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Marvel Future Fight Alliance Conquest #6 – Trying to Solve Skill Rotation Problems

April 18, 20204:35 pm By

Marvel Future Fight Alliance Conquest can be tricky sometimes. In this post, I will show you how I tried to solve the skill rotation problem in Alliance Conquest.

I’m trying to solve a problem that is experienced by many Alliance Conquest players. Trying to fix this tricky area in Alliance Conquest will cost a player a lot of resources.

So before doing anything on your own, you can learn from my experience if it will work or not.

Welcome to the Marvel Future Fight Alliance Conquest #6! My name is Chris and my IGN is chrisz2478.

Let’s begin.

# 1 – Battle Against User: User (A) (Result: I lost)

The agent has the following card information:

  • Max HP: 45%
  • Total Energy Attack: 66.6%
  • Total Physical Attack: 54.9%
  • Ignore Defense: 34.5%
  • Cooldown Duration: 24.4%

The agent’s Max HP from cards is huge. It is only 5% lower than my Max HP. It does not have any HP proc. He has about 15% more Energy and Physical Attack compared to my cards.

Enemy Team:

  • T3 Jean Grey (Lead), CTPGreed (Max), POAH ISO (40%)
  • T3 Thanos, CTPReg (Max), HE ISO (40%)
  • T2 Colossus, CTPI (Max)

My Team:

  • T3 Jean Grey (Lead), CTPReg (Max), POAH ISO (40%)
  • T3 Thanos, CTPReg (Max), POAH ISO (40%)
  • T2 Colossus, CTPI (Max)

Before the start of this Alliance Conquest week, I changed my Thanos and Jean Grey build. I boosted both their Max HP and by doing so, sacrificed around 7% of Attack Speed. My Reduced Cooldown Duration from cards is still at 17.7% which is very low because I want to get better skills rotation.

I already have huge Max HP from cards. Based on my previous battles, I thought I could always win by having a bigger Max HP. But I was wrong.

From 290K, I increased my Jean Grey’s Max HP to 309K (19K increase). My Thanos has 273K last week, now he has 334K Max HP (61K increase). Both of their Attack Speed was reduced to around 123% from 130% because I removed most Attack Speed Urus for HP Urus.

Now, looking at the battle, my Jean Grey started with Skill 2. She also used Skill 1 and 3 for the next 12 seconds. The first 12 seconds is when debuffs are not working on both teams because of Jean’s leadership skill. She did not use her 5th skill despite her 31% Reduced Cooldown Duration. In the first 12 seconds, her skill rotation is already terrible. Did my reduced Attack Speed affect her skill rotation?

The enemy’s Jean, on the other hand, also used Skill 2 and Skill 3 which is a good start for her considering she is using CTP of Greed. It helped her survive the first 12 seconds. She also did not use her 5th skill in the first 12 seconds. I’m assuming the enemy has a high Reduced Cooldown Duration for Jean based on Card Stats so at this point, I’m not surprised if his Jean also has a terrible skill rotation.

Both our Thanos are using Skill 4 and Skill 3. These are powerful skills but are not doing much damage because we are both using CTPReg.

After 12 seconds when the “remove debuff”skill of Jean already ended, can you consider below as bad luck?

My Jean Grey and Thanos were both stunned for 3 seconds because of the 3rd skill from the Thanos of the enemy.

At 0:27 remaining battle time, my Jean Grey used Skill 2 which seems to be her favorite skill here. At 0:22, her CTP Reg proc activated because of the damage she received. The Jean Grey of the enemy is also still not using her 5th skill and also taking damage.

At 0:18, for the first time, the Thanos of the enemy used his 5th skill. My Thanos is just hopeless in his skill rotation. At 0:16, my Jean Grey and Thanos were stunned again.

The stun and the damage received while stunned is not threatening. It’s the effect of the stun on the skill rotation of my characters that will make me lose.

If Skill 1, for example, was used and it has a 6 seconds cooldown duration and you are stunned after that, Skill 1 will be ready again for casting soon before the characters can use more powerful skills. So the AI will most likely use Skill 1 again and there will be a loop of Skill 1,2, or 3. The characters must continue to use skills so that the skills can rotate properly.

At 0:14, the enemy’s Jean Grey finally used her 5th skill with ITGB pierce. The heal from the CTP Reg of my Thanos did not seem to activate because of the incapacitation from the 5th skill. The shield activated, but it’s not enough. As a result, my Thanos died.

At 0:01, the enemy’s Jean Grey used her 5th skill again. My Jean Grey survived until the end of the timer but I doubt she will survive for a few more seconds after that.

Now, I’m thinking, if I bring back my Attack Speed to 130% for both my Jean Grey and Thanos, will they have better skill rotations? Will my Jean Grey finally use her 5th skill?

And that’s what I did. I tried to change their builds in just one day. The next section shows the battle results.

# 2 – Battle Against User: User (A) (Result: I lost again!)

The next day, I already have my Thanos and Jean Grey back at 130% Attack Speed. The Reduced Cooldown Duration is still at 31% for both.

My Max HP for Jean Grey is now back at 290K because I can’t keep my previous Max HP when trying to max the Attack Speed. That is 19K less Max HP compared to the previous battle.

My Max HP for Thanos is now at 319K. I was able to max his Attack Speed. I tried to retain a higher Max HP at the expense of some Physical Attack Urus. So that’s only a 15K decrease from the battle yesterday. My Thanos’ Physical Attack is lower though.

