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Newest Asus Tablet – Asus Zenpad 3S 10 (Z500M)

July 29, 201610:00 am By

ASUS recently announced the Asus Zenpad 3S 10 (Z500M), the newest ASUS tablet in 2016. It’s a premium tablet that is more affordable compared to the premium tablets of other brands.

I really like the recent ASUS smartphones and tablets because they have integrated competitive pricing and many premium features in their devices. This just shows that ASUS is giving their best and they are taking the competition seriously and wisely.

With that said, let’s take a look at the excellent features of the Asus Zenpad 3S 10 (Z500M).


ASUS zenPad 3S 10 (Z500M)

Device Type: Tablet
Display: 9.7 inches (1536 x 2048 pixels)
Camera: 8MP
Hardware: Mediatek MT8176, Dual-core 2.1 GHz + Quad-core 1.7 GHz, 4 GB RAM
Battery: 5900 mAh
Price: US$ 350

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Metal Body With Elegant and Stylish Design

The ASUS Zenpad 3S 10 has a metallic body with beveled edges that are so beautiful.

As you can see, whether it’s the silver (image below) or gray (image above) color variant, there are two silver lines at the edges that slightly curves to the surface.  Not only that it adds a stylish accent, the curve also provides the comfort when you are holding it.

ASUS zenPad 3S 10 (Z500M)

I actually find the overall form similar to the latest Samsung tablets like the Samsung Galaxy J Max, except that the ASUS Zenpad 3S 10 is a lot more elegant.

The device name says “10”, but it’s actually 9.7 inches in terms of display size. So let’s compare the weight and thickness with the other 9.7-inch tablets with aluminum body.

At 430 g in weight, the ASUS Zenpad 3S 10 is very close to the weight of the iPad Pro 9.7. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7, the latter is 10% lighter at only 389 g.

In terms of thickness, at 7.2 mm the ASUS Zenpad 3S 10 has a very thin profile, but the iPad Pro 9.7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 are both thinner at only 6.1 mm and 5.6 mm, respectively.

But of course, the ASUS Zenpad 3S 10 is a lot cheaper compared to these tablets.


Display Quality – Close to Apple and Premium Samsung Tablets

The 9.7-inch display has 264 pixels per inch which is the same pixel density in the iPad Pro 9.7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7. So they all have the same level of sharpness and details.

Like the iPad Pro 9.7, the ASUS Zenpad 3S 10 uses IPS LCD technology which is an excellent one.

By default, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7’s Super AMOLED display technology is better than IPS LCD when it comes to color saturation and display of realistic images and graphics.

But like the iPad Pro 9.7 which has a Wide Color technology that improves color saturation by 25% compared to other IPS LCD devices, the ASUS Zenpad 3S 10 has ASUS Tru2Life and TruVivid technology that also provides more realistic colors than normal IPS LCD displays.

ASUS zenPad 3S 10 (Z500M)

So, they may also closely compete with Super AMOLED in terms of overall display quality.

Another cool thing that I like in the display of ASUS Zenpad 3S 10 is the anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating just like in the iPad Pro 9.7. As you know, fingerprints can be annoying sometimes, so this coating will definitely reduce it. 😀

And if you like to write or draw, the display of the ASUS Zenpad 3S 10 supports the use of Stylus. They have a Z Stylus pen that is specifically designed for this tablet.

ASUS zenPad 3S 10 (Z500M)

The best thing about having a tablet that is designed to support the use of a stylus pen is that the writing and drawing works a lot better and looks more natural compared to other tablets. And this is a feature that is usually found in more expensive devices.


Processing Power – One of the Most Powerful Tablets Today

It comes with a Mediatek MT8176, a premium 64-bit chipset that can provide a very high performance, PC-like browser, and close to a console-level 3D gaming experience.

Combined with a 4 GB RAM, you will definitely be satisfied with the very fast and smooth running and multitasking of apps and games.

ASUS zenPad 3S 10 (Z500M)

It has a 32 GB and 64 GB internal storage variants and can also use a microSD card up to 256 GB in a dedicated slot. That’s a lot of storage space for all your entertainment needs. It also comes with the Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) OS.

With all these hardware specs, the ASUS Zenpad 3S 10 is definitely a powerful tablet.


Battery Life, Camera, Excellent Sound, and Other Cool Features

Aside from the display and speed, it is important for a tablet to have a good battery life and sound because they are normally used for entertainment.

The 5900 mAh battery capacity of the ASUS Zenpad 3S 10 is almost the same with the battery capacity of Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7. ASUS claims 10 hours of battery life for mixed usage which is the usual average battery life of tablets today.

It also allows fast charging up to 83% in just 30 minutes. That’s so great! 😀

The rear camera has an 8 MP resolution while the front camera has a 5 MP resolution. Both cameras can record Full HD videos. The camera resolutions are what I would normally expect from a tablet.

Another amazing feature that I like is the dual 5-magnet speakers that provide higher volume and better sound quality. You can also use headphones and experience the 24-bit high-resolution audio that is four times better than the traditional sound quality at 16-bit.

ASUS zenPad 3S 10 (Z500M)

This tablet is not LTE-capable, but you can use Wi-Fi connectivity when connecting to the internet. It also has GPS and GLONASS for location technology.

Like most premium tablets, it has a fingerprint sensor for better security. Other sensors include E-compass, Gyroscope, Light, Hall sensor, and sensor hub. It also uses Type-C 1.0 reversible connector which is what new devices use.

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ASUS Zenpad 3S 10 (Z500M) Is Beautiful Inside and Out

ASUS Zenpad 3S 10 (Z500M) is a premium tablet that has an aluminum unibody with elegant design, a very powerful processor that can deliver the best performance, a good battery life, and excellent sound.

It is designed to give you total entertainment or address your productivity needs. And it’s a lot cheaper than other premium tablets so it’s perfect if you are on a budget.

I think this tablet is definitely worth the buy and a very good alternative to the more expensive Samsung and Apple tablets.


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What do you think of this new tablet from ASUS? I would love to hear from you.

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