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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay #1 – Tutorial Walkthrough

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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a mobile game that I find interesting even though I did not watch the anime series. I watched the movie on Netflix though but it doesn’t tell the whole story. It only gave me an idea of the main characters.

There are three main qualities of this mobile game that captured my interest: (1) excellent graphics, (2) good storytelling, and (3) compelling characters.

Based on the reviews, you can actually enjoy this game by being a free-to-play (F2P) player which means you don’t have to spend anything to win the game. You can obtain powerful characters for free.

Just like Marvel Future Fight, it was developed by Netmarble so there will be characters that you can only unlock by spending. But you don’t need to get those premium characters to enjoy the game. Unless you are a hardcore Seven Deadly Sins fan and you want to get all characters just for your own collection.

So, let’s start with the gameplay.

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay – Part 1 (Tutorial) Walkthrough

Apparently, the game is in portrait mode which makes it easier to play with one hand. The first few minutes of the game is like watching the anime and it’s really fun to watch. They also combined the storytelling with the tutorial.

Hawk, the talking pig, is one of the main characters of the anime. I don’t know his background yet and why he is capable of speaking. He is the one guiding the tutorial and I really like how he guides the players.

This guy with yellow hair is called the “Tavern Master”. That’s what he is called for now. His real name is Meliodas, the main protagonist and the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins. He is a very powerful character in the anime.

Let’s start the tutorial:

Enemy Turn Order: You can predict the actions that will occur next turn with the skill icons above the enemy’s status bar.

I really take the time to read these things because these are very important. I hope you do as well.

Now, let’s check what type of action or skill will be used by the enemy above who has two <red sword> icons.

Based on the skill icons earlier, the enemy will use <Attack Skills>.

Right now, what is not clear to me are the Stance Skills. The other skills are pretty understandable. The Debuff Atk Skills seems to be more powerful compared to the other skills. I also think Recovery Skills have a significant impact on the usefulness of a character in this game.

Target Select: Tap an enemy to select them as the skill target.

I selected the middle one because that’s what the tutorial said. If I am not guided by the tutorial, I don’t know which enemy I should target first so that I could easily win. But we will find that out as we play the game.

There are skills at the bottom that are graphically represented. You can select which skills to use. If you look closer, your skills also have the Skill Type icons at the upper-right corner as described earlier.

In this turn, I can use two skills. It could be due to the fact that I have two characters in my team right now. So I assume that if you have two characters, you can use two skills per turn? Let’s find out once we are able to increase our team members.

Immediately after selecting the second skill of the two skills that will be used this turn, Taven Master started the attack. The animation is great! You can also see the description of the skill while attacking.

Skill: Triple Attack – Inflicts Weak Point damage equal to 110% of Attack on one enemy. *Weak Point: 3x damage against Debuffed enemies.

Based on the information we have so far, this skill is an “Attack Type” skill. There is also a new skill variable called “Weak Point”. I think it means that if the enemy previously received a “Debuff Skill” or “Debuff Attk Skill”, the 110% damage will be multiplied by 3.

Also, the second skill which is a skill by Hawk immediately started.

Skill: Super Pork Loin Illusion – Inflicts damage equal to 180% of Attack on one enemy. Decrease Defense-related stats by 20% for 1 turn(s).

Based on the skill icon, the skill type is “Debuff Attk Skill” because it has a <red skull> icon. The “Debuff” is the decrease in defense and the “Attack” is the 180% damage inflicted. One turn I think pertains to this turn which means the debuff will be removed after my turn.

Now it’s the enemy’s turn and one of the two remaining soldiers attacked.

It’s my turn again and the tutorial now answered the previous question in my head. Who should we select as a target in the enemy so that we can easily win?

Using Target Select – Eliminate the enemy that will activate on the next turn to be more efficient in battle.

During your skill selection, you can see the text “NEXT” above the enemy character who will attack in the next turn. Now we know who we should defeat first.

This new skill looks more powerful than the first two that we used earlier because it attacks all enemies.

Skill: Super Hawk Illusion – Inflicts Pierce damage equal to 100% of Attacks on all enemies. *Pierce: 3x Pierce Rate Increase.

Previously we inflicted “Weak Point” damage and now we inflicted “Pierce damage”. Netmarble really has a way of using terminologies that needs more explanation. What exactly are we piercing?

Anyway, I like that there are more variables in the skills just like in Marvel Future Fight.

Now that we have defeated the first three soldiers, this guy called “Allioni” came running and asked the same question that is going through my mind.

Why is this pig so strong? 😀

Well, it seems like Allioni is more powerful than the previous three so let’s see.

He has an Ultimate Move!!! That confirms it. He is not just an ordinary soldier. 😀

And his ultimate move is to beat the pig with his group of soldiers which is a bit funny.

Back to the tutorial, it’s our turn now.

We are now introduced to Moving Skills. So we have three similar skills available. One of the three similar skills is on the leftmost side, has a 1 star, and not yet side by side with the other two similar skills. We moved it next to the other similar skill that also has a 1 star.

Moving Skills – You can move skills to different positions by expending one of your skill uses.

After moving the two similar skills with 1 star next to each other, they merged.

After merging, only one skill remained but now it has 2 stars.

After turning into a 2-star skill, it also merged with the rightmost skill that has 2 stars. The new skill now has 3 stars.

Moving the skill with the same star (or rank) next to the same skill with the same star (or rank) will merge the skill and increase its rank.

We used the 3-star skill in battle and now we have a more powerful skill. Let’s see the difference in the description of this skill when it was still at Rank 1 and after it became Rank 3.

Rank 1: Super Hawk Illusion – Inflicts Pierce damage equal to 100% of Attacks on all enemies. *Pierce: 3x Pierce Rate Increase.

Rank 3: Super Hawk Illusion – Inflicts Pierce damage equal to 250% of Attacks on all enemies. *Pierce: 3x Pierce Rate Increase.

That’s a huge increase in damage for one skill!

Since I can only use two skills per turn, Moving Skills created a single Rank 3 skill that I can use instead of using two Rank 1 skills per turn. The pierce rate did not increase though. I may be asking too much. 😀

It’s the enemy’s turn. I’m not sure how the enemy selects the target in my team. It could be random depending on the enemy’s AI. This is the enemy’s first skill.

This is the enemy’s second skill. The two skills shown at the bottom-right corner of the screen are not the enemy’s skill so we have no idea what he used except for the animation.

I was wondering earlier what the yellow orbs are. These orbs are located below the health bar and it’s called “Ultimate Move Gage”. If it becomes full, you can use an Ultimate Move.

It seems like this gage fills up when the character’s skill is used. But how much does a skill fills up the gage?

Based on my count, Hawk used two Rank 1 Skills and one Rank 3 Skill. If we count the number of stars, it’s a total of five. There are five yellow orbs in the gage so I assume that each star in the skill used will charge one yellow orb in the gage.

When the gage becomes full, the Ultimate Move Skill of the character with the full gage will be available during skill selection. You won’t miss it because the skill is a lot more flashy than the other skills when you are selecting.

Now, we selected the Ultimate Move skill. The tutorial introduces the Skill Lock feature.

Skill Lock – You can use Skill Lock to skip a turn without using a skill.

Why would anyone want to skip a turn without using a skill? Maybe we’ll find out later as we play.

Not only is the skill selection flashy, but the actual execution as well.

The graphics, animation, and audio are very nice. You should really try this one.

After the victory, the characters that I used just leveled up. Each battle gains you experience to increase your character’s level.

That’s a very nice gaming experience for me. I hope you enjoyed it as well.

That’s it for now. 😀

I’ll see you in my next Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross gameplay. 🙂

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