I tried to battle the same user from the previous battle to make a good comparison and below are the results.

In just 2 seconds from the start of the battle (0:43), the enemy’s Jean Grey used her 5th skill!

This is the definition of bad luck in Alliance Conquest. But let’s see the effect of this in the battle.

The effect is simple. My Jean Grey and Thanos regardless of their build were unable to move for 6 seconds and their life was depleted by about 30%!

To make the situation worse for me, his Jean Grey used her 5th skill again at 0:35. That’s only an 8 seconds gap from the time she last used that skill.

Again, due to the ITGB pierce from her 5th skill, my Thanos and Jean Grey were unable to move. My Jean Grey’s first life was fully depleted in just 4 seconds after that.

At 0:27, the enemy’s Jean Grey used her 5th skill again! Another 8 seconds after the last 5th skill.

I’m still impressed with my Thanos for surviving those three 5th skills. My Jean Grey resurrected and was caught again in the ITGB pierce. Is there no end to this?

I guess not. At 0:20 the Jean Grey of the enemy used her 5th skill for the 4th time. That was just 7 seconds from the last 5th skill. This was immediately followed by her 4th skill.

Finally, because the enemy’s Jean Grey was constantly using her skills, her T3 skill became fully charged. She used her T3 skill at 0:15 and both my Jean Grey and Thanos died.

In situations like this where the Jean Grey of the enemy keeps using her 5th skill, has above 60% Energy Attack from cards, and has a CTP of Greed, I think whatever your build is, it’s totally useless. Even my 75% dodge rate is not enough.

I think the ITGB pierce which has no complete counter is something that should be removed in this game because it undermines the foundation of the game itself which is building your characters at their best.

I mean why spend time trying to think on how to reduce your skill cooldown, increasing your Max HP, and maxing your Attack Speed for better skill rotation if the results of your effort will still be based on luck?

So I still tried to beat the same team above using my second account. Yes, I have a second account that has a decent Thanos and Jean Grey build.

Let’s see the results in the next section below.

# 3 – Battle Against User: User (A) (Result: I won this time)

My second account which has a lesser build compared to my main account has the following card and team details:

Card Information:

  • Max HP: 39.5% + 20% Max HP proc (5% when hit)
  • Total Energy Attack: 49.1%
  • Total Physical Attack: 48.2%
  • Ignore Defense: 38.7%
  • Cooldown Duration: 10.8%

My Team:

  • T3 Jean Grey (Lead), CTPReg (Max), POAH ISO (40%)
  • T3 Thanos, CTPD (Max), POAH ISO (40%)
  • T2 Colossus, Custom Gear: Max HP, Invi (3 secs)

I deliberately made my Cooldown Duration from cards very low. This is an account where I make drastic changes for experimentation purposes and to help my Alliance in Alliance Conquest.

As you can see, at the start of the battle, both the enemy’s Jean Grey and Thanos are still at full health. It’s like my main account did nothing to reduce their HP in the previous battle.

The build of my Jean Grey and Thanos is not as good as my main account. But it’s still very decent. Both have max Attack Speed and very high Max HP.

At 0:43 remaining from the start of the battle, the first skill used by my Jean Grey was her 5th skill!

As a result, in just 3 seconds after Jean used her 5th skill, the HP of the enemy’s Thanos was depleted to 50%. This activated his CTP Reg. My Thanos who has CTPD immediately used his 3rd skill, killing the enemy’s Thanos three seconds later.

That was a fast game for the enemy’s Thanos.

My Jean Grey used her 5th skill again at 0:36 on the enemy’s Jean Grey who is now alone, just 7 seconds after she last used it. With no protection from her CTP of Greed and unable to cast her 3rd skill, the enemy’s Jean Grey’s first life was depleted in just 2 seconds at 0:34 remaining time.

Even my Colossus is still alive at this point. Can you believe that?

After resurrecting, the enemy’s Jean Grey used her 3rd skill for her protection.

However, my Thanos used his 5th skill and my Jean Grey used her 4th skill. With the CTPD of my Thanos, the enemy’s Jean Grey full life was depleted in just 1 second.

So what useful information can we get here?

In Alliance Conquest, luck plays a big role.

No matter how much you try to max your Attack Speed and lower your Cooldown Duration for better skill rotation, if your enemy’s Jean Grey constantly uses her 5th skill, you will lose.

Even if you try to get higher Max HP, if your enemy’s Jean Grey constantly uses her 5th skill, you will lose.

If only Netmarble removed the ITGB pierce variable in this game, this luck factor in the Alliance Conquest could be more manageable by trying to build your characters better for PVP.

But still, I think we should not lose hope in playing this game mode. I mean, just manage your expectations. Accept the possibility that there will be times that you will be lucky and there will be times that you will be unlucky.

It’s still about playing together. And who knows, the ITGB pierce in Jean Grey’s 5th skill might have a huge factor for now in winning battles, but maybe in the future updates, it will not be significant anymore.

There are still other T3 characters that can kill Jean Grey even if you initially lose. There are also two (2) bomb power-ups that your Alliance can use to reduce the luck factor of the enemy.

So right now, my advice is not to put too much effort and resources in trying to solve the skill rotation problems in Alliance Conquest.

That’s it for this week’s Alliance Conquest.

I will see you in my next post. 🙂

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