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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Gameplay #11 – Walkthrough

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We are back with another The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough. In our last post, we fought the swarm of insects that came to Dalmally. We are now after Holy Knight Golgius. Let’s defeat this guy.

Episode 13 – Unveiled Conspiracy

We were finally able to unveil the conspiracy between the Holy Knights at the Baste Prison and the doctor who tried to poison Meliodas. Their objective was to get Elizabeth and the sword of Meliodas. We know that Elizabeth is the princess of the kingdom but what’s the importance of the sword? 😕 Let’s find out as we play.

Our objective right now is to go after Holy Knight Golgius who’s still probably near the Dalmally Square. Now we can control Meliodas to run around Dalmally. I can see the white circle where we need to go.

There we go. It’s fun running around. 😀

It’s the exit of the village. I’m sorry, it’s not where we are supposed to go. 😆 Let’s find the right place.

Let’s run back.

While running, we found something. It’s 2,000 gold. That’s no so bad.

We found another one, but I don’t know what this is for. It looks like a pitcher of milk.

We run back until we found Elizabeth and Hawk, but they are not talking to us, so we need to move again.

Just a little bit to the right, we found Holy Knight Golgius and the doctor.

Looks like we can battle him. 😛

We’ll use our team below. If you noticed, Diane is at SSR rarity. I think I got that from an SSR draw ticket. 😀

It’s our turn first.

Holy Knight Golgius is at Level 16 which is a huge jump from the Level 10 insects that we defeated from our last post. He also has more than double the attack of the insects. He also has a huge HP and his race is Human. He has a Red affinity which is a disadvantage to him if we will use Meliodas and Gowther.

His first skill is an Attack Type with the following description:

Skill 1*: Blade Slash – Inflicts Spike damage equal to 160% of Attack on one enemy. *Spike: 2x Crit Damage Increase

His second skill is also an Attack Type with the following description:

Skill 1*: Throwing Star – Inflicts Weak Point damage equal to 60% of Attack on all enemies. *Weak Point: 3x damage against Debuffed enemies.

I actually don’t see anything special on his first and second skill. It’s a bit typical. 😕 I’m more concerned about enemies with debuffs and heals. Let’s look at his Ultimate Move.

Ultimate Move: Silent Strike – Inflicts damage equal to 490% of Attack on one enemy. Poisons for 3 turn(s). *Poison: Additional damage equal to 50% of damage dealt at the end of every turn.

His Ultimate Move is great! The huge damage percentage and the poison damage at the end of every turn is not something that we should take lightly. 😀

We will use Pain Edition, Triple Attack, and Sand Swirl.

Pain Edition which used to wipe out insects and ordinary soldiers dealt only with slight damage because Golgius almost has 20K HP.

Triple Attack also reduced his HP by 2,026.

The Sand Swirl should disable his two Attack Type Skills for two turns and decreases his defense. 😛

It’s the enemy’s turn now.

Sand Swirl worked! He was not able to attack. 😆 I feel sorry for Golgius. Diane is an excellent counter to him.

We’ll use 3 1* Ground Strike of Diane.

Diane is only at Level 9, but her 1* Ground Strike can already deal 1,674 damage to the enemy.

Another Ground Strike for 1,941 damage.

The last Ground Strike dealt 2,301 damage which is higher than Triple Strike of Meliodas at Level 40! I underestimated Diane a little bit. I’m enjoying the use of this skill!

It’s the enemy’s turn. Let’s see if the Sand Swirl’s debuff is still in effect.

Golgius still can’t use any skill thanks to Sand Swirl. 😛 It’s now our turn.

Let’s use Pain Edition and two Triple Attack. Despite not being able to use his skills, Golgius’ Ultimate Move bar is already full. 😯

The 1* Pain Edition dealt 2,172 damage.

The 1* Triple Attack dealt a lot higher.

The 2* Triple Attack dealt 4005! Golgius is almost dead. It looks like we will see his Ultimate Move. 😥

Very nice. Let’s see what you got Golgius!

He moves forward.

Then disappeared.

He’s moving at a fast pace to Diane.

