smartphones that are very affordable. Compared with other smartphones within the same budget range, both can closely compete in terms of processing power, camera, and battery life.

The display is also good, but I will still prefer IPS LCD technology over TFT. Another cool thing about these smartphones is the stylish look with the synthetic leather that makes up the rear side.



What do you think of these new smartphones from Samsung? I would love to hear from you.

Just leave your comment in the comments section below. ?

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