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Mobile Legends – Alice Gameplay – Wizardry Teacher

April 26, 20208:17 pm By

Alice is one of the earliest heroes in Mobile Legends. She was first introduced in 2016. In the early days of this game, she has a great advantage because she is one of the few heroes that can teleport. Back then, she reminded me of Queen of Pain from Defense of the Ancients.

Today, I rarely see her being used in Classic or Rank mode in the game. Probably because there are many heroes with skills that enables them to jump and easily escape her ultimate skill.

Aside from that, there are spells that can be used to avoid her ultimate skill. Before, only Flicker (blink) and Sprint (increased movement speed) allow heroes to escape. Now, they added Flame Shot which can push back Alice, slow her, and deal damage to her.

Many other mages got significant reworks like Pharsa with the added stun in her Ultimate skill and Valir with his increased damage, stuns, and range. But Alice is still the same Alice but with shorter cooldown duration in her Ultimate.

Like I said before, I prefer heroes that are very challenging to use. So I made gameplay videos of Alice to show you that she can still be very powerful and useful. You can watch those videos below.

I also made a rundown on how I use her in battle. I’ll discuss my strategies and build.

Gameplay #1

Gameplay #2

Gameplay #3

Gameplay #4

Gameplay #5

Gameplay Rundown

At the beginning of the battle, I prefer to go to the top lane. This is because Alice is very easy to kill at the beginning especially before she hits Level 4. She has a very low HP and a very low mana pool.

I think the developers designed her to have low HP in the beginning because she has a Passive Skill called “Blood Ancestry” that enables her to increase her HP indefinitely. This skill allows her to absorb blood orbs.

Blood Ancestry

Passive Skill: Blood Ancestry – When a nearby minion dies, it generates a blood orb. Each blood orb that Alice absorbs will permanently increase her Max HP by 10. Also, after absorbing 12/25/50 blood orbs, she will permanently receive a 10% CD Reduction, 10% Magic Lifesteal, and 40 Movement Speed.

In the top lane, she can easily hide from the bush while using her Skill 1 to farm for minions.

Flowing Blood

Skill 1: Flowing Blood – Alice casts Blood Stream in the designated direction, dealing 350 (+180% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to enemies. Using this skill again to immediately teleport to the Stream’s location.

Although her Skill 1 has a very long range that allows her to kill the minions while being near her tower, she still needs to go near the dropped blood orbs in order to collect them.

So in the top lane, she can use her Skill 1, hide in the bush, collect the blood orb, and hide again from the bush. She can easily run back or teleport to the tower if enemies are trying to gank her.

It’s not easy to do this if she is in the middle lane because when collecting the blood orbs, it puts her in danger from any ganks coming from the left or the right side. Even if you try to use her Skill 1 to escape, it takes a while before the bloodstream from this Skill to travel. She will die before she can teleport because of this and her low HP.

The bottom lane is not as difficult as the middle lane for Alice, but the bottom lane allows more chances for the enemy to gank closer. Again, Alice has a very low HP and mana so she needs a safer lane before she can use her Ultimate.

As much as possible, I avoid using Skill 2 to farm minions because it consumes almost the same mana as Skill 1 but deals less damage.

Blood Awe

Skill 2: Blood Awe – Alice deals 270 (+90% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to nearby enemies, immobilizing them for 1.2s. Enemies will be slowed by 70% after the immobilization. Lasts 0.8s.

The first item that I put on her is Demon Shoes. It addresses her very low mana at the start of the game. It’s hard to farm at the beginning because her Skills consumes her mana pool more compared to other mages. Even if she already has Demon Shoes, you can still run out of mana while farming. That is how low her mana pool is compared to other mages.

It helps her survivability as well because it replenishes her mana so she can have mana left for Skill 1 that will allow her to escape.

Having Demon Shoes as soon as possible is also a “must-have” because when she reaches level 4, she will need the +40 Movement Speed to perform an effective Ultimate.

Her Ultimate, “Blood Ode”, is a damage over time (DOT) and area of effect (AOE) skill. She will suck blood for 5 seconds in a very small area around her, so she needs to be close to the enemy to deal damage. If the enemy runs faster than her, her Ultimate will be useless.

Ultimate: Blood Ode

Skill 3: Blood Ode – Alice enters the blood-sucking state for 5s, dealing 160 (+70% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to surrounding enemies every 0.5s while restoring 80(+30% Total Magic Power) HP for herself. If the target is a non-hero unit, she restores 50% of HP.

Even if she reaches Level 4, it’s not ideal to just jump into a group of enemies and use her Ultimate. Even if there are only two enemies, don’t jump and cast your Ultimate. By this time, you only have the boots and your HP is still low.

The lifesteal from her ultimate will not ensure survival if you don’t have magic items yet that will increase your damage and lifesteal.