He’s in his final position before he strikes.

Very nice swing. 😮

We can see some blood from the animation.

Diane took 4,237 damage. 😮

She lying on the ground.

This is also the first time we will see Golgius’ normal skill. He moves to Gowther’s direction but Gowther doesn’t seem to see him coming.

He then appeared unexpectedly on the left side of the screen.

He then strikes Gowther with his sword. That’s very nice. I’m guessing this is the Blade Slash skill based on the animation.

It’s now our turn. The 2* Triple Attack should finish him.

The 2* Triple Attack dealt higher damage than Golgius’ Ultimate Move!

We won! 😛

That clears this episode.

Back to the animation, we can see Golgius threatening the doctor. It seems like he has the doctor’s daughter as a hostage. 😡

The doctor was happy and thankful that Golgius will return his daughter as promised.

But then Golgius suddenly disappeared. This doctor is gonna die, isn’t he?

Golgius suddenly appeared behind him.

He stabbed the doctor! He wants to make sure that the doctor will not spread rumors that a Holy Knight is trying to poison a little boy. That little boy is Meliodas who is only a little boy in appearance, but not in age.

Golgius disappeared again and Elizabeth rushed to the dying doctor.

She tried to wake the doctor.

Meliodas and Hawk wants her to leave the doctor alone for now because Golgius is just around.

Golgius is going to attack them then disappeared for the surprise attack.

Hawk and Meliodas are still puzzled about Golgius’ ability. Is it teleportation? 😕

Golgius is not denying that it’s teleportation. We can hear his voice but we cannot see him.

Teleportation is indeed a powerful skill if that’s really his ability.

Despite not being able to see Golgius, Hawk can smell his armor. But it’s still hard to tell his exact position if Golgius moves around.

According to Golgius, it doesn’t matter where our team went, he can always appear out of nowhere and stab us. 😐

Episode 14 – Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts

Meliodas has a plan. Our task is to lure Golgius to the abandoned house in Dalmally.

We can now run around again in Dalmally using Meliodas. Let’s find that abandoned house. 😀

We just need to follow the direction of the yellow question mark and we will not be lost.

There we go. We found it! 😛

The abandoned house still looks good. I could live in it.

We are now inside the abandoned house. Meliodas and the team went to the top floor. After closing the door, Meliodas slashed something.

Meliodas said he is placing a spell to keep Golgius out.

It’s known in the anime that Meliodas can’t use spells. So what could it be? 😕

Spell or not, at least he has a plan. 🙂

Hawk has a valid point, there’s nowhere for them to run. But we have to trust Meliodas on this. Hawk asked Meliodas to close the door.

However, according to Meliodas, if the enemy can teleport, there’s no point in closing the door and Golgius can just appear in front of them. 😕

Golgius then suddenly appeared behind them.

But Meliodas also said sorry, because Golgius is going down???

Golgius is actually going down from where he stood. 😆

So Meliodas previously made cuts to the floor to weaken it so that Golgius will fall once he stepped on it. Hawk thought Golgius fell down because the house is old. 😀

Meliodas followed him to the ground. It looks like Golgius’ ability is not teleportation but Invisibility.

According to Meliodas, it takes long for Golgius to reappear after disappearing.

It is also weird that he’s leaving a scent around which could be tracked if it’s teleportation. So he’s just walking around like everyone while invisible. He also had to walk in through the door just like the rest.

This looks bad for Golgius.

Alright, we finished the episode by just running and watching the story! 😛

Now that it’s confirmed that Golgius’ability is invisibility, Meliodas can easily find a way to counter it.

Meliodas asked why Golgius is after Elizabeth and the sword. I remembered it now. In the anime, the enemies want Elizabeth not because she’s a princess but because there’s something special about her as well as the sword. Of course, that’s one of the ultimate reveals near the end of Season 1. I don’t think Golgius even knows about it.

That’s it for now! In our next post, we will be defeating Golgius once and for all. 😈

I enjoyed our adventures today because we were able to battle another Holy Knight. Did you enjoy it as well? I would like to hear from you.

I will see you again in my next The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough. ?

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