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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay #2 – Tutorial Walkthrough

May 11, 20202:16 am By

We are back with another The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross gameplay. In our last post, we did a walk-through of Part 1 of the game tutorial. Today, we will continue with the tutorial and the story.

We will also look at the origin of Hawk and his mother which has always been a mystery to me after watching the Seven Deadly Sins movie on Netflix.

For the tutorial, I really like how the game combined it with the story because it made the tutorial very interesting. My only comment would be the lack of full details for some minor areas of the game. There are a few questions that went through my mind about the game mechanics that should have been part of the tutorial. So if you are also new to this game, the tutorial just shows the basic mechanics.

So now, let’s get on with it.

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay – Part 2 (Tutorial) Walkthrough

This lady is looking for the Seven Deadly Sins so that they can stop the Holy Knights. That’s odd because the Holy Knights are supposed to be the admirable guardians of Liones. If you are not yet aware, Liones is one of the Kingdoms in the Seven Deadly Sins game. It is ruled by the family of Liones.

Then the lady revealed that there has been a coup d’etat and the Holy Knights imprisoned the King and the royal family. Apparently, the Holy Knights made it appear to the public that the King is ill to hide the truth.

The lady also revealed that the Holy Knights are preparing for war and trying to force the Kingdom of Liones and nearby villagers to participate. And according to her, only the Seven Deadly Sins can stop the Holy Knights.

The Dragon Sin of Wrath Appears

This guy shows up and he seems like the captain of the troops. He then saw the earrings of the lady which is adorned with the royal crest. Hmmm.

The lady was then revealed to be Princess Elizabeth. So why is the princess, who is trying to run away from the Holy Knights, still wearing a piece of jewelry that can be used to identify her as royalty? Or maybe she wasn’t trying to hide at all?

Princess Elizabeth is the third princess of the Kingdom of Liones who was able to escape from the coup.

So the captain’s name is Twigo and another battle is on the way.

At the start of the battle, there’s a number under the character’s name that I don’t know about. Perhaps we’ll find out along the way.

It seems like the team with the higher number will attack first. I’m just assuming. Why is this game not explaining everything in the tutorial?

The skills are then loaded. Two skills that are similar and next to each other automatically merged and formed a two star skill.

At this point, the game is still guiding us on what skills to use. In this battle the following skills have to be selected:

  • Super Hawk Illusion
  • Triple Attack

We looked at these two skills in detail in Part 1 of our tutorial. And just like in the previous post, the enemy attacks with a skill but we have no idea about his skill details except for the skill animation.

Finally, we are introduced to new game mechanics.

Attribute Leverage: Each attribute has leverage against another attribute. Use this leverage to your advantage to make the battle easier. Advantage: 30% Damage Increase; Disadvantage: 20% Damage Decrease.

As you can see at the left of the health bar, you can identify the attribute of the character. Meliodas has the Blue attribute making him stronger than the enemy who has the Red attribute. Unfortunately for Princess Elizabeth, the enemy has the attribute advantage.

This is actually very similar to Marvel Future Fight where Blast Type (Blue) has the advantage over Combat Type (Red), Combat Type has the advantage over Speed Type (Greed), and Speed Type has the advantage over Blast Type (Blue). It will be easier for me to remember because I played that game for years. But in your case, you might need to memorize the Attribute Leverage because it has a huge impact on your gameplay.

Even Hawk/Elizabeth (Green) noticed that their attacks are not doing enough damage because of the attribute advantage of the enemy (Red).

Reset Skill Select: Tap Reset to remove all selected skills from the slots.

The Reset Skill icon appeared after selecting one of the two skills to be used.

However, it seems like you cannot use the Reset Skill when all skill slots are filled with your selected skills. Because once you selected all skills, your characters will automatically start executing them.

It’s now the enemy’s turn and surprisingly, Meliodas did a “Full Counter” in the middle of it. So you can attack the enemy during an enemy’s turn. Is the “Full Counter” part of Meliodas’ skill or can every character use it? And what triggered it?

After defeating our enemy with a “Full-Counter”, we got the victory on our hands.

As you can see, our characters ranked up. There was an increase in <Max Stamina> and <Max Friend Count>. We’ll learn about these variables as we go on.

Back to the story, the enemy is still alive and Meliodas saved Princess Elizabeth from the attack. They were both on the ground and Elizabeth is having this long moment instead of getting up and being worried about avoiding a second attack. A classic anime script.

She doesn’t seem hurt and the enemy is already approaching while she’s doing a 10 seconds dialogue. 😀

Meliodas finally revealed his name.

Mysteriously, he carries a broken sword with a dragon design handle. He swung the broken blade and it hit the enemy with some kind of invisible force.

And here it was revealed that he is also called “The Dragon Sin of Wrath”, one of The Seven Deadly Sins. How cool is that? What is more puzzling is that he has a wanted poster and he looks older in that poster. Right now, he looks like a teenager. What is happening here?

Looks like Elizabeth found one of the seven. Now, where are the other members?

Well, Melodias is also searching for them. According to him, he is running a tavern so he could look for the other six. So now he offered Elizabeth a job as a barmaid because she is pretty and could help get information from customers.

What is even more puzzling is that the tavern sits on top of a giant pig called Hawk Mama. Even after I watched their movie on Netflix, there was no clear explanation for Hawk and the Hawk Mama and why they are accompanying Melodias.

So let’s clarify who these two characters are before we move on to the game.

Hawk (contains spoiler)

Hawk was born in Purgatory which is the place between the living world and the afterlife. The concept is similar to the doctrine of the Catholic church.

He was abducted by the Demon King and was sent to the living world to spy on Meliodas, the eldest son of the Demon King. Does this mean that Meliodas is not human? We don’t know yet. We’ll probably explore it in our next post. Let’s focus on Hawk.

So the two crossed paths when Hawk found Melodias unconscious on the side of the road. He took him home in a cave. When Melodias woke up, they had a conversation. Hawk mentioned that he loves to eat leftovers. They decided to open a bar called “The Boar Hat”. Hawk’s job is to clean the bar by eating scraps. This story really makes me laugh.

Hawk Mama (contains spoiler)

Even the anime hid Hawk Mama’s origin for a long time. She was described to be Hawk’s mother who lives underground and carries the “Boar Hat” bar. She can also fly.

The revelation, later on, is that she is not really a pig but an empty moss shell where Chaos was sealed. Chaos is another character in the anime and it is described to be an impure entity of darkness. It was sealed by the Demon King and by the Supreme Deity out of fear of it.

It was also said that Chaos does not have a physical form and it created the world. Although Hawk Mama and Chaos are basically just one character, I’ll try to limit the info here because these are already big revelations. I want to keep some of the mystery to make it more interesting.

My Thoughts

After exploring some of the characters’ origins, I think this game has a lot of interesting characters and a huge fantasy world that we can explore together. It has kingdoms, deities, demons, and other magical creatures. It has a great story and I think it’s an excellent RPG game. What else can you ask for?

That’s it for now. I will see you soon in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross gameplay. 🙂

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