When it comes to Spells, I think “Purify” is the best for her. There are many heroes right now that can stun her before she can cast her Ultimate Skill.

Purify: Removes all negative effects from the Hero. For 1.2 seconds, grants immunity to controlling effect and 30% increased movement speed.

Some players may prefer “Sprint” so she can run fast for a longer period. As you can see, the increased speed from Purify is only 1.2 seconds while Sprint lasts 10 seconds. But speed in the spell is not what we are after. You can rely on her passive skill and items for the increase in Speed.

Imagine being stunned by Chou or Guinevere. You will die before you can use your Ultimate against them. With Purify, you can counter attack and even kill them if they are careless not to look at your spell choice.

If there are magic type assassins like Selena or a magic fighter like Guinevere that can easily jump and kill you in the early game, I usually equip Magic Resist Cloak to increase survivability.

Remember that your ultimate is DOT. That means you need to survive before you can cast it and survive again for another 5 seconds while casting it and trying to chase or tank the enemies. So you need to have more resistance.

If there are no strong magical heroes in the early game, my second item after Demon Shoes is Leather Jerkin. Again, with your very low HP and the way your Ultimate was designed, you have to get more resistance or you will die before you can finish your Ultimate. This item will be used later on to build a more powerful item.

Some players may build Concentrated Energy, but not me. Because what’s the use of the increased life steal if enemies can easily escape your Ultimate Skill.

So the third item that you need to build fast is Ice Queen Wand.

I think this item is what you need to get as early as possible. It’s hard to build because it’s more expensive but all of the stats in this item solves a lot of weaknesses in Alice.

It increases her lifesteal (10%) for survival when using her Ultimate and increases her low mana pool (+150). It also increases her movement speed (+7%) so that she can chase the enemies running away from her Ultimate Skill.

More importantly, it slows down the enemy (by 15%) because of its Unique Passive. It greatly improves the effectiveness of her Ultimate.

Now, to get this item, you need to farm fast. Don’t hesitate to use your Ultimate when farming for a group of minions. It has a lower cooldown so it will be ready for the next minion wave.

Alice needs to farm at the beginning because she needs to collect the blood orb, get the Ice Queen Wand, and improve her Ultimate. Or else, she will not contribute much to the team fights. With this premise, avoid clashes as much as possible in the early game.

I also don’t think Jungling is good for her. She does not have enough damage and mana to jungle and there is no blood orb to collect. Focus on the minions.

The third item that I build for her regardless of the enemy team is Dominance Ice.

This item may not have magic damage, but it increases your mana and physical resistance. By equipping this item, the mana problem is a thing of the past.

It also improves the execution of your Ultimate because it increases your movement speed and slows down the enemy movement further (10%). After equipping this item, even (most) enemies that can jump cannot run away from your Ultimate Skill.

However, equipping this item does not guarantee a kill if you are alone. By equipping this item, you have to accept now that you should only attack the enemies if you are not alone. You are now a team player. This is because you sacrificed the opportunity to equip a magical item.

You can still attack enemies on your own if they have reduced life or if that enemy is far from his or her teammates. That’s the only time you can try to gank as of this point in time.

Imagine attacking a cluster of enemies with your Ultimate Skill. They will try to get away from you but they can’t easily run. You will be tanking as well and your teammates will do most of the damage and killing for your team.

And if your teammates are still weak to kill, you can easily escape because it’s hard to chase you and you still have more health and resistance. Even Chou will have a hard time chasing you.

The fourth “must-have” item is the Necklace of Durance.

This item is very important because it has a unique passive that reduces the enemy’s HP regen by 50%. Imagine trying to kill a group of enemies that have high damage and high lifesteal.

Almost every assassin or marksman can have high lifesteal in this game. Bruno, for example, won’t be easily killed if he keeps regenerating while your Ultimate is sucking his life.

Even Karina can stand against your Ultimate at this point by attacking you back and regaining HP. This item removes the ability of the enemy to offset the effect of your Ultimate Skill.

It is also very effective against tanks that can heal and supports that can heal their team like Rafaela or Estes.

After this item, you can choose any of your preferred magical item that can increase your damage. You can go for fully offensive items after this if the enemy is weaker or if your teammates are good.

If the enemy has more gold and more damage or your teammates are still weak, sometimes I equip Winter Truncheon for survivability.

Some guides on the internet encourage players to equip Blade Armor on her, but I think it depends on the enemy team. If they have a marksman like Karrie, Wanwan, Granger, or Hanabi, this item will not or will do less physical damage reflect. If they have Miya, Kimi, Layla, or Bruno, it can be very useful.

That’s it for my Alice gameplay and strategy! Remember that you may still experiment on your own on what you think is best. 🙂

See you in my next gameplay. 🙂

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